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Monument in Pleumeur-Bodou

Radôme - Monument in Pleumeur-Bodou

The radome is a unique monument in the world: in 1961, to achieve the first transatlantic route, we choose the common Breton Pleumeur-Bodou to host an exceptional monument: a telecommunications antenna weighing a hundred tons, capable of tracking the satellite relay in permanent rotation around the earth, covered by a huge white dome, inflated like a balloon. With its twin, located in the United States of America (and since destroyed), the radome Pleumeur-Bodou allowed, on the night of July 11, 1962, the first live television transmission between the U.S. and Europe! This feat of engineering and science, which paved the way for the telecommunications era that are now part of everyday life, is mentioned, so exciting and educational at the Cite des Telecoms who visit on a half day.

Today, the stunning white sphere continues to dominate the countryside and the sea, and other federates scientific activities, tourism, leisure and family, which form the radome Park, on the Côte de Granit Rose.


The radome Pleumeur-Bodou
The radome Pleumeur-Bodou
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The antenna under the radome
The antenna under the radome
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City Telecom Pleumeur-Bodou
City Telecom Pleumeur-Bodou
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