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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the landscapes and how their diversity makes France such a popular country for holidays and exploring.

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Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau
A plateau strewn with lakes in the heart of the Haute-Saône Vosges
Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau 1Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau 2Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau 3
Millevaches plateau
A wild space today protected by the Millevaches Regional Nature Park in Limousin
Millevaches plateau 1Millevaches plateau 2Millevaches plateau 3
Mineral field
Mining towns, slag heaps and museums
Mineral field 1Mineral field 2Mineral field 3
One of the highest peaks in Europe
Mont-Blanc 1Mont-Blanc 2Mont-Blanc 3
Mont-Saint-Michel bay
UNESCO World Heritage Site, this famous bay boasts an important biodiversity
Mont-Saint-Michel bay 1Mont-Saint-Michel bay 2Mont-Saint-Michel bay 3
The Morvan, an unspoilt area with wild hilly landscapes
Morvan 1Morvan 2Morvan 3
Mount Lozère
The highest point of the Cévennes!
Mount Lozère 1Mount Lozère 2Mount Lozère 3
Mount Mézenc
Its summit reveals a grandiose panoramic view over the Massif Central, the Rhône Valley and the Alps!
Mount Mézenc 1Mount Mézenc 2Mount Mézenc 3
Mount Ventoux
This giant of Provence...
Mount Ventoux 1Mount Ventoux 2Mount Ventoux 3
Mounts Cantal
Puy Mary, largest volcano in Europe
Mounts Cantal 1Mounts Cantal 2Mounts Cantal 3
Mounts Limousin
A great area for hiking
Mounts Limousin 1Mounts Limousin 2Mounts Limousin 3
Mourèze rock formations
A stony forest
Mourèze rock formations 1Mourèze rock formations 2Mourèze rock formations 3
Nesque gorges
A superb canyon!
Nesque gorges 1Nesque gorges 2Nesque gorges 3
Oise forests
Its forests are great for sports activities
Oise forests 1Oise forests 2Oise forests 3
Opal Coast
Seaside resorts and sandy beaches great for relaxation and sports activities
Opal Coast 1Opal Coast 2Opal Coast 3
Ossau valley
Enjoy its lakes, hiking paths and little tourist train...
Ossau valley 1Ossau valley 2Ossau valley 3
Passes on the Alps road
A circuit not to be missed!
Passes on the Alps road 1Passes on the Alps road 2Passes on the Alps road 3
Pays d'Auge
Its apple trees, its half-timbered manor houses, its gastronomic products
Pays d'Auge 1Pays d'Auge 2Pays d'Auge 3
A wonderful combination of hedged farmland, forests and manor houses
Perche 1Perche 2Perche 3
Piana Creeks
An extraordinary natural site, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Piana Creeks 1Piana Creeks 2Piana Creeks 3

Le Méridien Etoile
Le Méridien Etoile is opposite the Paris Convention Centre and is handy to La Défense. The Champs-Elysées’s famous shops and the Arc de Triomphe are less...
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