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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Moselle

Gros-Réderching - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Moselle

Write the history of the village returns to synthesize many pages published on the destiny of this border region located "in the extreme north-east" of France ... situation is the Bitche region the nickname "Little Siberia". But that "dreaded" (wrongly, of course!) For its winter climate, the region has not so far been spared the terrible battles, turn defensive or offensive ... that is delivered over the centuries all belligerent nations. Object of many desires, the country of its strategic position on the "border" has seen all kinds of armies more or less environmentally both material and human. Swedish hordes of War 100 years, the American liberators in 1945, the region was deeply marked by his turbulent past.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude49.0676870 (N 49° 4’ 4”)
Longitude7.2195110 (E 7° 13’ 10”)
AltitudeFrom 256m to 376m
Surface area15.73 km²
Population1328 inhabitants
Density84 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureMetz (94 km, 1h09)
Insee code57261
IntercommunalityCC de Rohrbach Lès Bitche
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Achen4.4 km (11 min)
Woelfling-lès-Sarreguemines5.5 km (9 min)
Rohrbach-lès-Bitche5.6 km (7 min)
Wiesviller6.4 km (11 min)
Bining6.6 km (9 min)
Etting7.5 km (14 min)
Bliesbruck7.5 km (10 min)
Bettviller8.1 km (12 min)
Obergailbach8.4 km (11 min)
Petit-Réderching8.9 km (12 min)
Kalhausen9.7 km (15 min)
Blies-Ébersing10.3 km (12 min)
Wittring10.9 km (21 min)
Rimling12.1 km (12 min)
Rahling12.7 km (14 min)

Things to see and do


View on the future location of the multipurpose room
View on the future location of the multipurpose room
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A wind turbine on the ban of Woelfling
A wind turbine on the ban of Woelfling
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Airship above the hamlet of Singling
Airship above the hamlet of Singling
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Sunday 22 october
Min. 7°C - Max. 12°C
Monday 23 october
Min. 8°C - Max. 12°C
Tuesday 24 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 16°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Cycle path following the route of an old railway line
Cycling itineraryEasy4h30Frauenberg (10.2 km)
Along the Eichel
Cycling itineraryEasy4h00Lorentzen (13.2 km)
Heritage of Alsace Bossue
HikeEasy2h00Diemeringen (14.4 km)
From La Petite Pierre to Graufthal with an electric bike
All-terrain bike itineraryIntermediate1h25La Petite-Pierre (25 km)
Cave houses of Haselbourg
Village visitEasy1h30Haselbourg (43 km)


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