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Insee code22353
AltitudeFrom 0 to 71 meters
Surface7.00 km²
Population2522 inhabitants
Density360 inhabitants/km²


National labelsLa Clarté at 6.2 km (12 min)
Chief townSaint-Brieuc (at 77 km, 66 min)Perros-Guirec at 7.8 km (11 min)
DepartmentCôtes-d'ArmorPleumeur-Bodou at 8.6 km (10 min)
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North of Brittany in the department of Cotes-Trégastel is a family resort renowned in the heart of the Côte de Granit Rose in Treg. The 17 km of jagged coastline of alternating sandy beaches, rocky coves and chaos are lined islets exposed at low tide while houses inland forested valleys, including Traouiero, the crossroads of land.

The historical and architectural heritage of the town is exceptionally rich, by the presence of megalithic monuments (covered walkways, menhirs, stele Gallic) and religious buildings (chapels, churches and ossuary built between the 12th and 17th century) as well Tidal mills, crosses and other fountains and wash.

New structures (Forum pool with sea water at 30 °, Marine Aquarium modernized and water sports facilities, accommodation renewed), created in the environmental, allowed Trégastel adapt to tourists more diverse.

This small coastal town in preserved nature, has always attracted writers and artists of renown, and cultural program is rich in artistic and musical events. Trégastel has everything to seduce the visitor, and let the writer Charles Le Goffic care to completely convince you if necessary:

"Sapphire and coral, sea blue, pink rocks is Trégastel by the lazy days of summer."


Trégastel has 12 sandy beaches with various orientations, accessible at any time. The range of the White Strike is supervised in July and August by lifeguards. The aid station is indicated by a flag. The color indicates the state of the sea and the swimming conditions: Green: authorized - Orange: Dangerous - Red: prohibited.

The Marine Aquarium Trégastel: On the pink granite, the Marine Aquarium Trégastel reveals the secrets of the underwater life of the seas to England. The site, completely modernized and extended in 2006, this living environments of animals handle the spray zone to the depths through the tidal zone.

The Forum Trégastel, fitness center with swimming pool with sea water at 30 °, benches, massage jets, geysers, river against the current, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and 32 °, tepidarium, tea, gym ... Private swimming lessons, water aerobics, aqua bike, aqua kindergarten ...

The Yacht Club Trégastel: Labeled French Sailing School and Kayak, the NTC offers many activities for free circulation, private lessons and courses (the sea garden in the training of monitors) from 4 years 1/2. Dinghy, windsurfing, sailing yacht, sea kayaking, stand-up paddle, along-side (water running). Open from March to November. For more information, contact the Club by email or by phone at +33 2 96 23 45 05.

The archipelago of seven islands located off Perros-Guirec and Trégastel is protected since 1912 and classified nature reserve since 1976 site. More than 24,000 pairs breed in these islands and Rouzic island hosts the only French colony of Gannets. Of the 27 species of birds, you can admire the Puffin-monk, Crested Cormorant, the Common Murre, the little penguin, the Fulmar Boreal, the Gull Brown ... The stop at Ile aux Moines, only island where the landing is permitted, is offered to visitors when the tide permits.

Renote Island: The Peninsula Renote is a protected natural area which houses many pink granite, fauna and flora typical of the seaside Throughout the Coastguard Path (GR34), you have a view views of the archipelago of seven islands, the island of the Pit, Castle Costaérès ... Remarkable site exceptional, the Peninsula Renote worth visiting. Tour of the Peninsula Renote: 3/4h / 1 hour strolling. Since 2007, a natural contract to improve and protect this sensitive area: burial networks, revegetation, protection and enhancement of the coastal path ...

The Church of the Village building built between the 12th and 19th century. The ossuary semicircular 17th century, listed since 1909, this elegant gallery with balustrades and a roof topped by a turret cupola granite. The ossuary collected the bones of the graves in the cemetery because it is not extensible, it was necessary to make room for new ones died approximately every five years. Among the furnishings include an old measure of wheat stone 14th century, a roman font, the pulpit of the 17th century ...

St. Anne's Chapel rocks built in a dedicated from time immemorial to the spiritual life instead. From 1635 until 1928, the chapel was in the shape of a rectangle, then it was decided the building expansion.

The chapel of St. Golgon: built in the 16th century for the oldest and enlarged in the early part of the eighteenth, the chapel is dedicated to St. Golgon (strain Breton Gorgon), martyr of the Roman era which was the palace chamberlain of the Emperor Diocletian. Chapel Golgon is listed as a historical monument. It has been completely restored in 2006.

