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Private Mansion of Jassaud

Monument in Paris

The Jassaud Hotel is located on Saint Louis Island, in the 4th district of Paris.

This mansion whose facade is located at 19 quai de Bourbon, on the north shore of the island, was built in 1642 on behalf of Nicolas de Jassaud, master of petitions, and his brother-in-law, Masson, then advisor of the King. The property includes two courtyards and a garden, and the set also gives rue Le Regrattier (this entrance is nicknamed "Petit Hotel de Jassaud").

Nicolas de Jassaud had also installed at the corner of the street and the dock a statue of St. Nicholas, who was decapitated at the Revolution.

The facade with three pediments adorned with garlands has a beautiful balcony. The door and the balcony are classified.

The building is also famous for having housed the artist Camille Claudel who lived in a workshop overlooking the courtyard from 1899 to 1913. A plaque was affixed on the facade, quai Bourbon. It reads this moving tribute: "On this date ended his brief career as an artist and began his long night of internment." This sentence by Camille Claudel is also engraved from a letter to Rodin dated 1886: "There is always something missing that torments me."

The property is private and can not be visited. This particular boutique hotel can however be included on the course of a visit to the Ile Saint-Louis. Information on +33 1 49 52 42 63.

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