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Insee code45333
AltitudeFrom 106 to 135 meters
Surface10.71 km²
Population1471 inhabitants
Density137 inhabitants/km²


Chief townOrléans (at 16 km, 23 min)Marigny-les-Usages at 3.8 km (7 min)
DepartmentLoiretRebréchien at 4.1 km (5 min)
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  • Geography and demography:
  • The town currently has 1,357 inhabitants (census 2008) and is part of the Canton of Neuville-aux-Bois and the District of Orleans.
  • The Common Vennecy an area approximately 11 km ², is situated in the Loiret region at an altitude of 115 m, 10 km of the Loire and 5 km from the forest of Orleans.
  • A little history:
  • The Common Vennecy is partly limited by two roads located in the location of existing routes to Gaul and then upgraded after the Roman conquest. In the northwest, the route of the N 152 corresponds approximately to that of the Roman road from Cenabum (Orleans) Pedeverins (Pithiviers). The D 124 between the bars and Ormeteau is a large part of the road connecting to Cenabum Agedincum (Sens) that passed through the important city of Aquis Segesta (Sceaux-du-Gâtinais). It is possible to avoid the wetland in ivory, the part between the Ormeteau Traînou and has been abandoned in favor of a passage in the hills called the White Way so called because covered with limestone. The elbow between the two ponds was created at the time of consolidation.
  • The name of Vennecy:
  • A legend says that Vennecy come from Venus, the goddess of antiquity (Veneris caelum = residence or temple of Venus), but only two serious explanations have been advanced for the origin of the name of the village:
  • 1 - Vennecy evoke the Veneti, ancient people of Vannes (Morbihan). Venetiaco Venetiacus or the 11th century, Veneciacus 1321 (register of Sainte-Croix), that is to say, the Venetian, was perhaps a Roman legionary established in the forest after campaigning in Britain.
  • 2 - Vennecy in Celtic country of woods and forests vindoceton its name from a white wood or sacred wood, since the Gaulish vindos like Breton gwenn means both white, happy and holy.
  • This is the term referring to the Venetians Roman family name, that the City Council has accepted in 2001 to designate the inhabitants of the town.
  • Vennecy was born Jules Lemaitre (Vennecy 1853 - Tavers 1914), writer, critic and scholar known.
  • Local Products:
  • Formerly, the common name-the-Plums Vennecy because local production was important, in the 19th century the town also had 75 hectares of vines (Gray-Meunier, Auvernat ...). Currently, it is the largely dominant cereal crop farming, with some production of fruit (apples) and asparagus.


  • The church: the church of Saint-Symphorien was built in the 13th century, devastated during the wars of religion, and restored in the early 20th century.
  • The farm houses: the traditional rural architecture of the farmhouse is Vennecy, whose village has several fine examples. The farmhouse, as its name suggests, is a rural housing built in length, their backs to the wind, with local materials. The long houses have the distinction of having all their dependencies and parts of work side by side or in succession, and not forming a courtyard, so they are built in length. Constituent villages in alignments, this type of habitat is most often associated with a type of land use as open fields.
  • Le Bignon, in the territory of Vennecy is Bignon, small pond that is the rendezvous for fishermen and a place to picnic.
  • Activities enjoyed in the town: many associations animate the life of the village:
  • Friendly Fire Brigade.
  • Drums and Bugles Friendly.
  • Veterans Affairs.
  • Club of the Garden of Friendship.
  • Society of Saint Hubert Hunt.
  • Vennecy Music.
  • Vennecy Recreation.
  • Association?? The Family Farm '.
  • Association Sportive Vennecy, comprising an office and 7 sections: Badminton, Football, Gymnastics, Judo, Table Tennis, Volleyball and USEP.


Events not to be missed:

  • In March, evening "Coq au vin" Society Hunting St Hubert.
  • The Ascension: the Festival of Plants.
  • The last weekend in June: Day Sport.
  • The last weekend of August: Day Village.


