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Évaux-les-Bains - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Creuse

Located in the Pays de Combraille region, the pleasant town of Évaux-les-Bains is the only spa town in Limousin. Specialising in the treatment of vein problems and rheumatism, the thermal baths also offer rejuvenating breaks.

The historic centre, with its old houses, has a beautiful religious building: the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul church of Romanesque style, which boasts a bell tower with five floors.

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Évaux-les-Bains is a spa nestled in the Creuse in central France, in the Pays de Combraille en Marche, bordering the Limousin and Auvergne.

Around 50 BC. AD, the legions of Julius Caesar set up their camp and undertake the exploitation of hot springs. Gradually superb spa emerge.

Unfortunately, a fire and the barbarian invasions have because of ancient baths and it was not until the nineteenth century that bloom again thermal activity.

During the Middle Ages, the city however had its heyday with the construction of the abbey Saint Pierre Saint Paul on the relics of St Marien hermit Évaux protective. Partially destroyed by fire in 1942, it remains a pride for all Evahoniens.

Due to the sharing of the Barony of Combraille Evaux which became the capital, the city will be under the protection of the Great Demoiselle and princes of Conti.

In 1720, Louis XV called an ordinary doctor-advisor of the waters of Evaux.

In 1831 was created the 1st spa company, the construction of the viaduct Tardes by Gustave Eiffel allows the arrival of the railroad and made more spa guests. This is the golden age of hydrotherapy, the ladies under their parasols, the men in their boaters are "waters".

The twentieth century saw the birth of a Hydrotherapy increasingly modernized, sometimes linked to history, as during this period when the Vichy government requisitioned the Grand Hotel Thermal interning there for some influential men of the Third Republic.

In 2001, the only spa Limousin turns towards modernity, sanatorium is completely redone and now has equipment to the cutting edge that provide patients an ever greater therapeutic efficacy.

There are few cities that do discover a legendary origin: that of Évaux lies told by George Sand in her novel, "Joan". In ancient times, the warm water flowed from the rock a few miles from Balsam Évaux. These sources guarded by fairies healed locals. But the Queen of the Fairies, dissatisfied with honors went to St. Martial, was drying up the sources of a kick and threw his heavy hammer, exclaiming: "Where the hammer falls, the source gush!". The hammer fell at Évaux.

The Gallo-Roman (51 BC - 260): sources, already known to the Celtic tribes, prompted the Roman legions came to take their winter quarters, to build the first spa. The work lasted 16 years and visited the Emperor Augustus in 26 BC. A small Gallo-Roman town grew up on the shelf with the temple, forum, amphitheater, aqueduct and a large covered corridor linking the Spa. This period was interrupted by the barbarian invasions that the destruction was completed by a landslide. The thermal activity stopped for over 1000 years.

The medieval period influenced by the hermit St. Marien in which the powerful religious Provost imposed his authority for over 700 years. In 1443, the royal administration has made Évaux the medieval capital of Combraille, the seat of the bailiff in the castle and includes many administrations robe and sword. The meeting in 1614 to the bailiwick of Montpensier Combraille that marks the golden age for the city. Thus the Great Maiden (first cousin of Louis XIV) and the Princes of Conti were guards and brought funding to maintain the monastery Évaux and attributed many benefits to the city.

The contemporary period is tied to the spa and an economic revival initiated by Louis 15th in 1720, which appoints a consultant physician of ordinary water Évaux and accentuated by the railroad in 1885. A difficult period in history: indeed, the Vichy government requisitioned the Grand Hotel Thermal in order to establish a center of administrative detention where Edouard Herriot, Jouhaux and many others are under house arrest. In 1942, a devastating fire that destroyed the monastery had lost the splendor of the church house (wood, tables ...). In October 1975, the town bought the entire spa. In 1996, a public-private partnership includes the titles of ownership and operation thereof. Since, eval-les-Bains houses close season of 3500 having hydrotherapy treatment for rheumatology, Phlebology and gynecology.

2010 saw the birth of a new institution: the center of well-being "Evahonna.

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Abbey Évaux-les-Bains
Abbey Évaux-les-Bains
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Hotel des Thermes Évaux
Hotel des Thermes Évaux
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spa center of Évaux-les-Bains
spa center of Évaux-les-Bains
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Casino Évaux-les-Bains
Casino Évaux-les-Bains
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Rue d'Archis
Rue d'Archis
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