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Les Nuits de Sologne

Event in Nouan-le-Fuzelier

Les Nuits de Sologne - Event in Nouan-le-Fuzelier

On the first Saturday in September each year, the Petit-Neteau site in Saint-Viâtre hosts a big pyrotechnic and music show. Starting at 5 pm, volunteers welcome spectators in a friendly and festive atmosphere. On the grass, 9,000 seats including 1,000 privilege area seats await the audience for a thrilling spectacle, projected onto a façade over 200 m tall.

The big firework display takes place from 9.30 pm and tells an epic and enchanting story, like the Legend of King Arthur, water and fire, or the legend of the town of Ys. The show is synchronised to music from a concert-standard sound system. A total of over 5,000 tonnes of fireworks are set off in one night.

Alongside the event there are various types of musical entertainment, with bandas, brass bands, hunting horn demonstrations and local craft exhibitions. There is a bar for the audience, as well as regional speciality and fast food stands. Each year, the event welcomes up to 15,000 people for an unforgettable night out.

Next editionSeptember 2022

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