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Digoin - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Saône-et-Loire

Digoin, daughter of the Loire and channels ...

Covering an area of ​​3472 hectares, the city of Digoin enjoys a privileged location. It is located on the outskirts of southern Burgundy, at the confluence of the Arroux, the Bourbince, Arconce Vouzance and along the banks of the Loire, the last wild river in Europe.

Water is everywhere in Digoin, until the circle, so much so that we can win the heart of the city without crossing a bridge, a specificity that is to Digoin the nickname "island of Charolais."

With its diverse backgrounds, the Loire has a flora and fauna as varied biological richness is recognized at European level and variety of habitats and species that can actually meet a field of study unique in France (Loire Valley between Devay and Digoin, site or proposed site of Community importance Natura 2000). River relatively free of human activities, the Loire has retained a natural dynamic that spawned a whole series of diverse backgrounds: sandy strikes, lawns and grasslands, riparian forests, ponds ..., found in the region Digoin . Botanical garden in the open, the flora of the major and minor beds of the Loire is characterized by a high number of species whose rarity or absence also gives its originality to this region. It is a migration route of the first order plant, and is characterized by a juxtaposition of southern species and circumboreal. The formations of colonization of silt, sand and pebbles, and the complex of lawns and grasslands are the mainstay of the original flora of the Loire Valley. Throughout his journey, crossing the Loire natural areas that are so many influences on its flora. Listed since 2000 on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, the ornithological interest of the Loire Valley (inscribed in Significant Areas for the Conservation of Birds - IBA) is also linked to many different settings. In addition, the valley is a migration route of the first importance for Migration North-South and East-West birds, for the staging of spring and autumn (waders, ducks, waders ...) and for wintering species such as geese.

Loire city with a rich past, at the confluence of rivers, Digoin is also crossed by the Central Canal, the canal from Roanne to Digoin and channel Lateral to the Loire. This is a fishing paradise with 100 km of shoreline within 6 km, green landscapes and rivers with whitewater and fish. The history and economic development of the city have always been closely linked to the Loire and channels.

Preferred crossing point in the Gallo-Roman Digoin became a river crossroads during the following centuries and has successfully established itself as a center of transit of goods. In the Middle Ages, Digoin is a small village inhabited by peasants and sailors, symbolic occupations of the economy of the time. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the city does not escape history and undergoes the reverse of the religious wars thus losing much of its inhabitants. The following centuries, Digoin lives to the rhythm of the river and became a city of the Loire and navy. Most houses are built along the waterfront and the population grows.

Canals built in the 19th century, are a vital asset in the development of the city. A new activity, ceramics, appears. The housing estates spring up. Economic activity is at its height, favoring the installation of companies.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude46.4807980 (N 46° 28’ 51”)
Longitude3.9793760 (E 3° 58’ 46”)
AltitudeFrom 222m to 306m
Surface area34.72 km²
Population8381 inhabitants
Density241 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureMâcon (79 km, 1h08)
Insee code71176
IntercommunalityCC de Digoin Val de Loire

Nearest cities & towns

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Things to see and do

Digoin, host city ... Today, if the water is no longer the symbol of prosperity, it does offer a natural, historic and cultural beauty, highlighted by the Observaloire (Musée de la Loire and canals) and the bridge- channel, beautiful work of art, located above the Loire. It was built in stone from 1834 to 1838 and expanded in 1870. It measures 243 m.

River tourism enhanced by the construction of the marina continues to grow. Local tourism is also related to the industry "Ceramic" highlighted by the ceramics museum.

The Church of Our Lady of Providence offers cultural tourism in a beautiful example of Romanesque Byzantine. In addition, the tower hosts in recent years, a family of storks. It nests on top of the building. She became, in the eyes of visitors, curiosity must.

Places of interest

Information points

Events and festivities

Digoin is distinguished by a rich associational life that animates the city throughout the year. Its simplicity, friendliness, his sense of celebration makes the town very welcoming.

During the Carnival, held on the Place de la Greve the first weekend of May, it is fashionable, traditionally enjoy snails. This is delicious Digoin offers an international reputation through the Feast of the snail organized for 20 years the first weekend of August on the Republic Square. This event combines live music and tastings welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world.

Not to mention, The Ligériades. Organized in early July by the City of Digoin (Observaloire and cultural service), they include cultural activities and events around the theme of the Loire and canals.

The Water Festival takes place August 15 of each year on lifting the canal nearby the Republic Square.

Fair exhibition Digoin Loire Valley, held every first weekend of September with over 200 exhibitors in each edition.

These events, among others, punctuate the year and make Digoin a destination and visit, where one goes forward.


The aqueduct over the Loire
The aqueduct over the Loire
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The Loire
The Loire
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Friday 22 september
Min. 6°C - Max. 23°C
Saturday 23 september
Min. 8°C - Max. 24°C
Sunday 24 september
Min. 9°C - Max. 24°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
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Artistic painting course with the artbucher method
Arts and Crafts35 € Le Rousset-Marizy (38 km)


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Car itineraryEasy4h00Cordelle (60 km)


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