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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the French gastronomy and all the specialties which make the reputation of French cuisine.

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Speciality PhotosDépartement
Honey (Gâtinais)
Sweet, smooth honey
Honey (Gâtinais) 1Honey (Gâtinais) 2Honey (Gâtinais) 3
Jura wines
A wine area offering a large variety of wines
Jura wines 1Jura wines 2Jura wines 3
A speciality of Fougerolles
Kirsch 1Kirsch 2Kirsch 3
A delicious brioche with raisins and almonds
Kougelhopf 1Kougelhopf 2Kougelhopf 3
Lamb (Sisteron)
Tender, tasty meat that carries the Label Rouge quality mark
Lamb (Sisteron) 1Lamb (Sisteron) 2Lamb (Sisteron) 3
A creamy, strong-flavoured speciality from Haute-Marne!
Langres 1Langres 2Langres 3
Lemon (Menton)
The city of the lemon
Lemon (Menton) 1Lemon (Menton) 2
Lentil (Puy)
Quality lentil with a subtle flavour
Lentil (Puy) 1
Lentils (Green Berry)
A pulse known for its taste and nutritional value
Lentils (Green Berry) 1Lentils (Green Berry) 2Lentils (Green Berry) 3
Limousin Apple
Golden Delicious grown at altitude
Limousin Apple 1Limousin Apple 2
Pont-l'évêque, livarot and camembert cheeses carry the AOC quality label
Livarot 1Livarot 2Livarot 3
Lyon salad
A green salad with soft-boiled eggs, bacon cubes and croutons
Lyon salad 1Lyon salad 2
Madeleine (Commercy)
A famous little shell-shaped cake from Lorraine
Madeleine (Commercy) 1Madeleine (Commercy) 2Madeleine (Commercy) 3
Magret (duck breast)
Age-old expertise
Magret (duck breast) 1Magret (duck breast) 2Magret (duck breast) 3
Maroilles cheese
This soft cheese is exclusively produced in Avesnois and Thiérache
Maroilles cheese 1Maroilles cheese 2
Matelote du Rhin
A fish dish cooked in Alsace wine
Matelote du Rhin 1Matelote du Rhin 2Matelote du Rhin 3
Melon (Cavaillon)
Cantaloupe, capital of melon
Melon (Cavaillon) 1Melon (Cavaillon) 2Melon (Cavaillon) 3
Mirabelle plum
Typical fruit of Lorraine
Mirabelle plum 1Mirabelle plum 2Mirabelle plum 3
Montbéliard sausage
A pork sausage smoked over sawdust
Montbéliard sausage 1Montbéliard sausage 2
Montmorency cherries
This small, slightly tangy red fruit makes the perfect cooking ingredient
Montmorency cherries 1Montmorency cherries 2Montmorency cherries 3

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