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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the most famous lakes, ponds and canals in France, for water sports and river boating.

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Annecy (lake)
The purest lake in Europe!
Annecy (lake) 1Annecy (lake) 2Annecy (lake) 3
Ars (waterfall)
One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Pyrenees!
Ars (waterfall) 1Ars (waterfall) 2Ars (waterfall) 3
Aureilhan (lake)
Its beaches, its water sports, its floral walk...
Aureilhan (lake) 1Aureilhan (lake) 2Aureilhan (lake) 3
Aydat (lake)
A beautiful stretch of water known for its recreational activities
Aydat (lake) 1Aydat (lake) 2Aydat (lake) 3
Bairon (lake)
This Ardennes site has a great leisure centre
Bairon (lake) 1Bairon (lake) 2Bairon (lake) 3
Berry (canal)
With a lovely towpath to walk along
Berry (canal) 1Berry (canal) 2Berry (canal) 3
Bethmale (lake)
An emerald green lake surrounded by a lush wooded landscape
Bethmale (lake) 1Bethmale (lake) 2Bethmale (lake) 3
Biguglia (lake)
A nature reserve that attracts numerous water birds
Biguglia (lake) 1Biguglia (lake) 2
Biscarrosse et Parentis (lake)
One of the most extensive stretches of water in the Landes!
Biscarrosse et Parentis (lake) 1Biscarrosse et Parentis (lake) 2Biscarrosse et Parentis (lake) 3
Bouchet (lake)
A magnificent natural site!
Bouchet (lake) 1
Bouillouses (lake)
A listed natural site, nestling at the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, at an altitude of 2016 m.
Bouillouses (lake) 1Bouillouses (lake) 2Bouillouses (lake) 3
Bourget (lake)
The biggest natural lake of glacial origin in France!
Bourget (lake) 1Bourget (lake) 2Bourget (lake) 3
Burgundy (canal)
This waterway lined with beautiful landscapes offers trips in barges
Burgundy (canal) 1Burgundy (canal) 2Burgundy (canal) 3
Camargue (lakes)
Area of vast, wild expanses populated by pink flamingos, white Camargue horses and black Camargue bulls
Camargue (lakes) 1Camargue (lakes) 2Camargue (lakes) 3
Castillon (lake)
A beautiful stretch of water in an unspoiled natural setting
Castillon (lake) 1Castillon (lake) 2Castillon (lake) 3
Cazaux et Sanguinet (lake)
One of the most extensive lakes in France!
Cazaux et Sanguinet (lake) 1Cazaux et Sanguinet (lake) 2Cazaux et Sanguinet (lake) 3
Cébron (lake)
An ideal place for bird-watching!
Cébron (lake) 1Cébron (lake) 2Cébron (lake) 3
Chalain (lake)
A magnificent expanse of water of glacial origin offering watersports
Chalain (lake) 1Chalain (lake) 2Chalain (lake) 3
Chambon (lake)
A beautiful stretch of water for outdoor activities
Chambon (lake) 1Chambon (lake) 2Chambon (lake) 3
Commelles (lakes)
Their banks are great for strolling along...
Commelles (lakes) 1Commelles (lakes) 2Commelles (lakes) 3

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