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Photos of Franche-Comté


Offering a variety of landscapes, including plains, plateaux, deep valleys, streams, waterfalls, lakes and wooded mountains, the Doubs also possesses a beautiful architectural heritage, as seen in the town of Besançon and its famous citadel, the Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans, the imposing castle of Joux, Montbéliard (a designated City of Art and History), and the charming town of Ornans. The Doubs also boasts famous specialities, like Comté cheese and Morteau and Montbéliard sausages.


Located between the Vosges massif in the North and the Jura mountains in the South, the Haute-Saône one of France's foremost wooded regions. Its numerous rivers make it a paradise for fans of freshwater sports and its lakes nestling in green countryside are the perfect place for cooling down.

Territoire de Belfort

With a surface area of just 610 km², the Territoire de Belfort is the smallest département in France after the Paris region. But its small size is by no means a disadvantage because this département has a lot to offer, including its main city Belfort and countryside composed of forests, rivers, lakes and ponds.