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Keskastel - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Bas-Rhin

During its history, the village was named in documents by multiple different spellings: Caesaris Castellum, Caister, Castle, Kesekastel, castle, Kaisercastel, keescassel, keisercassel, Kaeskastel.

Many historians have issued different versions to explain the origin of the name. Some saw the move or stay the legions of Caesar. The Romans would have raised a fortified camp near the Saarland. It is on this ancient castle mound that the village takes its name "Castellum Caesaris" that is to say, the "Castle of Caesar." The current locality "Schlosshügel" again confirms the existence of a high observing site near a ford to cross the Saar. It is from this data that was created in 1953 the image of Keskastel.

According to another version, Keskastel simply takes its origin of the name carried by the first owner, a nobleman "Kesse" or "Chaso" Germanic knight came from the Kirbel region (near Hombourg-Sarre) and Zweibrucken.

For other historians, the name of the village evoke priority remains the ease of dedicated (Kastenvogt) of Herbitzheim convent.

The former tithe barn in the village was now rue du Faubourg, across the street from the station commonly called "Keesweg". In the term "Kees-veg" we find the same root as that present in "Kees-Kastel". For German Toponymists "Keesweg" mean "Path to the oak forest" and "Kaschel" recall the place where the house of the confessed overlooking the oak forest stood.

Nickname: The villagers are nicknamed "Rieweschwäntz" turnip tails, probably because of the important crop of turnips for animal consumption, but also human form of "turnip sauerkraut." This vegetable is hardly grown today, but every year in October held the traditional festival turnips where you can taste the famous salted turnips "SUERE Riewe".

A legend among others: there are very long lived Keskastel a man in the dark mine, afraid of everyone. After his death, he appeared at the corner window of his house and made fun of passers; it was called the "Graumännel" (gray Hommelet). The then mura the corner window, but the "Graumännel" continued making his. The village priest then casts his mind in a sealed bottle, which sank to the bottom of a pond in the forest, so called since that day, the "graumännelsee".

Geographical information

Latitude48.9695740 (N 48° 58’ 10”)
Longitude7.0437730 (E 7° 2’ 38”)
AltitudeFrom 209m to 275m
Surface area18.87 km²
Population1554 inhabitants
Density82 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureStrasbourg (53 mi, 55 min)
Insee code67234
IntercommunalityCC de l'Alsace Bossue
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Schopperten1.9 mi (5 min)
Sarralbe2.7 mi (6 min)
Sarre-Union3.2 mi (6 min)
Herbitzheim4 mi (8 min)
Hinsingen4.5 mi (11 min)
Sarrewerden4.6 mi (9 min)
Willerwald4.7 mi (9 min)
Le Val-de-Guéblange4.9 mi (10 min)
Kirviller5 mi (12 min)
Rimsdorf5.2 mi (12 min)
Harskirchen5.2 mi (10 min)
Bissert6.2 mi (13 min)
Voellerdingen6.2 mi (12 min)
Oermingen6.3 mi (12 min)


Leisure Centre The Trees
Leisure Centre The Trees
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Keskastel - Aerial View
Keskastel - Aerial View
See photo
Beautiful forest walks to Keskastel
Beautiful forest walks to Keskastel
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Keskastel village stork
Keskastel village stork
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Chalets du Centre de Loisirs The Trees
Chalets du Centre de Loisirs The Trees
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Monday 17 july
Min. 12°C - Max. 27°C
Tuesday 18 july
Min. 13°C - Max. 28°C
Wednesday 19 july
Min. 14°C - Max. 26°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Discovery of the manufacture of the hoof
Arts and CraftsFreePhilippsbourg (24 mi)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Along the Eichel
Cycling itineraryEasy4h00Lorentzen (6.1 mi)
Heritage of Alsace Bossue
HikeEasy2h00Diemeringen (6.8 mi)
Cycle path following the route of an old railway line
Cycling itineraryEasy4h30Frauenberg (12.2 mi)
12-source circuit - Zittersheim
HikeAthletic3h40Zittersheim (14.5 mi)
Sarrebourg over time
HikeEasy35 minSarrebourg (16.2 mi)


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