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Chapel of Trémalo

Monument in Pont-Aven

Chapel of Trémalo - Monument in Pont-Aven

Chapel Trémalo Area (wide aisles of beech and oak, neighboring farms and manors) were well known artists, forming one of their goals favorites promenade. The building of the sixteenth century, on the edge of the Bois d'Amour is wearing an asymmetrical roof whose northern slope almost touches the ground. At the foot of flat bed supported by two strong buttresses, stands a modest Calvary granite monolith.

The arms of the lords du Plessis, founder of the family chapel in several places we find. Bedside between the glass master and northern foothills. Above the entrance porch, placed in a shell St Jacques in the hands of an angel. At the southern end, in a shield placed between the paws of a lion. Finally, painted on wooden shields inside the chapel.

Inside, the chapel has retained its three wooden altars and statuary: Virgin and Child limestone fifteenth, Sainte Anne educating the Virgin, Saint Corentin, St. Lawrence and the grill of his martyrdom, Saint Etienne and stones of his martyrdom. Beams and pits carved polychrome wood grotesque figurines represent the seven deadly sins.

Outside, in front of the south gate, between two oak trees hundreds of years old, stands a monolith granite Calvary, bearing the date of 1807.

Gauguin and the chapel Trémalo: Inside the building there is also a polychrome wooden Christ who inspired the 17th Paul Gauguin for his work "The Yellow Christ" in 1889. During summer 1889, he painted several religious theme: Green Christ inspired by the plight of Nizon Pieta, a self-portrait where he represented Christ in the Garden of Olives, the Yellow Christ and the self-portrait with yellow Christ . These works demonstrate Gauguin's interest for life and religious art from Brittany: "Everything exudes primitive religious belief suffering passive style and wilderness with his cry," he wrote.

This chapel was painted by many other artists. The chapel, painted by Emile Jourdan and Pierre-Eugène Clairin are exposed at the Museum of Pont-Aven. The oldest known representation of Pont-Aven is a scene out of Mass in the chapel of Trémalo painted in 1864 by Otto Weber, a Danish painter.

Open every day from 10h to 17h - 10h to 18h July to September - with an exhibition of reproductions "Gauguin or injured smuggler." Free admission. Mass in the chapel of Trémalo at 11am on the Sunday before St. Anne (July 26) and August 14, procession from Nizon to 19h, Mass and torchlight. Prayer walk Trémalo Sainte Marguerite.

AddressTremalo, Pont-Aven


Apse of the chapel Trémalo
Apse of the chapel Trémalo
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South Chapel Trémalo Covers
South Chapel Trémalo Covers
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The Yellow Christ inspired Paul Gauguin
The Yellow Christ inspired Paul Gauguin
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