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Chalosse beef

Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in the Landes

Chalosse beef - Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in the Landes

Label Rouge-certified since 1991 and enjoying PGI status since 1996, the Chalosse bull comes from three different cattle breeds: Blonde d'Aquitaine, Limousine, and Bazadaise.

To obtain the very tender texture for which it's renowned, Chalosse beef is farmed traditionally. It is only given plant-based food to preserve the quality of the meat. Sold only by artisan butchers, Chalosse beef is deep red and with a marbled flavour, and gives off a slight scent of hazelnut during cooking. Fine and tender, this meat is eaten in all possible and imaginable ways: pan-fried on its own, or as an ingredient in a number of dishes. Chalosse beef is greatly appreciated by the great chefs, who are always keen to include it on their restaurants' menus.

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