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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the French gastronomy and all the specialties which make the reputation of French cuisine.

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Speciality PhotosDépartement
Abondance cheese
Reblochon de Savoie, abondance, beaufort, tome des Bauges, emmental de Savoie, chevrotin, tomme de Savoie will delight cheese lovers
Abondance cheese 1Abondance cheese 2Abondance cheese 3
A delicious speciality from Aubrac!
Aligot 1Aligot 2Aligot 3
Andouille (Vire)
City renowned for its traditional delicatessen meats
Andouille (Vire) 1Andouille (Vire) 2Andouille (Vire) 3
Andouillette (Troyes)
A craft sausage made with pork intestines and stomach
Andouillette (Troyes) 1Andouillette (Troyes) 2Andouillette (Troyes) 3
Aniseed (Flavigny)
Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, a medieval town renowned for its sweets
Aniseed (Flavigny) 1Aniseed (Flavigny) 2Aniseed (Flavigny) 3
Apple (Normandy)
Normandy offers many apple-based specialities
Apple (Normandy) 1Apple (Normandy) 2Apple (Normandy) 3
A renowned wine brandy...
Armagnac 1Armagnac 2Armagnac 3
A typical dish of Alsace made with marinated meat and potatoes
Baeckeoffe 1Baeckeoffe 2Baeckeoffe 3
A delicious AOC goat's cheese
Banon 1Banon 2Banon 3
Barèges-Gavarnie sheep
A breed of Pyrenees sheep awarded the AOC quality label
Barèges-Gavarnie sheep 1Barèges-Gavarnie sheep 2Barèges-Gavarnie sheep 3
Basque cake
A traditional cake from the Basque Country
Basque cake 1Basque cake 2Basque cake 3
Basque pigs
A verdant valley famous for its free-range Basque pork
Basque pigs 1Basque pigs 2Basque pigs 3
Bayonne ham
A delicious speciality of the Basque Country
Bayonne ham 1Bayonne ham 2Bayonne ham 3
Bazas beef
A tender meat with a subtle hazelnut flavour
Bazas beef 1Bazas beef 2Bazas beef 3
Beaufort, the Prince of Gruyères
Beaufort 1Beaufort 2Beaufort 3
Beef (Limousin)
This breed of cattle is renowned for its maternal virtues and its meat of excellent quality
Beef (Limousin) 1Beef (Limousin) 2Beef (Limousin) 3
Beef (Maine free-range)
The IGP Label and Red Label (Label Rouge) indicate the high quality of this delicious meat!
Beef (Maine free-range) 1Beef (Maine free-range) 2Beef (Maine free-range) 3
Beef (Salers)
The Salers cow originated in the Cantal and is found in numerous countries today
Beef (Salers) 1Beef (Salers) 2Beef (Salers) 3
Beer of Alsace
The Alsatian beer, a long tradition!
Beer of Alsace 1Beer of Alsace 2Beer of Alsace 3
Bergamot (Nancy)
A delicious sweet with bergamot!
Bergamot (Nancy) 1Bergamot (Nancy) 2Bergamot (Nancy) 3

Hôtel L'Heliopic Sweet and Spa
In Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Hôtel L'Heliopic Sweet and Spa features a 500-m2 Spa with Turkish steam bath, ice cave, indoor swimming pool, tepidarium and sauna....
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