The plight of the town: built in 1872 by the Abbot Bouget, who had built on the hill of Krec'h Ballast, not far from the church. The altar is surmounted by a pieta and the spiral path leads to several niches have statues.

The covered walkway: the most remarkable monument is covered Kerguntuil, which was excavated and restored in 1939 went. It is a burial, some nine meters long, the Neolithic (c. 2000 BC) to the side entrance. 2nd and 3rd north pillars are carved: eight pairs of bumps and well engraved "U" line. Archaeologists believe that this is a multiple representation of the great Neolithic goddess, the Mother Goddess, Mother of the living and the dead protective, schematically by breast and pectoral collar.

The dolmen Kerguntuil: this is one of the largest of Treg. Its slab measuring six meters long and three hundred twenty-five wide and weighs about twenty tons.

Stele Gallic: Gallic Trégastel stele is one of the few witnesses to the second Iron Age, and it dates from the late 4th century BC It is a 3 m high monument of conoïdo-square types, each edge is folded to form three grooves. On the whole face is engraved patterns probably symbolic: two spiral "S" and a spiral horn ram. The origin of the monument site was close to the present chapel Sainte Anne rocks. Historians are wary of interpreting steles armorican: funerary function, ancient cult of Ana or Dana? ... Visible to the Tourist Office.

Western Channel Association offering practice sea kayaking and stand up paddle initiation.

Riding: two equestrian centers offer the opportunity to learn or improve the riding: riding, hiking, equestrian games, dressage, competition, group or individual lessons, introductory or advanced courses children and adults.

Tennis: throughout the year, the Tennis Club offers rentals as well as short courses and individual lessons during the holidays for children and adults. Tournament the weekend of the Ascension.

The marina: there is always a buoy available port Trégastel. Trégastel has two adjacent ports, partly in deep water, easy access at all tides, by the buoyed channel. Information +33 2 96 15 92 33 (year round) or +33 2 96 23 49 51 (July and August).

The Tide Mill: Built in 1764, the active life of the mill ceased in 1932. A free guided tour explains the principle of operation of mills sea lies in the use of the potential energy of a water reservoir created by a dam or causeway. Open from 16 June to 15 September.

The Municipal Library: over 12,000 books are available for children and adults. Public Library offers a children's area Trégastel and Britain and Information section at sea +33 2 96 15 91 51.

Castle Coastaérès: the eastern part of the castle, the Gothic style, was built in 1895 on the island of the same name, known as the Abdank Polish engineer. At his death in 1900, his daughter finished her work by the addition of the west wing. The original home of the famous guests received starting with Heinryk Sienkievicz author of Quo Vadis who stayed here in 1890-1895. The castle also had as a tenant Yvonne Printemps and Pierre Fresnay, Colette Nicoletta and Mike Brant ... Castle Costaérès became the emblem of the Pink Granite Coast. Private, can not be visited.

The hiking: Discover Trégastel and beaches by the coastal footpath: 17 km of hiking where the road to the dolmen Renote island, you can explore the pink granite.

The cycling: Mountain bike: a marked trail you will discover the heritage and enjoy the charm of Trégastel.

Nature guided tour: Valley Traouïero the footsteps of Scorfel. The Scorfel legendary dragon is a small dwelling in the "Rock of ashes" Karreg ar Ludu. He once nourissait milk cows grazed in the valley. It will be your guide for this walk 1:30. Departure: parking Troperic road Traouïero. Cross the road and follow the stickers with green and white logo. Free visit.

Guided tour of the island Renote: Discovery Island Renote on the themes of geology, flora and fauna of the sea with the Terra Maris Workshop. Reservations at the Tourist Office.

Enchanted Walk on the Isle Renote: songs, legends and historical anecdotes with Manu Robles. These walks will be an opportunity to discover and enjoy the great natural site Renote Island, the dark, the rhythm of the sea and the music and to make a gourmet break. Reservations at the Tourist Office.

Valley of Traouïéro: Discover the magical world of Traouïéro. Den of real or fictional characters, Traouïéro are two parallel deep valleys. Forested and dotted with pink granite with surprising shapes, Traouïéro have a botanical interest due to the presence of some rare species of ferns and mosses. Guided tours of the valley Traouïero June to September. Information to the Office of Tourism +33 2 96 15 38 38.

Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of Trégastel
Leisure centresAquarium of Trégastel,   Beach Quo-Vadis,   Beach Sainte-Anne,   Beach Ti al Lia,   Beach Toul-Bihan,   Beach Ty Neviz,   Beach of Toul Drez,   Beach of Tourony,   Beach of the Coz-Pors,   Beach of the Grève Blanche,   Beach of the Grève Rose,   Beach of the Grève des Curés
MonumentsCastle of Costaérès,   Chapel Saint-Gorgon,   Dolmen of Kerguntuil,   Lighthouse of the Sept-Îles
Natural sitesIsland Dhu,   Island Plate,   Island Renote,   Island Ronde,   Island Rouzic,   Island of Seigle,   Island of the Lapins,   Rock of the Dé,   Rock of the Tortues


Lively market every Monday morning.

Fest-Noz the town in June.

Music Festival in June.

Competition / exhibition of underwater photographs at the Marine Aquarium every summer.

National Day in July.

24 hours of sailing in August: one in France, this endurance test of 420 runs marked the beginning of August in the Bay of Coz-Pors course. The traditional starting signal is given to the White Strike at 15h and crew will take turns for 24 hours, including at night in the spotlight, giving us a great show on the water. Beyond that event, the 24 Hours of Sailing is also a family event to earth concerts and entertainment, catering, fireworks succeed for all to enjoy.

Festival Bay in August.

Tango by the Coast: Festival of Argentine tango in early August.

Craft Market in August.

Rhythm & Roots Festival in August: festival in honor of all cultural expressions that have found their roots in Africa: ethnic journey through jazz, gospel, electro funky style, Afrobeat, blues ... Introduction to music and Mandingo dance salsa ... Exhibition of sculptures.

Festival of the foreshore "Equinox" in September: an invitation to discover the sea effect (to discover the seaside otherwise). Go to the equinoctial tides to explore this maritime space through land art, exhibitions, workshops, tours and market seafood, to the music.

Môm'Art Festival during the Thanksgiving holiday: festival for children and adults with live entertainment, arts and science workshops in the towns of Trégastel, Trébeurden and Pleumeur Bodou.

Competition exhibition of Christmas cribs in the church of Bourg in December.


Great Site Naturel Ploumanac'h (Perros-Guirec).

Visit the Natural Reserve of Sept-Îles (Perros-Guirec, boats departing from Trestraou).

Park radome Pleumeur-Bodou (amusement park and discoveries, covering: City Telecom with Radome Historical Monument, the Planetarium de Bretagne, the Gauls, etc.)..

18 hole golf course of Saint-Samson (Pleumeur-Bodou).

Ornithological LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) Island Grande.

Stairs and Brélévenez church.

Cloister and cathedral Tréguier.

Bréhat island.

Bird sanctuary of Sept-Îles.

Talbert furrow in Armor Pleubian.

Gorse Coast, Plougrescant and Port Blanc.

Traouïéro valley, with green chaos of rocks between Perros-Guirec Trégastel.

Casino de Perros-Guirec - Range Trestraou.

Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Kayak hire on the Pink Granite CoastSports sensationsFrom 12 € to 34 €Trégastel

