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One of France's "Great National Sites", the famous Gavarnie Cirque is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Described by the writer Victor Hugo as the "colossus of nature", this remarkable natural heritage is only accessible on foot, by horse or by donkey from the village of Gavarnie. An hour's walk along a lovely footpath takes you to the hotel area at the foot of the cirque and its fantastic view over the entire vast rocky amphitheatre. The panoramic view of the high limestone walls covered in countless waterfalls is really stunning! Hiking fans can continue up to the foot of the Grande Cascade, a striking 423-metre high waterfall that is one of the highest in Europe!

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Panorama from the village (© Jean Espirat)Panorama from the village (© Jean Espirat)
Circus saw the path (© Jean Espirat)Circus saw the path (© Jean Espirat)
Panorama (© Jean Espirat)Panorama (© Jean Espirat)
Circus ... grandiose! (© Jean Espirat)Circus ... grandiose! (© Jean Espirat)
The Gavarnie valley view trail waterfalls (© Jean Espirat)The Gavarnie valley view trail waterfalls (© Jean Espirat)
Gavarnie in March (© Jean Espirat)Gavarnie in March (© Jean Espirat)
Gavarnie in March (© Jean Espirat)Gavarnie in March (© Jean Espirat)
Circus in March (© Jean Espirat)Circus in March (© Jean Espirat)


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