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Aragon is located on a rocky outcrop at the end of a plateau. It is built in an amphitheater and dominates streams of Trapel and Valletta on the edges of which, below the village, settled many gardens. The silhouette of the village itself to the view arriving by road from Villegailhenc (D935) or Pennautier (D203).

The vineyards of Cabardès, the vines is an essential element of the Aragonese landscape and viticulture remains a highlight of the local economy.

The village now has about 450 people spread between two residential areas: the old village and district Capitelles (municipal subdivision located on a hill north of the village). The vineyards, a dense associative fabric, a school with 40 children, a convenience store, a starred restaurant... all of which make the village a village of Aragon harmoniously combining dynamism and quality of life.

The village of Aragon is labeled "Our Future Earth Village" label obtained in 2007 and renewed in 2012. This label rewards municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants who undertake to implement an action program for working Sustainable development. Actions by common aim constant improvement of the living environment combining environmental quality and economic and social development.

Since 1 January 2013, the town of Carcassonne Aragon integrated Agglo which includes 73 municipalities and more than 105 000 inhabitants. Mayor Aragon is delegated to the community council. The actions of Carcassonne Agglo economic, social, environmental or cultural are assets to the community.

A little history...

Aragon name, according to tradition, a relationship with the homonym Spanish kingdom and dates back to the early eleventh century. Without totally excluding a foreign origin, is also proposed for this toponym Celtic or Greek-Celtic roots "near a place of struggle" or "almost a wilderness."

An old reports mention a burial cave in the town. Recognized remains would be attributable to the Bronze Age (around 2000 BC). Testimony from the Gallo-Roman, a Latin funerary inscription fragment of marble was discovered in 1820. In the tenth century, Aragon is subservient to the abbey of Montolieu, itself under the control of the Abbey of Caunes -Minervois.

In the early twelfth century, the first charters of the lords of Aragon appear: Guilhem Roger is the first known member of this lineage. In 1126-1127 years, and in recognition of his loyal service, he received the Viscount Bernard Aton Trencavel custody of one of the towers of the city of Carcassonne. The Aragon lords are largely holding possessions. Their property Fresquel extend from the valley to the foothills of the Black Mountain. Their incomes are multiple, related to logging, mining, grazing rights... They have woven close ties with the neighboring abbey of Montolieu and, more generally, with the clergy. But, they are also committed to the cause Cathar as evidenced by statements made before the Inquisitors. The family of Aragon seems to reside in the village and attend the Cathars preach. The latter is often referred to in the Languedoc Catharism and the crusade against heretics. These lords also suffer from their homonymous with the Kingdom of Aragon, which sometimes causes confusion or misidentification. It evokes the arrival in this locality of the Cathar bishop, Bernard Simorre. Thereafter, the Cathars to endure Aragon including clandestinely. The family of Aragon, suspected of heresy, was dispossessed of his property; nevertheless, she received financial compensation. The Aragon fief come to party in the royal domain and in the domain of the Bishop of Carcassonne.

The fourteenth century will be marked by the trial told "Devois" disagreement between the community Aragon than Fraisse-Cabardès on the ownership of land for grazing herds. The dispute will last through episodes from 1373 to 1840, when the Court of Montpellier order the sharing of land between the two localities.

In the sixteenth century the village suffered religious struggles in 1575, Huguenots took possession of Aragon which will be taken by the Duke of Turenne in 1580 and it is again Protestants who occupied it in 1588.

At the end of the eighteenth century, the prosperity of Carcassonne in the town clothiers generates additional craft of agriculture. With more than 60 looms, Aragon then experienced a period of prosperity. In the early nineteenth century, is still Aragon figure important village with about 700 inhabitants.

Geographical information

Latitude43.2954650 (N 43° 17’ 44”)
Longitude2.3144700 (E 2° 18’ 52”)
AltitudeFrom 136m to 346m
Surface area20.56 km²
Population445 inhabitants
Density21 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureCarcassonne (8.6 mi, 22 min)
Insee code11011
IntercommunalityCA Carcassonne Agglo

Nearest cities & towns

Villegailhenc3.2 mi (9 min)
Fraisse-Cabardès3.6 mi (9 min)
Ventenac-Cabardès4 mi (11 min)
Pennautier4.3 mi (12 min)
Villemoustaussou5.3 mi (15 min)
Brousses-et-Villaret5.3 mi (15 min)
Pezens5.8 mi (15 min)
Conques-sur-Orbiel6 mi (16 min)
Montolieu7 mi (18 min)
Villalier7.3 mi (16 min)
Salsigne7.6 mi (19 min)
Saint-Denis7.9 mi (21 min)
Fontiers-Cabardès8.2 mi (23 min)
Moussoulens8.2 mi (18 min)

Things to see and do


Sunday 26 march
Min. 6°C - Max. 17°C
Monday 27 march
Min. 3°C - Max. 20°C
Tuesday 28 march
Min. 4°C - Max. 21°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Cruise on the Canal du Midi in a vintage barge
Entertainment3900 € to 4800 € Carcassonne (6 mi)
Guided tour of the City of Carcassonne
Culture and education112 € Carcassonne (6.6 mi)
Canyoning in Montagne Noire
Sports sensations35 € to 55 € Mazamet (13.8 mi)
Canoe kayak on the Aude
Sports sensations22 € Puichéric (16.5 mi)
Rafting on the River Aude
Sports sensations28 € Alet-les-Bains (21 mi)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Versants of the Hard
HikeIntermediate5h30Cuxac-Cabardès (5.4 mi)
From the city of Carcassonne to Lake La Cavayère
Cycling itineraryEasy5h00Carcassonne (6.1 mi)
Capitoul... capitelles and dolmens
HikeIntermediate3h10Villeneuve-Minervois (7.6 mi)
Roy Quarries
HikeEasy2h30Caunes-Minervois (11 mi)
Visit to Saint-Hilaire Abbey
HikeEasy3h00Verzeille (11.7 mi)


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