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Insee code59650
AltitudeFrom 16 to 42 meters
Surface13.44 km²
Population41799 inhabitants
Density3110 inhabitants/km²


National labelRoubaix at 2.8 km (7 min)
Chief townLille (at 14.4 km, 23 min)Leers at 4.1 km (10 min)
DepartmentNordLys-lez-Lannoy at 5.4 km (10 min)
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  • Wattrelos, green city: It is also said to Wattrelos it is a "country town", a green city. Several reasons:
  • Wattrelos has long been rural: In the middle of the 19th century, Wattrelos was an agglomeration of 23 hamlets with many farms (120 in 1876). Of the 1,300 hectares of the municipality in 1000 were devoted to plowing. It even happened that the Mayor write to the prefect, advising that the City Council meeting was canceled due to harvest! The decline of agriculture in Wattrelos was slow, the town continues to believe the "miracle of the earth", the beginning of an inexorable slippage in neighboring municipalities. Diversification of activities between still in character, but the traditional way: the rows of houses, built by the richest farmers, appear at the edge of fields and house looms that work in the off season regarding men; continuously for women and girls. These houses are equipped with double doors, which is to Wattrelosiens a nickname still used today: the "scopes in two" (the bottom of the door is left closed showed that half of the body of the inhabitant) . Today, few farms still survive in Wattrelos but they counted on the fingers of one hand ... This particular rural past is re-enacted at the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of Wattrelos, itself housed in a former farm 96, rue Francois Mériaux, whose entrance is free and which receives about 12,000 visitors a year.
  • A neighborhood so special: To the east of the city on an area larger than a city neighborhood like Beaulieu, extends the area of ​​the country Plouys, the last vestige of jealously guarded what was Wattrelos. A district which includes five villages: the Plouys, the Martelotte, the New World, the New Rich and Despite Everything, which can be added by two nearby hamlets further: the Carluyère and Bourde. Composed solely of fields and Flemish houses, this is a typical area where people are interdependent (the neighborhood association includes fully half of the families of that neighborhood!) And very satisfied with their living environment despite the lack of shops , school, public service ... The hall was rebuilt in 2005, is very useful!
  • A green lung in the city center: The Lion Park, a place dedicated to relaxation and leisure, is a realization classified Groundscare Metropolitan whose first sod was given in 1978: 43 acres of greenery in the city center , a unique case in the metropolis! It includes: a loop walk 1 km (marked terminal every 100 meters valuable for the identification of joggers) or 1.350 km, 17 acres of lawn for outdoor games, two playgrounds for small children, mini golf, an authentic educational farm home to many animals, a covered picnic, a fishing pond in white 3.3 hectares, a playroom tradition (housing two tracks playing Bourles) of no archery pole secure a site on archery target and a BMX track. The Lion Park echoes two other public parks, of course smaller at the ends of the city: Beaulieu Park, all in length, and the Park Villas.
  • Wattrelos flower city: Wattrelos is a town in bloom all year. It features two panels of flowers on her entrance to the city. 105,000 flowers (65 000 for the summer and 40 000 for the winter) are produced by the municipal greenhouses, with a computer management climate. Some 1,200 m² of flower beds, 135 movable wooden planters, window boxes fixed 65 and 550 suspensions decorate part of life in neighborhoods. Very long time, Wattrelos also organizes a flower market, which occupies all the Grand Place during the weekend of Mother's Day.
  • Over the water ... Wattrelos is also bordered to the southwest, by the Roubaix canal. This is a popular place for fishermen, hikers and joggers who find peace and a unusual flora and fauna in the city (of diurnal and nocturnal raptors, herons, woodpeckers, cormorants and kingfishers by instance. In channel: perch, tench, carp, pike ...). This channel, which leaves Wattrelos for Belgium, flows into the Scheldt.
  • Wattrelos, young city: Wattrelos is a young city, one of the youngest of Lille. Nearly 60% of its inhabitants are under 40 years. Not surprisingly, the city focused much of its efforts towards children - and therefore their parents.
  • Culture for awake and wonder: Wattrelos has set for a good ten years of cultural programming quarterly quality, and reasonable rates, accessible to all. So many shows "young people" who are full of spectators at almost every show is free for under 18.
  • The Childhood of Art: over ten years, the City organizes a festival of shows for children in kindergarten and elementary, every spring for a month. Shows very high quality (theater, dance, concerts, musical stories, etc..) Are offered to students who come to attend with their teachers, and have the opportunity to bring their parents during the evening sessions for all ages.
  • The Conservatory of Music Wattrelos is one of the most famous of the region. With 650 students (as young as 7 years), it is a pool of musicians for musical wattrelosienne Union, ranked among the 36 best bands from France.
  • The multimedia library has a well developed youth sector ... and busy (loan book, music, activities for children, etc..).
  • The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions organizes guided tours for schools and adults.
  • Sport: healthy mind, healthy body.
