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Insee code36228
AltitudeFrom 91 to 154 meters
Surface41.59 km²
Population2671 inhabitants
Density64 inhabitants/km²


National labelsVarennes-sur-Fouzon at 7.1 km (7 min)
Chief townChâteauroux (at 42 km, 42 min)Veuil at 7.3 km (9 min)
DepartmentIndreVicq-sur-Nahon at 7.6 km (11 min)
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  • Location:
  • City of Valençay is the chief town of the Canton bearing the same name, in the department of Indre.
  • Several approaches are possible: by the A10 exit at Blois on the A20 exit N ° 10 in Vatan, by the A85 exit 13 at Selles-sur-Cher.
  • History:
  • Valençay owes its name to Gallo-Roman Valens, who owned a villa in this place "Valenciacus" (Area of Valens). 3rd to 5th century, workshops and other buildings that housed between an oven, a mill and a press were built around the villa.
  • This is a stone fortress that was built late 10th early 11th to defend the land. At that time, the Templars based on their side beyond the river Nahon an affiliation in 1160, down town grows in turn. The village church is built around the abbey.
  • A castle appears with the first lord of Valençay Bertrand Gauthier in 1220. One of his descendants, Alice of Burgundy, married John Bastard of Chalon-Tonnerre in 1268.
  • Exhausted by epidemics and the passage of troops, the small town of Valençay is granted a tax reduction in 1410 by Charles d'Orleans.
  • The lordship passed to the family of prints in 1451.
  • Jacques d'Estampes first shaved the castle in 1540 to begin construction of the present castle. The family of prints contribute to the development of the city. In 1642, Dominique Prints and Marguerite de Montmorency are behind the founding of the Ursuline convent for the education of girls.
  • The city reached its peak during the Grand Siecle: it included a provost, an attorney, an office, a small tabellionage with notaries and seal contracts, including the National Archives have a fragment. The wheat trade, transactions and arbitration in the trial were a small, very active.
  • The gradual collapse of the family of Henri Hubert requires Prints, ruined, to sell half of his estate to a financier named Law. The sale will still be stopped by order of the king. In 1747, Jacques-Louis Chaumont de la Milliere buys the land Valençay. Her daughter sold it in 1761 to Charles Legendre Villemorien, farmer-general of the king. It revived the economy of the city into a cotton mill, several forges and renovating the castle.
  • The Ursuline Chapel served as a place of public meetings in terror.
  • Senior forges of the city, the Earl of Lucay, Legendre Villemorien son narrowly escaped being guillotined. Tucked away for three days in the forest Gâtines, he was arrested and acquitted by his wife who introduced him as "Entrepreneur of useful work in the Republic." He gave his estate in 1803 to Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, then Minister of Foreign Affairs that the Consulate was merely obeying the orders of Bonaparte. Valençay became a haven of the diplomatic corps, ambassadors and rulers.
  • In 1808, the castle was chosen by Napoleon as a residence of the Princes of Spain in exile. Ferdinand of Spain, his brother Don Carlos and his uncle Don Antonio does Valençay left in 1814 after signing a treaty settling the case of Spain.
  • From 1816, Talleyrand contributed to the prosperity of the city. Member of City Council, Mayor Valençay, General Counsel, he reconstructed the mill, founded by Villemorien provided so that plants Chateauroux and Issoudun and it received a medal at the Paris Exposition. He established a new cemetery and gave land to build a town hall and school boys. He also founded the almshouse, renovated the church whose bell tower mimics that of Vevey, Switzerland, and lavished all the care the castle. He had built a small theater for the Princes of Spain.
  • The city took advantage of technological advances with the arrival in the region in 1892, water and gas lighting, which gave rise to all sorts of celebrations of the population in 1877. The construction of the station as a staging area of the White Silver, allowed the activity of the city to grow.
  • She was saved before the wars of 1870-1871 and 1914-1918.
  • During the Second World War it was a place to drop weapons and supplies for the guerrillas hiding in the forests and Gâtines Garsanland. On August 16, 1944, she suffered particularly German reprisals. Arriving at Romorantin, the SS sought an underground fighter wounded. They visited the hospital run by the sisters, who did believe in a maternity ward. They took hostages and set the city ablaze. Eight people were killed, some forty buildings which burned the post and the workhouse, but the castle was spared thanks to the Duke of Valençay and curator of the Louvre that could parley. Firefighters from Chateauroux, Issoudun and Vatan were called in to extinguish the fires which lasted several days. On September 18, 1945, the Croix de Guerre with bronze star was officially presented to the City of Valençay by the Minister of Reconstruction and Urbanism.
  • AOC: AOC Valençay The area is linked to the heritage of the Loire Valley. Valençay is the only city in France that can boast two AOC bearing his name.
  • The Pyramid AOC Valençay: The Valençay is a raw milk cheese goat pyramid, truncated at its apex, bluish gray color. First ladled the cheese then cover it with salt ash. During refining, a minimum of eleven days, a thin rind of coats. The annual production is about 350 tons for 21 farm producers. There are also 47 providers of milk, six dairies and a refiner. The territory of the Pyramid AOC covers four agricultural regions: the North Boischaut, Champagne Berrichonne, Brenne and Boischaut South, which represents 700,000 acres. The cheese Valençay received his AOC 13 July 1998, the successor to the Regional Label Valençay of Indre, in 1979.
  • AOC wines Valençay: Located in the northern and southern Indre-et-Loir Cher Valençay vineyard extends over 150 hectares. The vines grow on three types of soil: clay with flints; land sandy gravel, clays pods. The winemakers use understated old-world craftsmanship to produce a wine that will marry traditional local varieties of Valençay. The Red Valençay marriage of four varieties: Gamay, Côt, Black Pinot and Cabernet. Wine Rose takes the same four varieties and Pineau d'Aunis. While the White Valençay combines sauvignon and chardonnay. The annual production is 8,000 hectoliters, on average, generated by 22 growers and cooperative. In 1970, wine has benefited from a Valençay name VDQS (Wine Superior Quality). Then March 17, 2004, he was awarded the Appellation d'Origine (AOC).


