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Photos of Great East


A hilly, green area which includes the River Meuse and its many tributaries, the Ardennes appeals to lovers of outdoor leisure activities, with the Ardennes forest, the Trans-Ardennes Greenway, and the lakes of Bairon and Les Vieilles-Forges. It also has plenty for architecture fans, with the immense Sedan Fortress, fortified churches of Thiérache, prestigious Place Ducale in Charleville-Mézières and the star-shaped fortified town of Rocroi. As well as these treasures, there is also the Argonne Discovery Park, with plenty of activities to delight children and adults alike!


With its 9,000 m² of windows, the Aube is the richest département in France for stained glass. Troyes, its medieval city with ten churches, is a perfect destination to discover this exceptional religious heritage. The Aube, its vineyard countryside, forests and hills, also offers other unmissable things to do and see, such as its Champagne trail and cellars, its large lakes great for sports activities, and its delightful timber-framed churches.


The Bas-Rhin offers an fantastic range of sites of architectural, historic and religious interest, gastronomy and traditions. The Romanesque road, the brewing heritage, the typically Alsatian villages, the fortified castles, the famous Wine Trail, the North Vosges forests, and the European capital, Strasbourg, are just some of the Bas-Rhin's remarkable places of interest.


Haute-Marne, a major centre for basket-making and the cutlery trade, is located in the south-east of the Champagne-Ardenne region. As well as its ancestral skills, it has preserved an important historical and architectural heritage, a reminder of past centuries. Famous figures such as General de Gaulle and the philosophers Voltaire and Diderot, to name but a few, have made their mark here. When it comes to nature, the landscapes of forests - around 40% of the department's surface area - and rolling plains, dotted with trails and signposted paths, are ideal for hiking. Der Lake and the four lakes of the Langres area, as well as the many rivers and ponds dotted about this peaceful area, make it a popular destination for lovers of fishing, ornithology and water sports.


With its Vosges massif, the Haut-Rhin is a wonderful destination to enjoy nature and mountain. Renowned for its prestigious museums, this region is also known for its charming colourful and richly flower-filled villages that are always great to stroll around. It is also the ideal place to sample famous wines and enjoy excellent typical Alsatian dishes.


Well-known all over the world for its champagne, the Marne also has a magnificent architectural heritage in addition to its rich wine production, as illustrated by the buildings of the city of Reims and the town of Châlons-en-Champagne, the charming churches of the Pays du Der area and the Ardre valley, and the magnificent Épine basilica. A beautiful line-up that will amaze gastronomes and fans of religious monuments! Water sports activities are also very present with the largest artificial lake in Europe: the Der-Chantecoq lake.


The Meurthe-et-Moselle has the highest production of Mirabelle plums in France. But it is also well-known for its historic, cultural and architectural heritage as well as for its know-how.


Plains and plateaux, the Meuse valley, forests of the Argonne massif, Lorraine Regional Nature Park, but also historic sites of Verdun and its surrounding area are some of the places of interest in the Meuse.


Nicknamed the Country of Three Borders, the landscape of the Moselle is composed of plains, ponds and forests. It has an important military heritage, traditional know-how, but also architectural and religious treasures with the city of Metz, capital of the Lorraine.


Vosges, the third most wooded département in France, boasts a stunning natural environment consisting of world-famous thermal springs, waterfalls, mountain lakes, the Vosges mountains, unspoiled flora, rivers and magnificent fir forests.