  • As for culture, Wattrelos wants his children to the sport of their choice without financial constraints. Thus, no professional team football or basketball, but a maximum of subjects (over 35) for a maximum of practitioners with nearly 1000 young athletes receive a partial refund of the cost of their license (fixed municipal assistance to 38 €).
  • The municipal school sports, framed by sports graduates territorial state, offers football, handball, swimming, basketball, cycling, fencing, etc.. Children with the opportunity to try to free the practice of several sports and so, choose one that best suits them before signing a license.
  • The list of sports that make up the City is impressive: 13 sports halls (including a tennis complex with indoor and outdoor courts), three gymnasiums, 8 football pitches (including a synthetic grass), an athletics track, a pool, a games room tradition, two dojos, a gym and fighting two sites reserved at archery and BMX bikes, and a City of Sports dedicated to combat sports, fencing .. . and football since the break equip this building adjacent to football field of the street where the Amedee-Prouvost CORT was crowned champion of France Division 1 in 1947.
  • The gyms of the town often offer workshops baby gym for kids, in the same spirit, the city opened to the public swimming pool in a niche Beaulieu water garden where parents can learn about their baby (when the age of 1 year) to the element of water with the help of lifeguards.
  • The facilities offered to parents: Who says kids ... parents said. Wattrelosiens parents have a number of care facilities or enjoy a wide range of entertainment for their children outside school hours.
  • Wattrelos, digital city: Because they are our present and our future course, new information technology and communication to Wattrelos found fertile ground. The City has received three ampersands right the first time after filing his candidacy for obtaining the label National City Internet issued by the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Cohesion.
  • From 2000 to 2003, all public school groups have been equipped by the City of computing platforms. That is to say, for each school group: 15 computers networked and connected to the internet, webcams, scans, digital cameras ...
  • The multimedia library has its own website: it is possible to consult the catalog of books, CDs, CD-Roms, etc.. online and even book them.
  • Wattrelos, city of festivals: Historically, Wattrelos is a city of festivals. The reasons are mainly historical and sociological
  • Historically: the town, very rural at first, lived to the rhythm of seasonal celebrations (harvest festival, for example). By industrializing the later (relative to its neighbors Roubaix and Tourcoing), this spirit has survived, particularly in the areas which are very attached Wattrelosiens (many ducasses, flea markets, many committees festivals, folk groups, festive proposed by trade unions of neighborhoods ...).
  • Sociologically: Wattrelos is a city where generations are renewed, forming a community (sometimes referred to humorously as "the biggest village in France"). Many young people who want to stay ... or returning after some years. But the festival is a great way to meet, share, live the spirit of "belonging".
  • The festival is undoubtedly the most identity Berlouffes's Day (in dialect rags, cloths), huge garage sale - one of the largest north of Paris - created 30 years ago. This flea has the distinction of being exclusively for amateurs. The Berlouffes welcome every second Sunday of September hundreds of thousands of bargain hunters and visitors (2,500 slots, 16 km of sidewalks!). Its success is that it is a participatory event: created by Wattrelosiens for Wattrelosiens, the population is appropriate and what is it that makes it live (with the help of the Municipality, of course). The festival is so well known that Wattrelos was named by the regional media "quoted Berlouffes".
  • The Carnival: imported from Germany (more precisely Eschweiler, one of six sister cities Wattrelos) and created in conjunction with the festival of Berlouffes, Wattrelos carnival is one of the largest in the region . It takes place in April. Associational life has developed around the event (Brotherhood of the Carnival, creating a dozen folk groups), and a ritual (election of a Prince of the carnival, evenings of folk groups in the weeks preceding the event ...). The associations of the town, encouraged by the Municipality to participate in a number procession which also attracts international folk groups (Belgium, the Netherlands) ... and even one or more bands that meet at Dunkirk Wattrelos some sweet madness Dunkirk.
  • Wattrelos is also a city of flea markets and ducasses. Legacy of the past, they affect all parts of the city, almost throughout the year.
  • In neighborhoods, a party is more than a century: Day Plouys, in summer, organized by residents of the five hamlets of this "campaign Wattrelos side", between Beaulieu, Leers and the Belgian border. Sport and marvelous atmosphere in the program.
  • The Allumoirs as Berlouffes and carnival, have been taken over by the Municipality there is a little over 25 years. It is a festival rather unifying, very popular with young children and takes place simultaneously in all parts of the city. A parade of lanterns carried a small path behind a music company, before the final distribution of sweets. These processions are under the responsibility of the various committees of the parties, themselves coordinated by the City.
  • The Christmas market offers, indoor (hall Salengro), thirty cottages and numerous events in mid-December. Every year on December 24 to 18h, Santa rappels from the steeple of St. Maclou and distributing candy to children.


