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The town of Aubière in the Puy-de-Dôme department is less than 5 km from Auvergne cities of Beaumont and Clermont-Ferrand.

The story of Aubière is strongly linked to wine. The predominant wine business until the late nineteenth century had ceased following the outbreak of phylloxera. This wine had found many witnesses, such as town houses feature a winery and the numerous caves built on the northern and southern flanks of the Artière valley creek that runs through the village of Aubière. You can discover this wine spent in the Museum of Vine and Wine Lower Auvergne, also called "La Cave à Madame", which houses the cellars of the seventeenth century.

The cultural heritage of the town is remarkable, like its many sights to see, such as Ramacles, the site of the Caves, church, or the remains, which attest to an ancient and rich history.

The Aubière natural heritage also deserves to be visited, including the Puy Aubière last green oasis of the town to the unique biodiversity.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude45.7511750 (N 45° 45’ 4”)
Longitude3.1106780 (E 3° 6’ 38”)
AltitudeFrom 343m to 467m
Surface area7.65 km²
Population9742 inhabitants
Density1273 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureClermont-Ferrand (5.6 km, 12 min)
Insee code63014
IntercommunalityCA Clermont Communauté
TerritoryAuvergne, Massif Central

Nearest cities & towns

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Beaumont2.6 km (7 min)
Clermont-Ferrand4.2 km (10 min)
Ceyrat5.1 km (7 min)
Pérignat-lès-Sarliève5.6 km (9 min)
Chamalières5.9 km (13 min)
Royat6.1 km (14 min)
Cournon-d'Auvergne8.9 km (15 min)
Aulnat9 km (13 min)
Durtol9.3 km (18 min)
Nohanent10.2 km (20 min)
Lempdes10.3 km (13 min)
Cébazat10.8 km (22 min)
Le Cendre11 km (14 min)
Orcet11 km (14 min)

Things to see and do

The wine Aubière past is still very present today, with winegrowers houses that have preserved the traditional look of the villages of the hillsides of Limagne, with a height building on several levels to the specific features and ground floor provided a winery.

The Caves site is of major interest. Built in height due to the proximity in the village of the water table, these wineries are spread over two main sites.

The site of the cellars of "The Cross of the Tree" on the north hillside, covered about 200 wineries. The eastern part now houses the university complex Cézeaux.

The "Little Caves" and "Grandes Caves" are divided on the sunny side.

The caves are about 180 entries for nearly 900 cellars in total, unique in Europe for its size. They are designed in waves between 1831 and 1877 to stop the construction program, due to the phylloxera epidemic.

Of opulent buildings were built during the second half of the nineteenth century on the North and South slopes of the town. If their plan is common to many residential Aubière, the areas are much larger, with a huge winery, a large wall, a large iron gate and especially the use of Volvic stone, confirming the wealth winemakers at the time.

The Aubière church of neo-Gothic style was rebuilt between 1853 and 1855. It shows a remarkable decapitated silhouette. One can see magnificent recently restored stained glass windows.

Aubière Cemetery is one of the major sites of the town. It presents a unique set of vaults and chapels in Volvic stone.

The Ramacles emerged in the early nineteenth century. These bridges were built at the initiative of vineyard owners without municipal authorization. The winegrowers' houses once built against the walls of the north side of the Square offered no outlet on it, depriving them of access to their properties winemakers and wineries south of town. There are now four Ramacles in the town.

Aubière account other important sites, such as the door of the Rossignol, the bridge Beneilh, or the menhir of Sauzes, granite megalith of 2.30 meters high.

The natural heritage for strolling, as Artière, creek that runs through the town or the Puy Aubière treasure that we discover through the path of Ophrys.

Places of interest


Events and festivities

The market town of Aubière takes place on Friday and Sunday from 8 am to 13h. You can taste various local products, such as fruits and vegetables, cheeses, poultry, meats... but it also supplies flowers, handicrafts and clothing.

In March, Aubière organizes its carnival, with many attractions to delight children.

In June, the city celebrates photography Photo Week, which takes place in the town hall.

Aubière organizes the fair of Saint-Loup late August, with the entertainment program, fireworks, entertainment, garage sales and exhibitions over two days of festivities.


Sunday 22 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 12°C
Monday 23 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 17°C
Tuesday 24 october
Min. 12°C - Max. 22°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Maiden two-seater paraglider flight from the top of Puy de Dôme
Sports sensations80 € Orcines (9.9 km)
Visit the Dauphin Castle and its gardens
Culture and education3 € to 6 € Pontgibaud (22 km)
Well-being and beauty treatments at a Cinqs Mondes Spa
Well-being69 € Issoire (25 km)
Visit an artisan biscuit-maker
Local flavoursFreeSaint-Rémy-de-Chargnat (31 km)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Palette of religious buildings nuanced with Romanesque art
Car itineraryEasy1h30Issoire (25 km)
Henriette's Trail
HikeEasy2h30Auzelles (35 km)
Château Rocher
HikeIntermediate1h30Saint-Rémy-de-Blot (39 km)
Around the lake
Village visitEasy1h00Servant (45 km)
Crégut Lake
HikeIntermediate2h30Saint-Genès-Champespe (48 km)


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