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Village of Corse-du-Sud taking place on the Island of Beauty, Appietto is located ten kilometers from Ajaccio, borders or Calcatoggio Alata. Its coastline offers breathtaking views of the Gulf of Sagone. The views of the Gulf of Lava or on the rock of Gozzi does not lack interest.

Composed of Teppa, the Piuvanaccio and Marchesacciu, the historic village of Appietto takes place at almost 480 meters. Occupied since prehistoric times, the site has boomed in the Middle Ages with the installation of fortifications and various chapels. Today, thanks to its scenery and historical heritage, the village of Appietto is mainly focused on tourism and welcome visitors. Sites to discover no shortage of interest for nature lovers and old stones.

Geographical information

Latitude42.0151139 (N 42° 0’ 54”)
Longitude8.7669149 (E 8° 46’ 1”)
Surface area34.41 km²
Population1797 inhabitants
Density52 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureAjaccio (10.4 mi, 22 min)
Insee code2A017
IntercommunalityCA du Pays Ajaccien
DepartmentSouthern Corsica

Nearest cities & towns

Afa5.2 mi (15 min)
Calcatoggio8 mi (23 min)
Alata8.8 mi (26 min)
Sarrola-Carcopino9.8 mi (28 min)
Ajaccio10.3 mi (29 min)
Villanova11.1 mi (32 min)
Valle-di-Mezzana11.6 mi (32 min)
Bastelicaccia11.7 mi (27 min)
Tiuccia12 mi (30 min)
Sant'Andréa-d'Orcino12 mi (32 min)
Cannelle13 mi (34 min)
Casaglione14.4 mi (38 min)

Things to see and do

Rich in heritage, the town of Appietto reveals several centuries already architectural and natural wonders.

In the hills above the city, the church of San Chirgu was built in the late fourteenth century. Former main church, it now leaves only the ruins of the Pisan architecture. It was replaced by the church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the late sixteenth century. It has a classical façade and a bell tower thirty meters. Inside, paintings in trompe l'oeil and a work of Ivan Choupik embellish the whole.

There are two towers on Appietto, Pelusella and tower Appietto. The first is a Genoese coastal tower that takes place in one of the points of the Gulf of Lava and was built in the late sixteenth century. The second, in the center of Marchesacciu is a tower house of the sixteenth century pink granite. This building dedicated to the defense and housing, one can discover an inscription dating from 1570.

On the summit of Mount Gozzi, a castellu and chapel stand proudly. If it now lies in ruins, the castellu was destroyed by the Office of St. George, one can still enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and gulfs.

Dating from the late fourth millennium BC, Ciutulaghja is a megalithic funerary complex of great importance. You can still enjoy a dolmen stands tall and a cover slab whose fragments are dispersed.

The natural heritage of Appietto is very rich, and there are three natural zones of ecological interest, flora and fauna in the municipality. Visitors especially enjoy walks in the dunes of the Gulf of Lava, punta Pelusella, Paraggiola, Scapentana-Tranpitatoju, or near the rock of Gozzi, the first Mount granitic inland from Ajaccio.

Places of interest

Leisure centres
Natural sites

Events and festivities

A Christmas market with several animations proposed by year's end.

The patronal feast of Appietto takes place July 15 to St. Cyr.

In August, the city offers a triathlon Gulf of Lava, in formula cross. The program of events for all ages and all classes.


Thursday 9 july
Min. 19°C - Max. 26°C
Friday 10 july
Min. 20°C - Max. 28°C
Saturday 11 july
Min. 19°C - Max. 26°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Leisure activities

Last nameActivity typeRateCity
Boat tour of Scandola, Piana, Girolata
Nature and the great outdoorsFreeCasaglione (3.8 mi)
Sunset Boat Trip around the Sanguinaires Islands - departs from the Gulf of Lava, 40 min from Ajaccio
Nature and the great outdoors40 € (5.2 mi)
Cruise and hikes on the Corsican coast
Nature and the great outdoors3100 € Ajaccio (6.1 mi)
Hike around the Capo di Muro Tower – Leaving from Ajaccio
Nature and the great outdoors55 € Ajaccio (8.3 mi)
Hiking on Vizzavona Mountain – Leaving from Ajaccio
Nature and the great outdoors55 € Ajaccio (8.3 mi)


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Hiking Ruppione - Sant'Amanza
HikeIntermediate2h35Pietrosella (12.8 mi)
Hiking Pietrosella - ​​Sant'Amanza
HikeIntermediate1h50Pietrosella (13 mi)
The dish of the Mill or Way of Fica
HikeIntermediate1h40Pietrosella (14.1 mi)
Romanesque chapel Saint John the Baptist of Poggio di Tallà
HikeEasy1h30Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano (27 mi)


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