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Listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, Roussillon is also the ochre village par excellence. All its well-kept houses are of the ochre colour. The central square is magnificent, decorated with flowers and lined with restaurants. This village also offers a beautiful view of the peaks in the fairies' valley (Val des Fées) and the giant's causeway (Chaussée des Géants). The palette of colours is stunning!

The ochre and applied pigments conservatory (Conservatoire des Ocres et Pigments Appliqués ) explains how pigments are manufactured.

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Roussillon, in the heart of the Luberon, with its colored houses facades so vibrant.

The village of RoussillonThe village of Roussillon
The Village (© Jean Espirat)The Village (© Jean Espirat)
Panorama (© Jean Espirat)Panorama (© Jean Espirat)
A Lane (© Jean Espirat)A Lane (© Jean Espirat)
Village Square (© Jean Espirat)Village Square (© Jean Espirat)
Former top door village (© Jean Espirat)Former top door village (© Jean Espirat)
An alley (© Jean Espirat)An alley (© Jean Espirat)
Alley (© Jean Espirat)Alley (© Jean Espirat)
Other Lane (© Jean Espirat)Other Lane (© Jean Espirat)
Staircase access ocher quarries (© Jean Espirat)Staircase access ocher quarries (© Jean Espirat)
The old quarries (© Jean Espirat)The old quarries (© Jean Espirat)
careers (© Jean Espirat)careers (© Jean Espirat)
Mound ocher (© Jean Espirat)Mound ocher (© Jean Espirat)
Flaming Mountain (© Jean Espirat)Flaming Mountain (© Jean Espirat)
Ochre (© Jean Espirat)Ochre (© Jean Espirat)
Color (© Jean Espirat)Color (© Jean Espirat)
Red penitents (© Jean Espirat)Red penitents (© Jean Espirat)
Assembly red penitents (© Jean Espirat)Assembly red penitents (© Jean Espirat)
Penitents or red sentinel? (© Jean Espirat)Penitents or red sentinel? (© Jean Espirat)
red mounds in the forest (© Jean Espirat)red mounds in the forest (© Jean Espirat)


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