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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the sites that are the best examples of French history from prehistory to today.

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An ancient settlement with forum and temple
Aléria 1Aléria 2Aléria 3
A Gallo-Roman site
Alésia 1Alésia 2Alésia 3
City of Art and History rich in ancient remains
Arles 1Arles 2Arles 3
Armistice clearing
The Armistice of 11 November 1918 was signed in a clearing of Compiègne Forest
Armistice clearing 1Armistice clearing 2Armistice clearing 3
Bavay (archeological site)
Famous for its Roman remains
Bavay (archeological site) 1Bavay (archeological site) 2Bavay (archeological site) 3
A city with a heroic past
Belfort 1Belfort 2Belfort 3
Bibracte (archaeological site)
Its summit is home to the remains of the ancient Bibracte
Bibracte (archaeological site) 1Bibracte (archaeological site) 2Bibracte (archaeological site) 3
Bougon Tumulus
Discover the culture and way of life of people in the Neolithic era!
Bougon Tumulus 1Bougon Tumulus 2Bougon Tumulus 3
Carnac and the megalith discovery trail
Carnac and its alignments, a Mecca of prehistory
Carnac and the megalith discovery trail 1Carnac and the megalith discovery trail 2Carnac and the megalith discovery trail 3
Cemetery of the French kings
French royal necropolis
Cemetery of the French kings 1Cemetery of the French kings 2Cemetery of the French kings 3
Charles de Gaulle Memorial
A major site in the history of General de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle Memorial 1Charles de Gaulle Memorial 2Charles de Gaulle Memorial 3
Chassenon thermal baths (archeological site)
Remains of ancient Cassinomagus
Chassenon thermal baths (archeological site) 1Chassenon thermal baths (archeological site) 2
Château de Vizille (cradle of the French Revolution)
A château and estate, home to the Museum of the French Revolution
Château de Vizille (cradle of the French Revolution) 1Château de Vizille (cradle of the French Revolution) 2Château de Vizille (cradle of the French Revolution) 3
Chemin des Dames
A commemorative path dotted with memorial sites...
Chemin des Dames 1Chemin des Dames 2Chemin des Dames 3
Coupole d'Helfaut-Wizernes
This vestige of the Second World War is now a history and memorial centre
Coupole d'Helfaut-Wizernes 1Coupole d'Helfaut-Wizernes 2
D'Artagnan museum
An audio-visual exhibition dedicated to the famous Gascon hero
D'Artagnan museum 1D'Artagnan museum 2D'Artagnan museum 3
D-Day Landing beaches
Famous in world history
D-Day Landing beaches 1D-Day Landing beaches 2D-Day Landing beaches 3
Dorsner fort
An imposing pink sandstone building
Dorsner fort 1Dorsner fort 2Dorsner fort 3
Engraved Rocks (archaeological site)
Many petroglyphs can be found in this marvellous tropical garden!
Engraved Rocks (archaeological site) 1Engraved Rocks (archaeological site) 2Engraved Rocks (archaeological site) 3
Ensérune oppidum
An archeological site
Ensérune oppidum 1Ensérune oppidum 2Ensérune oppidum 3

Hôtel Les Bruyères
In the heart of the 3 Valleys ski resort, Hotel Les Bruyeres is ideally located at the foot of the slopes. It features a panoramic terrace in the Olympic...
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