  • The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions chronicles the daily lives of people in the North between 1850 and 1950. Open all year from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h and Sundays from 15h to 18h (10:30 to 12:30 and summer). Closed Mondays and holidays. Address: 96 rue Francois Mériaux. Tel. : +33 3 20 81 59 50.
  • Many tours are offered throughout the year by the Tourism Office Wattrelos, 189 rue Carnot (+33 3 20 75 85 86): Circuit chapels, fraudsters, botanical walks of metropolitan park of the Lion (43 ha center city ​​dedicated to leisure and relaxation), visits to churches St. Maclou, Sainte-Therese, walks ...
  • The Museum of Saddlery allows the rediscovery of an ancient craft, but somewhat forgotten today, that of saddler saddler. Besides a collection of tools, materials, harnesses, reins ... Workshop makeup and costume scenes you can see the world of equestrian show. Address: 4 rue des wool. Tel. : +33 6 16 57 90 72.
  • The Equestrian Theater Wattrelos is a permanent structure where horse shows are given throughout the year. It also receives children for introductory courses and explore the world of equestrian show. Address: 4 rue des wool. Tel. : +33 6 16 57 90 72.
  • The site PCUK, brownfields converted into a natural space. Free admission. Open daily. Address: rue Berthelot.
  • The Church of St. Therese is one of the most beautiful churches in the inter-war period of Lille. Built by Charles Bourgeois Tourcoing from 1927 to 1929, it has an architecture that is both traditional and decorative Art Deco. Open Sundays from 10am to 12pm. For guided tours, contact the Tourist Office at Wattrelos +33 3 20 75 85 86.
  • The Church of St. Maclou was built according to plans by architect Charles Maillard Tourcoing. A public subscription enabled to raise the money for its construction and thus the first stone was laid July 12, 1877. Restored with special care in recent years, you can admire the stained glass of artist Ernest Haussaire Lille and the main altar of Carrara marble. Open Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:30. For guided tours, contact the Tourist Office at Wattrelos +33 3 20 75 85 86.
  • The Lion Park, located downtown, offers a space of discovery with its petting zoo, fishing ponds and areas devoted to the sport. Crisscrossed with paths and dotted with playgrounds and picnic, it is simply a place for walking and relaxation (43 hectares). Free admission, open year round.
Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of Wattrelos
Performance hallsLa Boîte à Musiques


  • Markets: Three weekly markets Wattrelos punctuate the week:
  • The market Beaulieu, Beaulieu esplanade: Wednesday afternoon.
  • The Market Centre, car park Basanos: Thursday morning.
  • The market Mousserie Street Chopin: Friday morning.
  • The market Ploughman, Republic Square: Sunday morning (one of the largest markets of Lille).
  • Carnival in April.
  • Carnival and its giants, Wattrelos Jeanne, Thomas Ferrand of Portugal and Savoy. This is one of the most important carnival processions of the region. Many associations wattrelosiennes participate and many folk groups from the twin cities and elsewhere.
  • Information: service animation and community life (SAVA) - 3rd floor of City Hall - March 20 81 64 84.
  • The Children's Festival of Art: in May-June
  • A large festival shows for children (storytelling, dance, theater, concerts, etc..) Not held in connection with the City Education is held every year since 1995 in May-June: The Childhood of Art .
  • A month of performances for school children, but also for families, because of all public sessions of the shows are proposed in the early evening to voluntarily lower prices (free for children under 18, 2 euros for adults) .
  • Berlouffes: every second Sunday of September.
  • Berlouffes's Day is perhaps the largest antique fair in France, in a category quite different from the sell of Lille, professionals are prohibited from sidewalk. 16 km of sidewalks and are occupied by individuals who have emptied their attics. Each year, hundreds of thousands of bargain hunters, sometimes from far away, wandering the streets in search of rare objects, useful, decorative, fun ... The party is complemented by animations such as spray foam dolls from the balcony of the church in late afternoon, followed by burning the dummy Berlouffe in public.
  • Information: service animation and community life (SAVA) - 3rd floor of City Hall - March 20 81 64 84.
  • The Feast of lighters: The first Saturday in October.
  • The children wait impatiently in neighborhoods that appointment. In the darkness of nightfall, they parade with their lanterns, for joy and receive treats.
  • Information: service animation and community life (SAVA) - 3rd floor of City Hall - March 20 81 64 84.
  • Trade Show: The weekend of All Saints.
  • Traders and artisans Wattrelos and elsewhere find themselves in the room Salengro each year to expose their products and especially their expertise. This is a time for professionals who go to meet the public always to establish many good contacts.
  • Information: Service of economic action - 4th Floor of City Hall - March 20 81 66 48.
  • Christmas Market: From mid-December.
  • Fairy lights, colors, scents and music, the Christmas market settles with its wooden chalets and entertainment in the heat of the room Salengro (downtown). The Christmas market is indicative of the commercial dynamism of trade and commercial wattrelosiens.
  • Information: service animation and community life (SAVA) - 3rd floor of City Hall - March 20 81 64 84.


