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Guide of Champagne-Ardenne

Tourism, holidays & weekends in Champagne-Ardenne

Guide of Champagne-Ardenne - Tourism, holidays & weekends in Champagne-Ardenne

Champagne-Ardenne is a region of traditions combining religious and architectural heritage, nature and gastronomy. Renowned internationally, the champagne, famous sparkling wine that accompanies all special occasions, and its region can be discovered by travelling along the famous Champagne trail bordered with charming wine-producing villages and prestigious cellars. But Champagne-Ardenne offers many other places of interest to discover, such as its Gothic cathedrals, its fortified timber-framed churches, and its cities of Art and History with numerous gems.

Guide of Champagne-Ardenne


The Ardennes boasts numerous attractions, among which the pretty Ducale square with its arches in Charleville-Mézières, the vast fortified castle of Sedan, the forests of the Ardenne massif and the Ardennes Thiérache, rich in fortified churches.


As one of the Champagne-producing départements, the Aube offers visitors plenty to see and do: the vineyards of the Côte des Bar; the Orient forest and its lakes great for water sports activities and rambling; charming timber-framed churches; Troyes, a medieval city with ten listed churches...


Alternating between plateaux, hills and forests, the Haute-Marne combines nature, health benefits and places of interest to discover with its Der-Chantecoq lake for water-based recreation, its spa town of Bourbonne-les-Bains with recognised for its beneficial treatments, and its City of Art and History of Langres.


Famous all over the world for its prestigious champagnes, the Marne offers the possibility of discovering remarkable sites, such as the cellars in Reims and Épernay where the most famous champagnes are made, and the city of Reims and its sumptuous Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral.