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Quatzenheim - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Bas-Rhin

The Municipality of Quatzenheim belongs to the Community of Municipalities Ackerland at Truchtersheim Township and Borough of Strasbourg-Campagne. It is headquartered in the City of Quatzenheim, 22 Main Street (Phone: +33 3 88 69 02 75 - Fax: +33 3 88 69 17 12 - Email: quatz.mairie @

The Municipality of Quatzenheim is located in the heart of Kochersberg, the former granary of the Strasbourg region. The land is fertile and farms are still relatively numerous. The reliefs are wavy, typical of the region.

Quatzenheim is located about twenty kilometers from the city of Strasbourg to which it is connected by a road which turns into Highway approaching the suburbs. It lies at the intersection of five roads leading to neighboring villages of Hurtigheim, Furdenheim, Fessenheim-the-bottom-Dossenheim Kochersberg and Wiwersheim.

The City is also served by two bus lines that connect it to Strasbourg, and Truchtersheim and Molsheim, respectively chief town and distant sub-prefecture of 5 and 10 km.

The majority of the assets goes to the city of Strasbourg, even on Molsheim. Remains a minority of the township, which has no major employment areas.

The topography of the ancient village is also typical of pile-villages of the region (Hüfedorf) brings together the old farms and U-shaped around the Lutheran church along two main axes: the Lord Street and Main Street. The evolution of the village was predominantly along the Roman road - old road from Strasbourg to Saverne - then the road Furdenheim.

Some subdivisions of houses were added in the 1980 and 1990. Since 2000, we also observe two trends that seem to confirm: the construction of small community and the rehabilitation of large farm buildings for residential use. Nevertheless, expansion of the area is built progressively, despite strong pressure due to the estate near the city of Strasbourg.

The town's origins date back to the Neolithic (4000 BC). A necropolis has been discovered in 1938, it has been studied by researchers at the CNRS. The discovery in the early 20th century, skeletons and Neolithic tombs and in 1957 to confirm Merovingian tombs, as in many villages Kochersberg and Alsace, as a very long time, it felt good in the environment close to Quatzenheim. It is true that the Souffel and fertile land have contributed to a sedentary population.

Quatzenheim name comes from the Germanic tribe of Chaten to this settlement in 742 and named the village Chattenheim.

From the 12th to the 14th century, various lords took possession: Impertus in 1127, Cuno in 1147, Reinfried in 1170, and in 1280 Bolso Katarina Von Quatzenheim in 1322. In the 14th century, erected a castle there Mullenheim which was burned and completely destroyed after the battle of Entzheim in 1674. This castle was located behind the present church was the chapel. In the 16th century, after Landsberg, then Ratsamhausen, nobles Oberkirch (Baden) bought the village and were the owners until the revolution. The 16th to the 17th century, successive wars, the Peasants' War to the War of 30 years, profoundly shape the character of the area.

From the 18th century, Quatzenheim thrives on the new road through the Kochersberg to join the market Brumath, and develops in a context of rural architecture, strong religious diversity among the Protestant and Jewish communities.

In 1801, the municipality had 285 inhabitants, 820 inhabitants in 2009. Today, the inhabitants of Quatzenheim work mostly in industrial activities and services of Strasbourg and its region. However, the landscape and habitat are testament to the farming village.

Life of the Jewish community has deeply affected the village Quatzenheim. Until 1988, a proposed grocery products kosher Jewish denominations of believers, whether or not originating Quatzenheim. Besides the synagogue of the 18th century, renovated in the 19th and closed in 1940, the Jewish cemetery located just outside the village to Wiwersheim remains a testament to the importance of this community in local life. While other communities were established in the villages of Kochersberg Quatzenheim is the only one with a cemetery with about a hundred graves, a village that was the same seat rabbinate from 1880 to 1910. Without enough of men, the Jewish community of this village died out in the 80s, but not without lasting mark on the history of this small rural town split between two denominations, Lutheran and Jewish. Note that the sacred elements from the synagogue (a curtain of the cabinet and a roll of holy Torah) are in the Museum of Folk Art Marmoutier where they are visible as well as many elements from different Jewish communities of Alsace .

Geographical information

Latitude48.6256890 (N 48° 37’ 32”)
Longitude7.5733430 (E 7° 34’ 24”)
AltitudeFrom 156m to 193m
Surface area3.07 km²
Population831 inhabitants
Density270 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureStrasbourg (15.5 km, 18 min)
Insee code67382
IntercommunalityCC du Kochersberg
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Dossenheim-Kochersberg1.5 km (4 min)
Furdenheim1.9 km (5 min)
Hurtigheim2.8 km (6 min)
Wiwersheim3.2 km (4 min)
Fessenheim-le-Bas3.3 km (6 min)
Ittenheim4 km (7 min)
Handschuheim4.1 km (9 min)
Kuttolsheim4.3 km (7 min)
Stutzheim-Offenheim5.4 km (8 min)
Truchtersheim5.5 km (7 min)
Osthoffen5.6 km (10 min)
Nordheim5.7 km (8 min)
Schnersheim5.9 km (8 min)
Wintzenheim-Kochersberg6.7 km (10 min)

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Alsatian farm
Alsatian farm
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Christmas Farms
Christmas Farms
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Friday 20 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 17°C
Saturday 21 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 20°C
Sunday 22 october
Min. 7°C - Max. 13°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Brumath Adventure and Leisure Park
Sports sensationsFreeBrumath (13.7 km)
Relax at the Spa de l’Ile by Asian Villa
Well-being40 € Ostwald (13.7 km)
Guided Walking Tour of Strasbourg – 2 hours
Culture and education47 € Strasbourg (13.9 km)
Rickshaw tour of the Petite-France neighbourhood!
Entertainment30 € Strasbourg (13.9 km)
Rickshaw tour of Strasbourg's old town and the German imperial district
Entertainment30 € Strasbourg (13.9 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Bruche Canal cycle path
Cycling itineraryEasy3h00Osthoffen (4.5 km)
The Three Chapels
HikeEasy4h00Marlenheim (6.2 km)
Itinerary through the old town of Molsheim
Village visitEasy1h00Molsheim (10.9 km)
Altorf discovery trail
Village visitEasy1h30Altorf (11.6 km)
Itinerary through the old town of Mutzig
Village visitEasy1h30Mutzig (13 km)


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