  • The Manufacture des Flandres (textile museum workshop). Installed on the site of the former weaving Craye, specializing since 1900 in the upholstery, the Manufacture des Flandres is a textile workshop-museum dedicated to the memory of the textile industry in Roubaix and surrounding areas. Noise from machinery, operated under your eyes by former weavers, plunges you into the world of textile factories. Address: 25 rue de la Prudence - 59100 Roubaix. Tel. : +33 3 20 20 98 92.
  • Museum of Art and Industry, the swimming pool. In the beautiful setting of an old Art Deco swimming pool, the museum invites you to discover a fun and original collections of applied arts and fine arts. Address: 23 rue de l'Espérance - 59100 Roubaix. Tel. : +33 3 20 69 23 60.
  • The Forum Departmental Science is more than 4000 square meters to better understand today's world marked by science and technology. To enable easy access to information essential to understanding our society. Games, activities, planetarium, golf ... everything is fun to learn while having fun. Address: 1 Place de l'Hotel de Ville - 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq. Tel. : +33 3 59 73 96 00.
  • Eugene Leroy MUBA. Created in 1860, the Museum of Tourcoing was installed in a gallery of the former town hall located Grand Place. Collections were enriched by Charles Roussel-Defontaine, scholar and mayor of Tourcoing (1857-1879). After the construction of a new City Hall in 1866, the museum moved into the galleries on the second floor. In 1931, the Museum of Fine Arts was established at 2 rue de Plaisance, after designs by architects Henry and Jean Maillard. The architects Jean-François Bodin and Thierry Germ realized in 1993-1994 restructuring of the museum, allowing to apply the cultural project, developed since 1986. Address: 2 rue de Plaisance - 59200 Tourcoing. Tel. : +33 3 20 28 91 60.


Its Museum of Arts and Popular TraditionsIts Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions
Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: bedroomMuseum of Arts and Popular Traditions: bedroom
Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: pub (or cafe bistro)Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: pub (or cafe bistro)
Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: a view from aboveMuseum of Arts and Popular Traditions: a view from above
Church St. MaclouChurch St. Maclou
Its emblem: the lion of FlandersIts emblem: the lion of Flanders
Pharmacy on Grand: One of the oldest buildings in the cityPharmacy on Grand: One of the oldest buildings in the city
Great playground Lion urban park (45 hectares)Great playground Lion urban park (45 hectares)
The educational farm, located in the park LionThe educational farm, located in the park Lion
Interior educational farmInterior educational farm
Old farm toolsOld farm tools
Its pondsIts ponds
pond Hispond His
Her pondsHer ponds
The BMX trackThe BMX track
Map Water Park LionMap Water Park Lion
Its playground (Lion Park)Its playground (Lion Park)
His games children (Lion Park)His games children (Lion Park)
Beautiful walks (Lion Park)Beautiful walks (Lion Park)
The channel to the DeûleThe channel to the Deûle
Go ScheldtGo Scheldt
The CampaignThe Campaign
In the courtyard of the Museum of Arts and Popular TraditionsIn the courtyard of the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions
Inside the Museum of Arts and Popular TraditionsInside the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions
in the old station, the academy of musicin the old station, the academy of music
The renovated City HallThe renovated City Hall
Wattrelos FestWattrelos Fest
Preparations for CarnivalPreparations for Carnival
Carnival fanfareCarnival fanfare
Carnival: its giantsCarnival: its giants
Carnival: Jeanne Wattrelos, Ferrand of PortugalCarnival: Jeanne Wattrelos, Ferrand of Portugal
Carnival: Thomas SavoieCarnival: Thomas Savoie
Houses WattrelosHouses Wattrelos
Église Sainte-ThérèseÉglise Sainte-Thérèse
Église Sainte-Thérèse - WattrelosÉglise Sainte-Thérèse - Wattrelos



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Friday 30 January
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Saturday 31 January
Min. 3°C - Max. 5°C


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