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Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Indre

Châteauroux - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Indre

Châteauroux, on the banks of the Indre river, is the préfecture (chief town) of the Indre département and the main town in the Lower Berry region. It boasts a wealth of places of interest including Saint-Martin gate, a vestige of ancient fortifications; pretty medieval streets (Rue de l'Indre, Rue de la Vieille Prison and Rue Grande); a 13th-century former convent, the Couvent des Cordeliers, today home to temporary contemporary art exhibitions; the elegant Château Raoul; and the Neo-Romanesque Notre-Dame church whose dome is topped by a gilt bronze statue of the Virgin.

Also not to be missed in the Musée-Hôtel Bertrand, an 18th-century mansion that once belonged to General Bertrand, Napoleon's comrade-in-arms and is today home to a collection of Napoleonic souvenirs and fine art.

The small town of Déols on the outskirts of Châteauroux is a must-visit place for architecture fans because of its splendid Romanesque bell tower, the remains of an ancient Benedictine abbey.

Every August, the town of Châteauroux hosts the Darc festival, a multicultural event featuring music shows and dance courses.

Additional information

Located in the Centre region, the city is Châteauroux Prefecture of Indre. It is twinned with Gütersloh (Germany), Olsztyn (Poland) and Bittou (Burkina Faso).

Its history is intimately linked with that of Deols. Around 937, the lord of the nearby city built a fortress on the left bank of the Indre. It is the Chateau Raoul. A city of artisans and merchants will develop on its premises and will soon name Châteauroux by contraction.

With its strategic location at the edge of Aquitaine, Chateau Raoul and the Kings of France and England are going to dispute the possession until the 13th century. It was the Revolution that Châteauroux will become the chief of the department.

In the early 19th century, the city became industrialized (tobacco, textiles ...) and the railway arrived in 1847.

The plant installed in 1936 Aviation Deols then the implementation of a major U.S. base between 1951 and 1967 will invigorate the city and contribute to its development.

Things to see and do

The historical Châteauroux keeps many testimonies of the medieval rue de l'Indre, Rue Grande, Saint-Martial, Porte Saint-Martin, Franciscan convent ...

The 18th is superbly represented by the Hôtel Bertrand mansion that once belonged to General Henri-Gatien Bertrand, faithful fellow soldier of Napoleon, he followed her to St. Helena (City Museum is now located). The House of Berry, Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires, has elements of traditional art Berry.

The churches of Saint-Andre and Notre Dame, guitard the center among other evidence of 19th century architecture.

Equinoxe, Scène Nationale is a brilliant achievement today.

Both sights are the Museum Hotel Bertrand (works from the Gallo-Roman, Napoleonic memorabilia, Netherlands and Flemish paintings from the 15th to the 18th century ...) and the Convent of the Cordeliers (Franciscan convent from the 13th century, it now houses exhibitions of contemporary art).

Having been awarded the 4 flowers, Châteauroux is part of the Association of Parks and Gardens. The city is bisected by the River Indre, itself lined with green, forming a green corridor. The Public Garden is the flagship of municipal gardens offering different atmospheres and landscaped creative. The amusement park Daniel Bernardet (Belle Isle) with its lake for sporting purposes (fishing, swimming, boating on the lake playgrounds, walking and relaxing in the parks).

Places of interest

Information points
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Events and festivities

Concerts Half time Classic from October to April.

Brocante Sea Area - 1st Sunday of each month from October to July.

Festival of the Voice in May

DARC-Stage Festival in August.

Night Walks in September.

Lisztomania Châteauroux of October.

Detailed information

Darc Festival
The biggest dance workshop in EuropeFrom 7 to 19 august 2017


Belle Isle Park Châteauroux
Belle Isle Park Châteauroux
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Belle Isle Park
Belle Isle Park
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Belle Isle Park
Belle Isle Park
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Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Old Town Deols with the Abbey site, one of the largest in France Middle Ages, fortified gates, Saint-Etienne with tombs carved of marble from 3rd century.

Romanesque Church of St. Martin in the 12th century Burning.

Church Montierchaume 12th century.

Church Étrechet 19th century.

Church of Saint-Germain-Sassierges the 12th century.

Church of Saint-Maur, 12th and 15th centuries.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Wings of the 19th century Diors.

Saint Peter's Church 13th century Maron.

Chapelle Notre Dame du Chêne at 19th Arthon.

Saint-Martin of the 12th century Arthon.

Châteauroux Forest, bordering the municipality of Poinçonnet, one of the largest oak forests of France, covering 5204 hectares.


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