  • Castle Valençay:
  • Fully furnished Renaissance Chateau Louis XVI, Regency and Empire.
  • An audio tour in six languages.
  • Film history.
  • With sound and thematic gardens: Gardens in the French and English park. Garden turned to bio diversity and respect for the environment: Checkerboard Fleuri.
  • Cultural playgrounds for families: The labyrinth of Napoleon, the small farm, the castle of the children, bouncy castles, the deer park.
  • News: Garden of Antoninus, 320 garden herbs culinary tribute to Antonin Lenten greatest chef of the 19th century, serving for 12 years Talleyrand which magnify the French Culinary Arts. Creating a quiz scents for all ages. The forest of Princes 4km course in carts to carry through the forest of Castle to discover the trails and sights taken by the ancient princes Spaniards at the assigned residence at Castle Valençay. Opening the visit of "Tomb of Talleyrand (free visit).

For further information: Tel. : +33 2 54 00 15 69 - Fax: +33 2 54 00 02 37.

  • Museum of the Automobile:
  • Address: 12, Avenue de la Resistance - 36600 Valençay.

For further information: Tel. : +33 2 54 00 07 74 - Fax. : +33 2 54 00 07 03. Email: @

  • Museum of sugar art:
  • Jacky Chichery - Master pastry chef.
  • Address: 21 rue du Château - 36600 Valençay.
  • Enquiries +33 2 54 00 12 13.
  • Course fishing tourism.
Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of the Pays de Valençay
MonumentsCastle of Valençay


  • Fairs and markets:
  • Frequently Mardi Gras in February.
  • Farmers' markets in July and August.
  • Festival of Saint Martin in November.
  • Christmas Market in December.
  • Castle Valençay:
  • Entertainment historic July August afternoon: Conversations with gallant 15h - The Duel of the Duchess at 16h - the culinary splendors of the Prince de Talleyrand at 17h.
  • Show "Night Castle unusual" in July and August - and animated storytelling walks in the gardens of the Castle (sound and light).
  • Candlelight Evenings in July and August - Castle lit by 3000 candles - Jazz concert, concert horn hunting, carriage rides, a small theater in the Castle Theatre.
  • Easter egg hunt in April.
  • For more information, contact the Castle Valençay +33 2 54 00 15 69.
  • Other events:
  • Flea night in July.
  • Discovery of villages in mid-July to late August Sunday afternoon.
  • At the Edge of the Berry: Discover heritage every Wednesday afternoon in July and August.
  • Rally of old cars in the car museum from April to October.
  • Output accompanied by forest Gâtines to listen to the famous "Brame du Cerf" in September.
  • Hiking Harvest in September (hiking and gather together the old vineyards in the AOC Valençay).
  • For more information, contact the Tourist Office Valençay: Tel. : +33 2 54 00 04 42 - Email: tourisme.valencay @


  • Walking tours around the different municipalities of the country Valençay.
  • The tourist train in Lower Berry, departure station pitfalls.
  • The Bamboo of Fontguenand.
  • The museum of the Stone rifles.
  • The leisure of Foulquetière to Lucay le Male.
  • The castle Bouges.
  • The pottery of Parpeçay.
  • The museum of leather and parchment Levroux.
  • The Farm Theatre Bellevue Villentrois.


Castle ValençayCastle Valençay



The Prince of Talleyrand's former residence
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Tuesday 27 January
Min. 2°C - Max. 5°C
Wednesday 28 January
Min. 4°C - Max. 9°C
Thursday 29 January
Min. 4°C - Max. 8°C


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