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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aube

Bligny - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Aube

Town located southeast of the Aube, on the borders of the Haute-Marne, in the heart of the Côte des Bar, the main wine region of the Dawn. It produces the famous "nectar", "Champagne".

In the valley of Landion that feeds the pond Patis, Bligny with nearby forest and that of Clairvaux Bossican paradise for hunters and researchers mushrooms. Burgundy is not far away. Currently there are 2000 ha of forest and 100 hectares of vines in name.

Field that belonged to the Marquis of Dinteville, Bligny through his niece to the Marquis de Dampierre, whose son became famous at the Battle of Châtillon, Bagneux. Then Baron Cachard acquired in early 1900 and transformed it into one of the first vineyards in the Aube. This area disappears and 39/45 in the war that will be reconstructed in 1950 by various owners. Currently 8 Champagne producers share it.

The parents of the Marquise de Dampierre founded the "Glass" (from 1770 to 1870) will disappear to become "the Cristalleries Royales de Champagne" based in Bayel. Domaine de la Verrerie is currently occupied by a grower-handlers.

Geographical information

Latitude48.1713040 (N 48° 10’ 17”)
Longitude4.6170510 (E 4° 37’ 1”)
Surface area22.74 km²
Population176 inhabitants
Density7 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureTroyes (33 mi, 47 min)
Insee code10048
IntercommunalityCC de la Région de Bar-sur-Aube
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Urville2.6 mi (6 min)
Meurville2.9 mi (7 min)
Bergères3.5 mi (8 min)
Couvignon3.7 mi (8 min)
Vitry-le-Croisé4.1 mi (10 min)
Champignol-lez-Mondeville4.3 mi (11 min)
Montmartin-le-Haut4.5 mi (13 min)
Spoy4.7 mi (9 min)
Éguilly-sous-Bois5.7 mi (13 min)
Fravaux5.8 mi (12 min)
Longpré-le-Sec6.3 mi (18 min)
Arconville6.6 mi (17 min)
Argançon6.8 mi (14 min)

Things to see and do

Linden Sainte-Eulalie, on the hill of the same name, shaded chapel whose remains were discovered during work wine. According to legend, underground allowed to join the Abbey of Clairvaux several kilometers distant. Many people have tried to find out but to no avail. Following this discovery, excavations were organized and helped to update a Merovingian cemetery. A sarcophagus was not desecrated updated. The stone is in the church of Bligny and housing the museum of Châtillon-sur-Seine.

Product castle Champagne "Castle Bligny", one of only two names "Castle" in Champagne. There is visited more than group of more than 100 people.

The Church of Saint-Symphorien, with its trompe l'oeil can be discovered on demand.

The town has five caves "Champagne" two of which are labeled.

Events and festivities

The festival takes place on the penultimate weekend of August.


The village saw Vineyard
The village saw Vineyard
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Champagne appellation City
Champagne appellation City
See photo
Castle Bligny
Castle Bligny
See photo
The Pond Pâtis
The Pond Pâtis
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The swans on the pond Pâtis
The swans on the pond Pâtis
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See photo
Field of rape in spring
Field of rape in spring
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Sunday 16 july
Min. 11°C - Max. 26°C
Monday 17 july
Min. 12°C - Max. 26°C
Tuesday 18 july
Min. 15°C - Max. 26°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Beautiful walks by GR 24, of Bar-sur-Aube Bar-sur-Seine, as well as Bligny at Bar-sur-Aube Spoy and the old Roman road.

Champagne tourist route: from the Saulcy Riceys.

Nigloland, amusement park for the family.

The great lakes of the forest of East, Amance, Dienville: boating, fishing and recreation.

Abbey of Clairvaux.

Bar-sur-Aube and Bar-sur-Seine.

The Royales de Champagne Cristalleries Bayel.

Essoyes village of Renoir.

Brienne-le-Château: Napoleon school and museum.

Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises: the Cross of Lorraine, Boisserie, the Memorial Charles de Gaulle.

Troyes medieval town with a rich heritage unavoidable, factory outlets.

Chaumont viaduct.

Langres: Vauban city.

Cirey-sur-Blaise Castle dear Voltaire.

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Tour and champagne-tasting at the Domaine Albert Beerens
Local flavours10 € Arrentières (9.1 mi)
Museum of Old Bottles
Culture and educationFreeCelles-sur-Ource (11.9 mi)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Walk for Jo - Geoffroy Sifferlen Path
HikeEasy3h00Noé-les-Mallets (5.3 mi)
Noë-les-Mallets Tower
HikeEasy2h10Noé-les-Mallets (5.7 mi)
Tour of the Vines
HikeEasy1h45Noé-les-Mallets (5.7 mi)
The Fox Tail
HikeIntermediate1h30Bar-sur-Aube (5.9 mi)
The Côte d'Aube
HikeEasy2h40Bar-sur-Aube (5.9 mi)


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