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Train station of Pontarlier

Transport in Pontarlier

Opened by a prefectural decree of 31 March 1859, a survey retains two locations likely to accommodate future Pontarlier station: the Faubourg Saint-Etienne and the southern entrance to the city near the place called the Cret de Beaumont. It is the latter that choose the city council and the public. The station was inaugurated July 17, 1860, a week before the official opening of the Franco-Swiss railway line. The wooden temporary buildings are gradually replaced by stone buildings. The assembly consisted of a central body flanked by two lateral wings and technical areas.

Today, it is substantially identical to the original construction. At the time, the station corresponds to the station model called 1st class and sized for international travel.

This is actually Pontarlier that transited to express the great Lausanne, Simplon and Milan on the one hand, towards Neuchâtel, Bern and Interlaken on the other. To answer this important traffic, substantial facilities were built: large buildings with buffet, premises for customs, cargo halls. The same locomotives can not be used in France and Switzerland, a change was effected in Pontarlier, forcing travelers to more or less long stops. Several personalities have thus adopted in this small station: the Empress Eugenie in 1865, Adolphe Thiers in 1873 and 1875, Thérèse Martin (future Holy Therese of the Child Jesus) in 1887 and President in 1910. Fallières Back in France in August 1945, Marshal Pétain will wipe the wrath of the crowd.

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