  • Castle Chamerolles to Chilleurs-aux-Bois:
  • Built in the early 16th century by Lancelot - not the knight of the Round Table, but a nobleman in the service of Louis 12th and François 1er - Chamerolles Castle is an early Renaissance castles and one of the few in France with a drawbridge operation. Ownership of the Loiret department, it was completely restored and houses a museum since 1992 fragrances from the 16th century to today. The Renaissance garden consists of lawns Theme: rare plants, the square of embroidery, a yew labyrinth, a garden ... Park with pond. Area of light meals in summer, picnic area covered. Pets are not allowed on the site.
  • Tel. : +33 2 38 39 84 66 - Email: @ chateau.chamerolles
  • Château de Sully-sur-Loire
  • A fine example of medieval fortress, built in the late 14th century. The most famous of its owners was the first Duke of Sully (1560-1641), chief minister of King Henry IV. He created the park and extends the original fortress. The castle contains tapestries, furniture, paintings, splendid frame of the tower barrel vault; park.
  • Tel. : +33 2 38 36 36 86.
  • Musée de la Marine de Loire, Chateauneuf-sur-Loire
  • According to a census of 1870, was the fifth port Chateauneuf de Loire by many sailors. In 1960, an association decides to make an exhibition of the objects preserved in the progeny of these local families. Given the success of the exhibition in 1962, a municipal museum is open. The Museum is located in the stables of the Castle built in the late 17th century on the model of the Royal Stables of Versailles. The castle, orangery and museum are located in a landscaped garden dating from the early 19th century. The museum contains a collection of hardware and navigational instruments, objects related to religious customs of the community of sailors, and objects of art and popular traditions. Iconography representing the banks of the Loire, a collection of earthenware decorated Loire Nevers.
  • Tel. : +33 2 38 46 84 46.
  • Museum of Cooperage to Chécy (6 km):
  • Until the late 19th century, the vine was the main crop Chécy, hence the development of the cooperage and the trade of cooper-winemaker. The museum was created in 1989 by Solange Dufour, scion of a family of coopers. The museum features: The different steps of manufacturing a barrel, cellar with wine presses, barrels and bottling equipment, historic culture of the vine and the lives of coopers to Chécy; wine farm of the 19th century.
  • Museum of Trades and Legends of the Forest in Loury (4 km):
  • Museum established in 1999 at the initiative of members of the Archaeological and Historical Society Loury. The museum illustrates two facets of the relationships between people and the forest: one part is dedicated to the crafts of wood and forest have disappeared since the early 20th century, the other part identifies the legends and tales that have grown around the Forest of Orleans.
  • Tel. : +33 2 38 65 42 07.
  • Sports:
  • The Loire by bike: This course, one of the most beautiful cycle routes in Europe, stretching from Sancerre to Nantes, and crosses the central region of 600 km. He can be reached at several places near Vennecy. On the route of the Loire Cycling, 2 / 3 axes along the Loire, 27% are in greenway path, 24% share of transit and road without 37% on roads with low traffic, 12% of tracks and bike lanes. An important asset: forget the worries of material thanks to a dozen rental companies in the region who have formed a club and a cyclist can rent a bike at Nevers and leave at Nantes. Besides the many bus stops and shelters labeled "Home Bike" that carry the luggage from one stage to another.
  • Going down the Loire Canoeing: Journey of a half day, full day or a la carte, by the time you have, individually or in groups with instructor, several boarding places are offered around Orleans. Various routes between Chateauneuf-sur-Loire and Meun-sur-Loire.
  • Swimming: Aquatics Center "The Aquacienne" Chécy (5 km).
  • Riding: Several riding schools within a 5 km radius around Vennecy to Marigny-les-Uses, Loury, Traînou and Fay-aux-Loges. Many bridleways in the forest of Orleans.
  • Fishing: With 760 km of fishable rivers including the Loire and canals, and 850 ha of ponds or 53 ponds, Loiret meets the needs of fishermen.
  • Hiking trails: The towpath along the Canal d'Orleans, the levees of the Loire (RM3), and 35,000 ha of the forest of Orleans can do long walks. Only in the Canton of Neuville-aux-Bois, there are over 200 km of marked trails and 22 walks.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Boat trip on Orleans canalNature and the outdoors10 €Mardié (6.9 km)
Maiden flight in a helicopter or microlightSports sensations56 €Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel (10.3 km)

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Aerial view of VennecyAerial view of Vennecy
Place Saint-SymphorienPlace Saint-Symphorien
The Bignon to VennecyThe Bignon to Vennecy
A farmhouseA farmhouse
Harvest to VennecyHarvest to Vennecy
orchards Vennecyorchards Vennecy
Fields rapeseed VennecyFields rapeseed Vennecy
The village square, VennecyThe village square, Vennecy
City Council VennecyCity Council Vennecy



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Monday 26 January
Min. 2°C - Max. 7°C
Tuesday 27 January
Min. 2°C - Max. 7°C
Wednesday 28 January
Min. 4°C - Max. 9°C


