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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the landscapes and how their diversity makes France such a popular country for holidays and exploring.

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Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau
A plateau strewn with lakes in the heart of the Haute-Saône Vosges
Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau 1Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau 2Mille Étangs (Thousand Ponds) Plateau 3
Millevaches plateau
A wild space today protected by the Millevaches Regional Nature Park in Limousin
Millevaches plateau 1Millevaches plateau 2Millevaches plateau 3
Mineral field
Mining towns, slag heaps and museums
Mineral field 1Mineral field 2Mineral field 3
One of the highest peaks in Europe
Mont-Blanc 1Mont-Blanc 2Mont-Blanc 3
Mont-Saint-Michel bay
UNESCO World Heritage Site, this famous bay boasts an important biodiversity
Mont-Saint-Michel bay 1Mont-Saint-Michel bay 2Mont-Saint-Michel bay 3
The Morvan, an unspoilt area with wild hilly landscapes
Morvan 1Morvan 2Morvan 3
Mount Lozère
The highest point of the Cévennes!
Mount Lozère 1Mount Lozère 2Mount Lozère 3
Mount Mézenc
Its summit reveals a grandiose panoramic view over the Massif Central, the Rhône Valley and the Alps!
Mount Mézenc 1Mount Mézenc 2Mount Mézenc 3
Mount Ventoux
This giant of Provence...
Mount Ventoux 1Mount Ventoux 2Mount Ventoux 3
Mounts Cantal
Puy Mary, largest volcano in Europe
Mounts Cantal 1Mounts Cantal 2Mounts Cantal 3
Mounts Limousin
A great area for hiking
Mounts Limousin 1Mounts Limousin 2Mounts Limousin 3
Mourèze rock formations
A stony forest
Mourèze rock formations 1Mourèze rock formations 2Mourèze rock formations 3
Nesque gorges
A superb canyon!
Nesque gorges 1Nesque gorges 2Nesque gorges 3
Oise forests
Its forests are great for sports activities
Oise forests 1Oise forests 2Oise forests 3
Opal Coast
Seaside resorts and sandy beaches great for relaxation and sports activities
Opal Coast 1Opal Coast 2Opal Coast 3
Ossau valley
Enjoy its lakes, hiking paths and little tourist train...
Ossau valley 1Ossau valley 2Ossau valley 3
Passes on the Alps road
A circuit not to be missed!
Passes on the Alps road 1Passes on the Alps road 2Passes on the Alps road 3
Pays d'Auge
Its apple trees, its half-timbered manor houses, its gastronomic products
Pays d'Auge 1Pays d'Auge 2Pays d'Auge 3
A wonderful combination of hedged farmland, forests and manor houses
Perche 1Perche 2Perche 3
Piana Creeks
An extraordinary natural site, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Piana Creeks 1Piana Creeks 2Piana Creeks 3

Hôtel Du Golf
Facing Mont Blanc, within 250 metres of the nearest ski lift, Hôtel Du Golf is situated in the centre of the Arc 1800 resort in Les Arcs. It offers 2 bars,...
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