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Guide of Franche-Comté

Tourism, holidays & weekends in Franche-Comté

Guide of Franche-Comté - Tourism, holidays & weekends in Franche-Comté

Boasting a rich natural heritage ranging from the mountains and forests of Jura to the "mille étangs" (thousand ponds) plateau of the Haute-Saône, through the Vosges massif, Franche-Comté is a favourite destination for lovers of nature tourism and unspoiled landscapes. In addition to its beautiful natural sites, Franche-Comté also offers a beautiful architectural heritage as well as famous specialities.

Guide of Franche-Comté


The Doubs offers a large choice of great places of interest to discover with its big forests crossed by numerous hiking trails, its beautiful villages and its fortified city Besançon, capital of Franche-Comté.


Forests, rivers, vast green spaces and the "mille étangs" (thousand ponds) plateau characterise the Haute-Saône nicknamed the “green island".


The Jura massif, composed of wonderful landscapes of spruce forests, high mountain pastures, lakes and waterfalls, rich built heritage and delicious specialities are some of the features of the department of Jura.

Territoire de Belfort

Smallest département in France, the Territoire de Belfort is home to the city of Belfort and its imposing citadel, floral villages, the Malsaucy lake and the Alsace mountains.