French cuisine restaurantBrit Hôtel Antares
Located in the beautiful town of Saint-Jean-de Braye, not far from the center of Orleans, Brit Hôtel Antares you to relax in the restaurant. Sit in a contemporary and colorful where...
Located 8.1 km from Vennecy 
French cuisine restaurantCampanile Orléans Nord - Saran  
NEEDED A BREAK - Treat yourself to a buffet minutes from Orleans! In a design and ultra-bright setting, the restaurant Campanile Orléans Nord Saran awaits you for a relaxing break with...
Located 11.9 km from Vennecy19 € per person 
Italian restaurantIl Ristorante Saran  
Located not far from the area of ​​the Pathé film, Il Ristorante welcomes you in a contemporary and elegant setting where you can enjoy Italian cuisine. The chef prepares dishes, fine...
Located 12.2 km from Vennecy20 € per person 

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House with 4 bedroomsFerme de Villiers    
A 15 km from Orleans, in a fortified house on a farm in organic agriculture (fruits and vegetables) pregnant. An old building has been refurbished with exposed stones and fresh colors,...
Located in Vennecy60 € the double room 
Farm with 3 bedroomsFerme de la poterie  
3 guest rooms with private bathrooms and a living room kitchenette, located in a farmhouse with character in activity, 20 minutes from Orleans, 10 mins from the Loire, the forest of...
Located 5.5 km from Vennecy60 € the double room 
House with 3 bedroomsLa maison de Brian et Christiane    
For a stay, a weekend or just a phase, and Christiane Brian welcome you to their house in an environment rich in heritageWe offer you 3 spacious rooms with private shower wc, entrance,...
Located 5.6 km from Vennecy58 € the double room 

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House for 5 personsGites de France 3* chambres de villiers  
In an old fortress from the xvi, on a farm in organic apple production, cottage and three 3 ears nn * prefecture, near crop fields, independent lodging owners of the house, ideal for...
Located in VennecyFrom 265 € to 365 € per week 
Apartment for 4 personsLes Pervenches, Orléans, Val de Loire  
La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin
With a moderate budget discover Orleans, Sologne, Chambord. You will be amazed at the variety and richness of possible activities (some free). Visit Orleans, cathedral, Parc Floral,...
Located 16.9 km from VennecyFrom 280 € to 320 € per week 
House for 5 personsLa maison du pêcheur de loire...   NEW
Mariner's lodge on the edge of the wild Loire. 5 pers. Comfort. Calm. Views. Unesco site. 5 minutes walk from the Basilica of St. Benedict (xi C.) and village (all amenities). 150 km...
Located 24 km from VennecyFrom 285 € to 450 € per week 

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46 places over 1 haCamping municipal olivet    
Camping Olivet is a three star camping in a park of 1 hectare on the edge of Loiret and Dhuy including 46 locations including 42 'comfort'. Located in the Loiret near Orleans (5 km)...
Located 14.6 km from VennecyFrom 13.80 € to 18.40 € per day 

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Novotel Orléans Charbonnière - Hotel in VennecyNovotel Orléans Charbonnière     
This Novotel Hotel is located in the centre of the Charbonnière Technology Park, just a 10-minute drive from Orléans. It has an outdoor heated swimming pool and a children’s playground...
Located 6.1 km from VennecyRoom from 84 €
Brit Hotel Orléans St Jean de Braye - L'Antarès - Hotel in VennecyBrit Hotel Orléans St Jean de Braye - L'Antarès     
The Brit Hotel Antares is situated in the village of Saint-Jean-de-Braye, just 5 minutes from the city centre of Orleans. Clos de l'Arche tram stop is only 300 metres away. It offers...
Located 8.1 km from VennecyRoom from 39 €
Domitys Le Jardin Fleuri - Hotel in VennecyDomitys Le Jardin Fleuri 
Located just outside of the centre of Orléans, Domitys le Jardin Fleuri is a senior residence with an indoor swimming pool, fitness room and communal lounge. La Croix Fleurie Bus Stop...
Located 10.7 km from VennecyRoom from 75 €

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L'écu de Bretagne
L'écu de Bretagne is situated in the quiet medieval village of Beaugency. It features an outdoor, heated swimming pool, and Wi-Fi is free of charge in...
L'écu de Bretagne
L'écu de Bretagne is situated in the quiet medieval village of Beaugency. It features an outdoor, heated swimming pool, and...
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