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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Morbihan

Évellys - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Morbihan

Évellys is a commune in the Morbihan region of Brittany, 17 km southeast of Pontivy and 40 km north of Vannes.

Évellys was officially created on 1 January 2016 following the merger of the communes of Naizin (1790 inhabitants), Moustoir-Remungol (671 inhabitants) and Remungol (955 inhabitants).

The name of baptism of the new commune refers to the two rivers crossing it, the Evel and the Illys.

Seats of small seigneuries during the Ancien Régime, the three communes developed through a prosperous agricultural activity, Moustoir-Remungol and Remungol having gained their autonomy after the Revolution. In the 20th century, industrial and agro-food plants were added to Naizin.

The built heritage and the natural environment of quality of Évellys, where a leisure base has been developed, make it a step appreciated in central Brittany.

Geographical information

Latitude47.9897900 (N 47° 59’ 23”)
Longitude-2.8317250 (W 2° 49’ 54”)
AltitudeFrom 42m to 136m
Surface area80.34 km²
Population3526 inhabitants
Density43 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureVannes (25 mi, 44 min)
Insee code56144
IntercommunalityCC Centre Morbihan Communauté

Nearest cities & towns

Réguiny4.7 mi (12 min)
Kerfourn5 mi (9 min)
Crédin5.4 mi (11 min)
Moréac6 mi (11 min)
Rohan7 mi (13 min)
Locminé7.5 mi (12 min)
Saint-Thuriau7.5 mi (13 min)
Pluméliau-Bieuzy8.6 mi (18 min)
Noyal-Pontivy8.7 mi (15 min)
Pleugriffet9 mi (15 min)
Pontivy9.5 mi (17 min)
Gueltas9.8 mi (16 min)
Bréhan10.3 mi (18 min)

Things to see and do

Before enjoying the environment and outdoor recreation that Évellys lends itself, a discovery of its heritage can be the occasion of a rewarding walk.

On Naizin, one will be interested in the chapel of Lazunin, rebuilt in 1867 on the site of an older sanctuary. Dedicated to Saint-Guénin and Saint-André, it was processed before the First World War during periods of drought. The ritual meant that the peasants plunge one foot into the adjoining fountain. Since the 1970s, an association has been working to restore and maintain the chapel (for a visit, contact +33 2 97 27 46 61). There is a pardon on the Sunday after August 15th.

Also worth seeing is the Saint-Cosme-et-Saint-Damien church (19th century), built in a Neo-Romanesque style on the foundations of a 15th century church. Inside, there is a 15th century stone statue and a 16th century wooden altarpiece. On the facade, small niches shelter statues that were placed there in the 1990s.

Saint-Antoine de Padoue, Sainte-Brigitte, Saint-Isidore, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Avertin, and Saint-Marc in the Sainte-Brigitte chapel, rebuilt at the end of the 19th century on the road to Pontivy. There is a pardon on Pentecost Monday. For a guided tour, please call +33 9 50 12 15 66.

Lastly, the chapel of the Kerdréan castle (16th century), which has been revised several times, will be mentioned.

In addition to a walk on the territory of Naizin, it was impossible not to notice a dozen Calvaries and crosses of granite. The oldest is the Calvary of the Cemetery (1726). Several fountains, near the chapels or calvaries, sometimes reputed for their "miraculous" virtues, are also always visible.

On the former commune of Remungol, although the Sainte-Julitte church has been reworked over the centuries, the imposing square tower of the bell tower is still visible. Inside, the Art Deco style stained glass windows of the choir and the baptistery are original. Note also the astonishing double statue evoking Sainte-Julitte, draped in a dress protecting her child, and Saint-Cyr.

Near the church, the fountain dedicated to Sainte-Julitte, dating from the sixteenth century, has been the subject of an inscription under the title of historical monuments. The basin is dominated by an arcade and two columns function as pedestals adorned with statuettes of the Virgin and Saint John. In the center, a statuette stands for Sainte-Juliette and Saint-Cyr.

Nearby, a recently restored cross of Calvary of the seventeenth century has also been classified.

Finally, on the old village of Moustoir-Remungol, we will be interested in the church Saint-Gorgon. Rebuilt in granite in the 17th century, the austere building on the outside is astonishing by its rich interior decor where stucco and faux marble mix. The building houses three wooden altarpieces from the 17th and 18th centuries. One can notice the gate that closes the baptistery, made of wood but imitating wrought iron, and an 18th century fountain in which one descends by a staircase of six steps. Statues adorn the basin.

The Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs chapel, dating from the end of the 15th century, is also amazing. Constructed of shale rubble, the well-preserved framework is decorated with heads of crocodiles. The chapel houses many statues dating from the 15th to the 17th century. Recently restored, it was enriched in 2011 with contemporary stained glass by David Tremlett.

These various elements of heritage can also be included in hiking trails (hiking or mountain biking) crossing the town and its hilly landscapes. Documentation and information on +33 2 97 27 43 27 and +33 2 97 25 04 10.

One of these trails may include the Coëtdan Recreation Base and its body of water. It is a recreational area for the family, with a sports circuit, and in July and August you can rent pedal boats or play a game of mini golf. If it is not conducive to swimming, the water will delight the fishermen. Information on +33 2 97 27 45 11.

On the village of Naizin, a "bumpy ground" for lovers of bicross and tennis courts are available for sportsmen. Please call +33 2 97 27 43 27.

Places of interest


Events and festivities

Every 1st May, "barter and chips" in Naizin.

The first Sunday in July, garage sale.

July 14th, fireworks on the occasion of the national day and day inter-neighborhoods (fun and musical animations).


See photo
See photo
Remungol - Madeleine Chapel
Remungol - Madeleine Chapel
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The monument to the dead
The monument to the dead
See photo
The town hall
The town hall
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See photo
Church of Saint Sauveur
Church of Saint Sauveur
See photo
See photo
Church of Saint Sauveur
Church of Saint Sauveur
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Church of Saint Sauveur
Church of Saint Sauveur
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Sunday 23 february
Min. 11°C - Max. 12°C
Monday 24 february
Min. 10°C - Max. 12°C
Tuesday 25 february
Min. 4°C - Max. 10°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Breton games at Louarnig Park
Entertainment0 € to 5 € Saint-Gonnery (8.4 mi)
Horse Riding in the Brocéliade Forest
Nature and the great outdoors40 € Tréhorenteuc (24 mi)
Horse Riding & Picnic in the Brocéliade Forest
Entertainment77 € Tréhorenteuc (24 mi)
Cruise in the Gulf of Morbihan
Nature and the great outdoors17 € Vannes (25 mi)
Sea trip in the Morbihan Gulf and islands
Nature and the great outdoors29 € to 50 € Arradon (26 mi)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Circuit of Kerguehennec - Bignan
HikeIntermediate3h55Bignan (8.2 mi)
Circuit of Kerdel - Bignan
All-terrain bike itineraryIntermediate1h25Bignan (8.2 mi)
Circuit of Castennec
HikeAthletic3h05Pluméliau-Bieuzy (10.8 mi)
Colpo, velopromenade n ° 2
All-terrain bike itineraryEasy50 minColpo (11.9 mi)
Water Circuit
HikeIntermediate3h15Camors (13.1 mi)


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