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The holidays are approaching and you definitely want to make the most of them! Now's the time to fill up on ideas and create the ideal itinerary to suit your interests, holiday destination and time available. In just a few clicks you can create a free, customised itinerary around Beaulieu-sur-Loire, which you can then fine-tune, save and even download in the form of your own mini-guidebook! If you own a mobile, you can also access your holiday itinerary – with all the tourist and logistical information needed for your trip – on the road while you are away!

To obtain a first itinerary proposal, please specify below your interests, holiday duration, and desired itinerary pace, then click on 'Create my itinerary'. You will then be able to fine-tune the choice of stopping places, if necessary, by switching to manual mode.

If you would rather take inspiration from tried and tested tourist itineraries, you can also consult the themed circuits.

Choice of stopping places

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History, art and traditions
Châteaux, castles, churches, rural and urban heritage
Relaxation, recharging my batteries and good food
Natural sites, scenery, parks and gardens
Leisure activities
Entertainment and sports activities

Duration of itinerary

Departure town

Arrival town

See the main cities
See the main cities
Do not visit the departure town Do not visit the arrival town

Itinerary pace

Take my timeSee as much as possible
Not much road travelSee the most beautiful sites
M de Megève
Located in the heart of the village, hotel M de Megève welcomes guests in a cosy atmosphere just 100 metres from the Chamois ski lifts. Guests can enjoy...
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