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Elbeuf or Elbeuf-sur-Seine as it is sometimes called, is a town in Normandy that takes place in the heart of Seine-Maritime. Located about twenty kilometers from Rouen and Evreux forty kilometers, the city is surrounded by the Seine and the forest, offering a unique environment.

Labeled Cities and Countries of Art and History, the town of Elbeuf indeed presents a historical and architectural heritage of the most interesting, especially in its old town center and its timbered houses. Its greenery and landscapes have also earned it three flowers in the competition of cities and flowered villages of France.

Elbeuf was once known for its drapery that emerged in the early sixteenth century. This powerful economy, however, declined during the twentieth century the face of foreign competition and the German invasion during the Second World War. One that is still known as the city of a hundred chimneys still has significant industrial heritage.

Dynamic, the Normandy town now offers a wide range of leisure, whether sporting or cultural.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude49.2921630 (N 49° 17’ 32”)
Longitude1.0069100 (E 1° 0’ 25”)
AltitudeFrom 2m to 133m
Surface area16.32 km²
Population17644 inhabitants
Density1081 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureRouen (23 km, 29 min)
Insee code76231
IntercommunalityME Rouen Normandie

Nearest cities & towns

Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf1.3 km (3 min)
Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf2.2 km (5 min)
Orival3.8 km (7 min)
Cléon4.1 km (9 min)
Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf4.1 km (8 min)
Martot4.8 km (6 min)
Saint-Ouen-du-Tilleul5.4 km (8 min)
La Saussaye5.5 km (9 min)
La Londe5.9 km (10 min)
Saint-Pierre-des-Fleurs6.3 km (9 min)
Saint-Cyr-la-Campagne6.4 km (12 min)
Le Thuit-de-l'Oison6.4 km (10 min)
Freneuse6.9 km (11 min)
Le Bosc-Roger-en-Roumois7.3 km (11 min)

Things to see and do

Very old, the city of Elbeuf was able to develop and maintain to this day an architectural and natural heritage of the most important.

Listed building, the Church of St. John was built between the seventeenth and nineteenth century. She still has a Gothic tower which served as lookout during World War II, as well as windows in perfect condition of the sixteenth century.

The Saint-Etienne church, also listed building, was built between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. It takes place in the historic center of Elbeuf, near a river. the beautiful stained glass window you can admire Weavers created in the early sixteenth century.

More recently, the church Immaculate Conception dates from the second half of the nineteenth century. It consists of a neo-Gothic style.

Not far away, it is possible to admire the synagogue of the city, inaugurated in the early twentieth century. In stone, it has a horseshoe arch Arabic style. Now closed, it was included in the inventory of Historical Monuments.

In the historical center, visitors discover the old factories in the eighteenth century timber-framed, or beautiful timbered houses, like the beautiful home of 1740. The town houses and mansions nineteenth century are also present in the city. Visitors will not miss the Circus Theatre, one of the last eight circuses in the country hard, or City Hall.

The natural heritage of Elbeuf no shortage either of charm. Lovers of green spaces will enjoy walks on the banks of the Seine and its islands, the surrounding forests, limestone cliffs, or the different hills around the city. No less than eighteen kilometers of hiking trails have been built, including sports tours and family tours.

Places of interest

Information points
Leisure centres
Performance halls

Events and festivities

Lively city of Elbeuf is the origin of several entertainment and other cultural events that attract large numbers of visitors every year.

The Elbeuf markets are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings, and late Friday afternoon.

A Christmas market is held by year's end.

importance to Elbeuf event, the Colours of Africa festival takes place in May with panel discussions, or workshops and festive events.

The festival of street arts is organized every year in June with several shows of all kinds.

In July, Elbeuf offers summer Seine with many family workshops around sport or culture.

In August, on the occasion of the Saint-Gilles, fun fair takes place for three weeks.


Tuesday 17 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 22°C
Wednesday 18 october
Min. 12°C - Max. 19°C
Thursday 19 october
Min. 12°C - Max. 16°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Bord de Seine
Village visitEasy1h30Poses (17.2 km)
Saracens Path
HikeEasy3h00Condé-sur-Risle (29 km)
The Orchids
HikeEasy2h15La Feuillie (41 km)
The Papillonerie
HikeIntermediate1h30La Hallotière (42 km)
Visit to Folie Forest
Village visitEasy1h00Lammerville (56 km)


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