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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Corrèze

Tulle - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Corrèze

Surrounded by hills, the chief town of the Corrèze has a medieval district with picturesque narrow streets and tall houses.

The city of Tulle is well-known for its entirely handcrafted lace. This ancient tradition, forgotten for a time, is today experiencing a real renaissance. This art is celebrated every summer during the Tulle International Lace Festival.

Tulle is also known for the manufacture of its accordions. Established in 1919, the factory of Tulle is the last accordion factory in France. To find out more about this musical instrument, a workshop introduces visitors to the various stages of manufacture and assembly. A festival of music, the "Nuits de Nacre" (Nights of Mother-of-pearl), takes place in Tulle every year in September.

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Capital of the department of Corrèze, Tulle is a city of confluence of two rivers, the Corrèze and Solana. Built in a narrow valley, crowned by seven hills, the city covers about 4 km along the banks of the Corrèze. On each side of buildings ranging in espaliers thus giving the city a unique and very special.

City of know-how between the Lace and accordions Maugein Poinct of Tulle is also a place where you can enjoy delicacies every Wednesday and Saturday morning, market day, the local specialties: potato pie, economic, farcidures , stew, clafoutis, flognarde ...

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Les Nuits de Nacre
The cultural and musical event dedicated to the accordion September 2017
Les Francophonies en Limousin
A festival of French-language artistic creation around the worldSeptember / October 2017


Cathedral of Our Lady of Tulle and home Loyac
Cathedral of Our Lady of Tulle and home Loyac
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