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The Panoramas of France allow you to have an overview of France on a given theme. Every panorama is a kind of virtual journey based on photos. This panorama presents the arts and traditions that have endured throughout the ages in France.

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Art / TraditionPhotosDépartement
Tulle, capital of the accordion
Accordion 1Accordion 2Accordion 3
Alsatian pottery
The famous cooking pottery
Alsatian pottery 1Alsatian pottery 2Alsatian pottery 3
Arques crystal glasswork
Tableware specialist
Arques crystal glasswork 1Arques crystal glasswork 2Arques crystal glasswork 3
Art nouveau
Famous Art Nouveau movement
Art nouveau 1Art nouveau 2Art nouveau 3
Aubusson tapestry
A six-century-old prestigious tradition...
Aubusson tapestry 1Aubusson tapestry 2Aubusson tapestry 3
The département of the Alpes-Maritimes boasts exceptional examples of Baroque Art
Baroque 1Baroque 2Baroque 3
Calquières woollen mill
A living museum all about wool work
Calquières woollen mill 1Calquières woollen mill 2Calquières woollen mill 3
Vallauris, a town famous for its arts and crafts
Ceramic 1Ceramic 2Ceramic 3
Christmas markets
A magic and friendly moment
Christmas markets 1Christmas markets 2Christmas markets 3
Christmas Nativity figures
Aubagne, Provencal city renowned for its pottery
Christmas Nativity figures 1Christmas Nativity figures 2Christmas Nativity figures 3
Mining towns, slag heaps and museums
Coal 1Coal 2Coal 3
Comblanchien stone
This limestone has been used in the construction of famous buildings
Comblanchien stone 1Comblanchien stone 2Comblanchien stone 3
The copper town
Copper 1Copper 2Copper 3
Crystal (Baccarat)
Baccarat, crystal capital
Crystal (Baccarat) 1Crystal (Baccarat) 2Crystal (Baccarat) 3
Crystal (Bayel)
The village of Bayel, a crystal centre
Crystal (Bayel) 1Crystal (Bayel) 2Crystal (Bayel) 3
Desvres earthenware
A tradition dating back to the 18th century
Desvres earthenware 1Desvres earthenware 2Desvres earthenware 3
A speciality of the towns of Niderviller and Sarreguemines
Earthenware 1Earthenware 2Earthenware 3
Earthenware of Malicorne
This village on the banks of the Sarthe is famous for its artistic earthenware
Earthenware of Malicorne 1Earthenware of Malicorne 2Earthenware of Malicorne 3
Earthenware of Nevers
The blue gold of Nevers
Earthenware of Nevers 1Earthenware of Nevers 2Earthenware of Nevers 3
Earthenware of Quimper
A craft tradition dating back from the 17th century
Earthenware of Quimper 1Earthenware of Quimper 2Earthenware of Quimper 3

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