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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the landscapes and how their diversity makes France such a popular country for holidays and exploring.

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Alabaster coast
A series of high white cliffs
Alabaster coast 1Alabaster coast 2Alabaster coast 3
A series of high white cliffs
Alps 1Alps 2Alps 3
Alsace vineyards
From Marlenheim to Thann, discover the Alsace wines road
Alsace vineyards 1Alsace vineyards 2Alsace vineyards 3
Aravis massif
Reblochon cheese country
Aravis massif 1Aravis massif 2Aravis massif 3
Arcachon Basin
Its oyster breeding, its villages...
Arcachon Basin 1Arcachon Basin 2Arcachon Basin 3
Ardèche gorges
An impressive canyon with vertiginous cliffs, reaching an altitude of 300 metres!
Ardèche gorges 1Ardèche gorges 2Ardèche gorges 3
Ardèche Mountains
A wild conservation area combining natural treasure and built heritage
Ardèche Mountains 1Ardèche Mountains 2Ardèche Mountains 3
The Ardennes Massif, Rocroi Plateau, Ardennaise Thiérache, the Givet Headland and the Sormonne Valley make up this territory.
Ardennes 1Ardennes 2Ardennes 3
A relaxing area that's ideal for hiking...
Aubrac 1Aubrac 2Aubrac 3
Aude gorges
The Pierre-Lys pass and the Saint-Georges gorges, two sites prized by fans of whitewater sports!
Aude gorges 1Aude gorges 2Aude gorges 3
Auvergne Volcanoes
A vast area with exceptional natural heritage
Auvergne Volcanoes 1Auvergne Volcanoes 2Auvergne Volcanoes 3
Basque Corniche
A wild, unspoilt coastline of coves and jagged cliffs
Basque Corniche 1Basque Corniche 2Basque Corniche 3
Bavella massif
A massif offering the possibility to admire magnificent steep white limestone cliffs
Bavella massif 1Bavella massif 2Bavella massif 3
Bay of Somme
A great destination for the nature lovers
Bay of Somme 1Bay of Somme 2Bay of Somme 3
Black Mountain (Montagne Noire)
A mountain in wild, unspoilt country
Black Mountain (Montagne Noire) 1Black Mountain (Montagne Noire) 2Black Mountain (Montagne Noire) 3
Blockfield of Montpellier-le-Vieux
The biggest blockfield in Europe!
Blockfield of Montpellier-le-Vieux 1Blockfield of Montpellier-le-Vieux 2Blockfield of Montpellier-le-Vieux 3
Bordeaux vineyards
A world-famous vineyard
Bordeaux vineyards 1Bordeaux vineyards 2Bordeaux vineyards 3
Awash with ponds and lakes
Brenne 1Brenne 2Brenne 3
Awash with ponds and lakes
Brittany 1Brittany 2Brittany 3
Burgundian Bresse
Its typical farms, fish-filled water, its AOC-labelled poultry...
Burgundian Bresse 1Burgundian Bresse 2Burgundian Bresse 3

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