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Legend Tours Tèvola: It's called Castellu. The centuries had only been because of this fortress, and the tower stood a little apart at the bottom of the village was abandoned chapel with the last to resist them. She dominated the square two-storey house which she was a strong and whose jagged ruins prolonged spur shale which they seemed to bloom. All framed courtyard paved with slabs of slate as well. It is an extraordinary woman who, seven centuries hence, had built the tower houses. In the collective memory, remain only his name and his legend: It was the Countess Tèvola. They said she had built a tower similar to those into every village in the country over which she reigned. In these times of iron - was it likely to thwart the attacks in which to better manage its people browsing its territory? - She rarely stayed more than a week in each. Also appearing unexpectedly, leaving the middle of the night to go stay in another, it was as if she lived them all. Some even lent him a gift of ubiquity. She raised taxes, dispensed justice, waged war on the occasion. As beautiful as they described it, was not known to no man. Wielding a sword as she fingered the beads easily, dressed in sackcloth and wearing steel corset, it had the nun and the warrior. Today, the fortress was reborn from its ruins, and life has returned. It now bears the name of the lady of Time: The Towers Tèvola.

Geographical information

Latitude42.3658000 (N 42° 21’ 57”)
Longitude9.3667000 (E 9° 22’ 0”)
AltitudeFrom 436m to 1697m
Surface area5.19 km²
Population28 inhabitants
Density5 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureBastia (61 km, 1h05)
Insee code2B063
IntercommunalityCC Orezza-Ampugnani
DepartmentUpper Corsica

Nearest cities & towns

Piedipartino2.8 km (7 min)
Pie-d'Orezza3.8 km (7 min)
Carpineto5.1 km (9 min)
Piedicroce5.4 km (9 min)
Tarrano6.3 km (10 min)
Stazzona7 km (13 min)
Piobetta7.6 km (14 min)
Pietricaggio9 km (15 min)
Felce9.1 km (14 min)
Campana9.2 km (15 min)
Rapaggio10.3 km (18 min)
Nocario11.2 km (19 min)
Valle-d'Orezza11.9 km (22 min)

Things to see and do

In the middle of the village of high Baroque specific monument, stands St. Margaret, a cathedral-style church in question, with its front lace, one of the most beautiful in Corsica.

Most visited also the Cascade of Struccia rushing between the walls of a stone circus over which trees bend ageless.

Places of interest


Events and festivities

From the first Sunday of July and all Sundays juqu'au last Sunday in August, an event takes place at very friendly Arcarotta Pass, three miles from Carchetu. It is the small market where farmers and artisans of the area are offering their products.


Tuesday 24 october
Min. 7°C - Max. 17°C
Wednesday 25 october
Min. 8°C - Max. 19°C
Thursday 26 october
Min. 9°C - Max. 21°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

The convent where Alisgiani was crowned King Theodore in the home of Pascal Paoli transformed into a museum to Morosaglia, the walking trail leading to the hot spring Orezza or that leads to Mount San Pedrone, it is impossible to mention all remarkable places as they are numerous.

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Potholing: Discover the Cave of Carpinettu – Leaving from Lano
Nature and the great outdoors40 € Lano (9.9 km)
Potholing: Discover the Cave of Razzu Biancu – Leaving from Venaco
Nature and the great outdoors45 € Venaco (22 km)
Aquatic Hike on the Vecchio stream – Leaving from Vivario
Nature and the great outdoors60 € Vivario (25 km)
Tandem parachute jump on the Island of Beauty
Sports sensations265 € Ghisonaccia (35 km)
Football coaching or holiday
Sports sensations50 € to 500 € Bastia (38 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Saleccia Beach
HikeIntermediate4h00Casta (36 km)


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