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Ancy-Dornot is a commune in the Moselle in Greater East region, 15 km southwest of Metz.

It was established in January 1, 2016 following the merger of Ancy-sur-Moselle, headquarters (1400 inhabitants) and Dornot (190 inhabitants), so counting some 1,600 inhabitants.

Its territory of 10 square kilometers largely wooded and cultivated west slopes to the east of 364 to 167 meters, to the course of the Moselle constitutes its limit.

Born from the union of three hamlets, Ancy-sur-Moselle is already occupied in ancient times by the Romans, who built an aqueduct. The small city is affected by the fifteenth century wars undertaken by the King of France against the bishops of Metz, and the nineteenth, Ancy Dornot become as famous for their wine hillsides of Moselle and production of plums. The winegrowing found there in recent decades a real vitality.

The charm of the banks of the Moselle, heritage and picturesque villages such as green environment overlooking the valley make the new town a pleasant stop near the Messina city.

Geographical information

Latitude49.0563790 (N 49° 3’ 23”)
Longitude6.0585010 (E 6° 3’ 31”)
AltitudeFrom 167m to 364m
Surface area10.25 km²
Population1642 inhabitants
Density160 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureMetz (8.9 mi, 21 min)
Insee code57021
IntercommunalityCC Mad et Moselle
RegionGreat East

Nearest cities & towns

Ars-sur-Moselle2.1 mi (6 min)
Corny-sur-Moselle2.5 mi (6 min)
Novéant-sur-Moselle2.6 mi (6 min)
Jouy-aux-Arches3.1 mi (9 min)
Gorze3.3 mi (8 min)
Arnaville3.8 mi (8 min)
Jussy4 mi (11 min)
Vaux4 mi (10 min)
Moulins-lès-Metz4.5 mi (11 min)
Féy4.5 mi (10 min)
Sainte-Ruffine4.5 mi (13 min)
Rozérieulles4.7 mi (14 min)
Arry4.8 mi (10 min)
Augny5.3 mi (13 min)

Things to see and do

In the village of Dornot, which now occupies the south of the new town, and whose lands were governed in the Middle Ages by the Gorze neighboring abbey, the Church of St. Clement is the major heritage asset. It was built in the mid-seventeenth century on the foundations of an old chapel. The building was enlarged from 1784. From this period dates the statue of St. Clement installed on the tympanum surmounting the gate. In 1822, a Lombard-style bell tower was added, and a marble altar installed. Inside, we see a cross painted path, a pretty stone paving (and invoice as of the Cathedral of Metz) and specificity: the driveway leading to the choir and the altar is sloping, marrying the natural relief! Moreover, in the evening, we admire the illuminated steeple whose silhouette stands out of the hills of the Moselle and vineyards.

Also worth visiting in the village cemetery, a remarkable tree, a yew whose circumference is 3.60 m!

In the village of Ancy, the oldest heritage elements reveal graves arranged in the cavities of rocks Fraze.

However, these are the remains of the Roman aqueduct that connected the beginning of our era in Metz Gorze that prove the most imposing testimony.

In the hamlet of Oak to see then, the castle of Breuil (seventeenth and revamped), and in the village itself the castle Saulcy (XVIII) and the remains of Fort stately Ancy.

On the religious level, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, has Romanesque foundations (XII) but was rebuilt in the XV and XVI: a troubled period which explains the fortifications strengthening the building. A watch also, the Romanesque bell tower (restored), interior trim eighteenth and beautiful stained glass windows designed by the painter Camille Hilaire messin.

Finally, it is through Driant hard that ends the discovery of the local heritage. It dates from 1905, built during the German annexation, consisting of several buildings and structures, and was modernized at the beginning of the First War. Dominant and monitoring the valley and the southern access of Metz, it was the scene of memorable fights during the fall of 1944 and the battle to the liberation of the capital of the Moselle. Under siege for over two months, over 600 German fighters there resisted the Allies, not admitting defeat on 8 December 1944, more than two weeks after the release of Metz.

It is then time to enjoy the green environment of the town winning the heights from the villages with picturesque alleyways.

Trails lead to beautiful views of the valley and on the outskirts of Metz Dornot from the cross of Paule, the Rondo Cross or the Cross St. Clement.

Even finding on Ancy where trails are dotted with crosses, sometimes old (XVIII). The gazebo Varrieux shaped balcony overlooking the Moselle worth a detour unless we take the forest pleasant paths cross.

However, it is also advisable to include parcels replanted vines on the hillsides that give white wines appreciated. A break in a tasting area is possible.

For hikers, maps and information +33 3 87 39 00 00.

ATV buffs are not forgotten: a mountain bike course run by an association is available. Contact +33 6 45 32 56 13.

As for fishermen, the banks of the Moselle and small ponds that border its course prove conducive to their passion. Join the local association in +33 3 87 52 82 63.

Finally, the new town being built at the perimeter of the Regional Natural Park of Lorraine that regularly hiking program, workshops and events, do not hesitate to contact the +33 3 83 81 67 67.

Places of interest


Events and festivities

The second Sunday in May, the spring festival.

The third weekend of August, duck feast with intensive animations, fun fair, exhibition poultry, dancing and fireworks.

Last September weekend, the forest festival with rides and entertainment.


Monday 28 september
Min. 5°C - Max. 13°C
Tuesday 29 september
Min. 9°C - Max. 16°C
Wednesday 30 september
Min. 11°C - Max. 19°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
St. Jean Trail - Pont-a-Monsson - Heart of Lorraine
HikeEasy1h20Pont-à-Mousson (10.6 mi)
Saint Martin Course
HikeEasy1h30Pont-à-Mousson (10.6 mi)
Saint John Course
HikeEasy1h20Pont-à-Mousson (10.6 mi)
Tour of Flirey
Village visitEasy1h00Flirey (15.7 mi)
Mont Saint-Jean Mountain Circuit
HikeEasy2h00Jeandelaincourt (16.9 mi)


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