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Appeville-Annebault says is a town which has kept alive its economic dynamism. The village the village has many shops, and some industrial and other businesses of all kinds.

In Latin, or Apivilla Apevilla, country house Apius, say some antique or village apple, apple of Saxon, following other scholars. Whatever the etymology of its name, this town seems to go back to very ancient times. Its territory was crossed by the Roman road from Juliobona (Lillebonne) to Noviomagus (Lisieux).

The name of this village is mentioned for the first time in the second half of the 11th century, on the occasion of the donation made by Pierre de Conde, the Abbey of Bec, a mill Appeville. Found in the titles of the Abbey of Bec, a large number of documents relating to Appeville. Thus, for a long time, the Abbey of Bec had a strong grip on the village.

The church Appeville, dedicated to St. Andrew was begun in 1518 and completed by the care of two illustrious brothers Annebaut. The church is built entirely of stone. Their weapons contained in various places sufficiently attest that they have contributed a large part in the repairs.

The choir of the church was first built in the 14th century and later, the nave and the tower in the 16th century. One of the most interesting elements of this construction seems to be an extraordinarily ornate cornice of animals and fruits which, on the top, around the nave.

From 1522 to 1546, Admiral of Annebaut built the famous castle of his name Appeville. The proportions that gave him were so huge that neither he nor his successors could not do it complete. The pavilion was completed only North, but all these buildings, leaving only piles of rubble. It was the admiral who won in 1549 the erection of the land of Appeville a barony under the name of Annebaut.

In 1640, the barony of Annebaut marquisate was built in in favor of Bernard Potier Blérencourt, husband of Anne Annebaut, who died in 1662, after sending his marquisate René Potier, Duke of Gesvres Tresmes and his brother senior.

In 1723, Jean-Baptiste Danican Annebaut took possession of the area by paying Annebaut 470.000 pounds. creditors of the Duke of Gesvres, and in possession of the Viscount de Pont-Audemer.

The land-Appeville Annebaut was also sold to Clement of Barville in 1777. Some years later, June 8, 1784, the report of the Minister Calonne, a decision removed the Viscount de Pont-Audemer the Marquis of Appeville-Annebaut.

During World War II, the center of the village was destroyed by Allied bombing August 17, 1944, killing 19 people. The village center has been rebuilt in the impersonal style of the postwar period.

There was in this parish a number of fiefs. Rondemare is one of the most ancient strongholds. From the 12th century, Simon Rondemare, Rotunda mara, gave to the monks of Bec all the land he had to Bos-Robert, in charge of prayers.

The hamlet of Rondemare was cruelly decimated by the plague of 1668. This ensures that only one person escaped the scourge.

Before 1830, this place was a simple crossroads, there is gradually formed a small town. In this village, an ancient chapel dedicated to St. Catherine still exists. It has some architectural remains of the 13th, the nave was converted into a cellar and barn, the choir only has retained its old destination. It celebrates the offices on Monday of Pentecost. The many pilgrims who go there that day are in procession around the chapel to be protected from evil.

Geographical information

Latitude49.3308333 (N 49° 19’ 51”)
Longitude0.6430556 (E 0° 38’ 35”)
AltitudeFrom 19m to 132m
Surface area13.35 km²
Population937 inhabitants
Density70 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureEvreux (82 km, 56 min)
Insee code27018
IntercommunalityCC Val de Risle

Nearest cities & towns

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Valletot4.5 km (6 min)
Colletot4.7 km (6 min)
Montfort-sur-Risle4.9 km (6 min)
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Saint-Philbert-sur-Risle5.6 km (8 min)
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Corneville-sur-Risle7.1 km (10 min)
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Éturqueraye7.8 km (8 min)
Glos-sur-Risle8.5 km (11 min)
Rougemontiers9 km (9 min)

Things to see and do

Of hiking trails allow visitors to discover the village of Appeville-Annebault side nature.

Places of interest



Saturday 21 october
Min. 10°C - Max. 16°C
Sunday 22 october
Min. 9°C - Max. 12°C
Monday 23 october
Min. 9°C - Max. 15°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Forest of trees classified Montfort and remarkable.

Leisure activities

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Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Saracens Path
HikeEasy3h00Condé-sur-Risle (2.8 km)
Stroll Impressionist
Village visitIntermediate2h00Honfleur (31 km)
Bord de Seine
Village visitEasy1h30Poses (44 km)
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Plain and valleys
HikeEasy4h00Senneville-sur-Fécamp (52 km)


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