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It is in Sorges that the gastronomes can sample the famous Truffle products. The truffles market in January is a gathering not to be missed! Visitors can find out all about the famous "black diamond" at the Truffle Museum there.

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The truffle, in Latin the "Tuber Melanosporum" is also called the Black Perigord Truffle, or black diamond.

Black Diamond because its dimensions are more like diamonds, and also because its price is very high (depending on the years of 1000-1500 € / kg).

The increased production of truffles is in the South East of France, but the Perigord boasts valuable perfume her from his land. You will find numbers of enthusiasts willing to talk about the truffle, but no one knows the true or the secrets! This makes its charm is its mystery.

Number of local markets and festivals are organized around the nose in winter. For the harvest of this mushroom is underground from December to late February.

The truffle likes limestone soils, well drained. She is content with little water, but it needs to grow a good storm to August 15.

Unlikely to attend the harvest, it is either early morning or late evening. The pig was the best "tracker" of truffles. A ring in the snout that prevented the precious fruit is eaten. Some people seek it with the fly that is specific to the nose. We must have patience and good eyes. Currently the best researcher is trained dog that will take you to the exact spot where the truffle (a few centimeters below ground). A breed of dog is more willing than others. This is the Lagotto Romagnolo, 13th race in Italy. A companion very gentle, very good goalkeeper and having a formidable scent. Little training is sufficient, the main lesson to be teaching him to not eat the truffles! The reward must always accompany the discovery.

Placements exist around the nose, including the resort of Cahors with truffle Mr Peter Sourzat who wrote many books on the nose.

For many years, plantations - conducted in orchard - exist in France. Trees by the Ascona mycorrhizal truffle, and verified by certified organizations (such as INRA) are sold by nurseries, and some departments may be eligible for subsidies for planting. These trees start to produce after 7 to 8 years after planting.

Trade associations exist, a beautiful renovated museum in Sorges, many books, and meeting local people, will keep your interest for truffle.

truffles Ecomuseum
Cahors station truffle
Diamond Black PerigordDiamond Black Perigord
Plants mycorrhizal ready to plantPlants mycorrhizal ready to plant
Planting oak mycorrhizalPlanting oak mycorrhizal
Digging for trufflesDigging for truffles
Tree debut with BurnTree debut with Burn
truffle harvesttruffle harvest
harvest to a merchant in Cahorsharvest to a merchant in Cahors
The Lagotto Romagnolo, brother and sisterThe Lagotto Romagnolo, brother and sister


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