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Tower Solidor

Monument in Saint-Malo

The Solidor tower was built from 1369 to 1382 on a rocky ledge overlooking the outlet of the Rance, Saint-Malo.

It is precisely a dungeon composed of three towers connected by curtain walls (fortified walls).

The building built on behalf of the Duke of Brittany controlled the river and the estuary at a time when the town of Saint-Malo was beyond its control. A tax on goods transiting through the Rance was also levied at the Solidor Tower.

The site already fortified beforehand included a chatelet which was transformed into barracks.

In 1588, the tower passed under the control of the inhabitants of Saint-Malo and in 1756, the drawbridge was replaced by a real stone bridge.

During the Revolution, the initial vocation of the tower became obsolete, it was transformed into prison.

Listed as a Historic Monument in 1886, the Solidor Tower has been home to the Long Course Museum and Cap Hornier since 1970. It presents collections of objects, models, instruments and marine charts from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century and the history of commercial navigation by the Cape Horn route, mainly from 1840 to the first. quarter of the twentieth century.

The museum visitor enjoys an exceptional view of Saint-Malo bay.

Open every day except Mondays and May 1st. Price: 3 and 6 euros. Information on +33 2 99 40 71 58.

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