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Breton biscuits

Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in Brittany

Breton biscuits - Gastronomy, holidays & weekends guide in Brittany

Breton biscuits are a real institution in Brittany! There are many different kinds, but four stand out. One is the galettebretonne from Pont-Aven, the most famous Breton biscuit. It is made of wheat flour, butter, sugar and eggs. This round and crunchy shortbread biscuit is often enjoyed with dessert or as an afternoon snack, with a glass of cider.

The gateau breton is also famous. It is a large, round, dense biscuit with a golden crust. To make it, slightly-salted butter from the churn, sugar, flour and eggyolk are used. Rum, bergamot and red berry flavours are available.

The paletbreton, a thick biscuit made from shortcrustpastry, is one of the best-known. It is made from slightly-salted butter, flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla, and it gets its name from the palets bretonsgame, which has pieces shaped like this biscuit.

Finally, the craquelinbreton, a hollow, light crispbread, is popular with people who live in the Saint-Malo area. Shaped like a bowl, this biscuit is made from flour, eggs and milk. A throwback to the échaudés, poached pastries of the Middle Ages, it is a sort of Breton crispbread biscuit which is often enjoyed at teatime or for breakfast, with slightly-salted butter and honey or jam.

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