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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the castles, forts, fortresses and palaces in France from the Middle Ages to our days.

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Capital of Perche
Nogent-le-Rotrou 1Nogent-le-Rotrou 2Nogent-le-Rotrou 3
An elegant residence surrounded by moats and combining Gothic, Flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance styles
O 1O 2O 3
This prestigious place is a wonderful combination of ancient heritage and contemporary art
Oiron 1Oiron 2Oiron 3
Henry IV's castle, Beaumont Park, and panoramic views of the Pyrenees mountains!
Pau 1Pau 2Pau 3
Citadel of vertigo
Peyrepertuse 1Peyrepertuse 2Peyrepertuse 3
An imposing medieval fortress
Pierrefonds 1Pierrefonds 2Pierrefonds 3
Both a fortress and a country estate
Plessis-Bourré 1Plessis-Bourré 2Plessis-Bourré 3
Its surrounding wall, its stately lodge, its chapel
Plessis-Macé 1Plessis-Macé 2Plessis-Macé 3
Popes' palace
The historic centre of this former city of the Popes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Popes' palace 1Popes' palace 2Popes' palace 3
This 'ship of the Cévennes' combines medieval and Renaissance styles
Portes 1Portes 2Portes 3
An amazing example of medieval military architecture
Puilaurens 1Puilaurens 2Puilaurens 3
There are splendid rooms in its high keep!
Puivert 1Puivert 2Puivert 3
This elevated site has a superb panoramic view of the Corbières and the Roussillon plain!
Quéribus 1Quéribus 2Quéribus 3
Queyras (fort)
This hilltop fortress overhangs a narrow Guil gorge
Queyras (fort) 1Queyras (fort) 2Queyras (fort) 3
Town of Art and History famous for its château and forest
Rambouillet 1Rambouillet 2Rambouillet 3
A feudal fortress
Rambures 1Rambures 2Rambures 3
An elegant Louis XIII-style dwelling in the heart of Lower Armagnac
Ravignan 1Ravignan 2Ravignan 3
Its wonderful gardens...
Rivau 1Rivau 2Rivau 3
Its remains, perched on a rocky piton, enjoy a superb panoramic view!
Rochebonne 1Rochebonne 2Rochebonne 3
This building is home to a Contemporary Art museum
Rochechouart 1Rochechouart 2Rochechouart 3

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