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Trégastel (© M. Loro Alain)Trégastel (© M. Loro Alain)
parish church of the village of Trégastelparish church of the village of Trégastel
Strike at the White TrégastelStrike at the White Trégastel
Trégastel (© M. Loro Alain)Trégastel (© M. Loro Alain)
Trégastel (© M. Loro Alain)Trégastel (© M. Loro Alain)
Castle Costaérès, tip Tourony, TrégastelCastle Costaérès, tip Tourony, Trégastel
Castle Costaérès, channel ploumanachCastle Costaérès, channel ploumanach
Range of White StrikeRange of White Strike
Sand Creek Island RenoteSand Creek Island Renote
Beach Toul-Trez, island RenoteBeach Toul-Trez, island Renote
The De Rocher saw the Renote IslandThe De Rocher saw the Renote Island
Castle Costaérès seen PloumanachCastle Costaérès seen Ploumanach
Le Coz PorsLe Coz Pors
Beach Toul-BihanBeach Toul-Bihan
Chasm Island RenoteChasm Island Renote
Port Ploumanach seen TrégastelPort Ploumanach seen Trégastel
Range PriestsRange Priests
Beach Bringuiller to LandrellecBeach Bringuiller to Landrellec
View Trail of Customs in Coz PorsView Trail of Customs in Coz Pors
Castle Costaérès beachfront of TouronyCastle Costaérès beachfront of Tourony
Baie Sainte-AnneBaie Sainte-Anne
Rocks, Island RenoteRocks, Island Renote
Calvary town of TrégastelCalvary town of Trégastel
Beach Quo Vadis to TrégastelBeach Quo Vadis to Trégastel
Beach Ti al Lia tip of the island RenoteBeach Ti al Lia tip of the island Renote
Ty Néouis along the Baie Sainte-AnneTy Néouis along the Baie Sainte-Anne
Valley TraouïeroValley Traouïero
Baie Sainte-Anne at the entrance the Renote IslandBaie Sainte-Anne at the entrance the Renote Island
Beach Toul-Bihan and range of PriestsBeach Toul-Bihan and range of Priests
Sculpture in front of the ossuary of the church of the village of TrégastelSculpture in front of the ossuary of the church of the village of Trégastel
Aquarium in caves in the rocks of the eternal FatherAquarium in caves in the rocks of the eternal Father
Ploumanac saw rocks TouronyPloumanac saw rocks Tourony
Island in the Bay of Tanguy KerlavosIsland in the Bay of Tanguy Kerlavos
Houses White Strike views of Crown King GradlonHouses White Strike views of Crown King Gradlon
The die and the Seven Islands seen from Coz PorsThe die and the Seven Islands seen from Coz Pors
Beach Toul DrezBeach Toul Drez
Beach Toul Drez west side facing the abyssBeach Toul Drez west side facing the abyss
Chapelle Saint -Gorgon (called Golgon)Chapelle Saint -Gorgon (called Golgon)
Range of Strike Priests for rocks Crec'h LomRange of Strike Priests for rocks Crec'h Lom
Dolmen (© JE)Dolmen (© JE)
Dolmen Kerguntuil (© JE)Dolmen Kerguntuil (© JE)
Port (© JE)Port (© JE)
Rock balance (© JE)Rock balance (© JE)
Rocks Coz Pors beachRocks Coz Pors beach



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French cuisine restaurantLe Macareux  
Fancy a snack break iodine flavors? Go to Pleumeur-Bodou in Côtes-d'Armor and stop at the restaurant Le Macareux! The establishment opened its doors to 30 meters from the beach Landrellec...
Located 1.9 km from Trégastel46 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantRestaurant des Rochers  
Overlooking the harbor of Ploumanac'h in Lannion, Brittany, in the heart of the famous Côte de Granit Rose, Restaurant des Rochers welcomes you in an elegant and sleek with its large...
Located 2.3 km from Trégastel36 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantLa Table De Mon Père  
THE WATERFRONT - Beautiful remains irresistible charm, breathtaking views over the bay of Saint -Guirec, decoration and design... La Table De Mon Père top terrace, the restaurant Castel...
Located 2.6 km from Trégastel40 € per person 

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House with 4 bedroomsLa charmeraie    
A 1.4 km of beaches, a break is the elegant Charmeraie where Patricia and Christian welcome you in their farmhouse in 1760 where very contemporary interior contrasts harmoniously with...
Located 4.4 km from Trégastel110 € the double room 
House with 2 bedroomsLes hortensias 3 épis Gîtes de France    
In a cozy neo Breton house, two guest rooms upstairs, each with private bathroom. Breakfast served in the living room. Veranda available.
Located 11 km from Trégastel60 € the double room 
House with 2 bedroomsLe Grand Chêne    
Le Grand Chêne (the big Oak-tree) is a detached, quiet and delightful modern Villa with loads of charm, set in a beautiful flowered garden, on the outskirts of Lannion in northern Brittany....
Located 11.1 km from TrégastelFrom 55 € to 65 € the double room 

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House for 8 personsMaison moderne, mer et campagne
Modern house located in a quiet area above the valley Traoueros. 5 minutes walk from the small port of Ploumanac'h in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast. For 8 people.
Located 1.8 km from TrégastelFrom 700 € to 900 € per week 
Chalet for 50 personsVillage de Gîtes : chalets 2 à 5 pers.  
Stay in Britain near the sea, in the heart of the Côte de Granit Rose: Perros-Guirec (Ploumanach) Trégastel Pleumeur-Bodou and Trébeurden. Many attractions, rides and entertainment,...
Located 3.1 km from TrégastelFrom 290 € to 570 € per week 
Apartment for 3 personsA Bon Port
In Britain, the heart of the Pink Granite Coast, facing the port of Perros-Guirec water basin in a very quiet area, just minutes from Lannion, enjoying stunning views over the harbor,...
Located 5.4 km from TrégastelFrom 180 € to 320 € per week 

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101 places over 2,2 haCamping armor loisirs    
Peace and quiet assured in this family camping sea view facing south. It is located 500 m from the beach, gr34 and shops. Ideal camper. Heated indoor pool.
Located 6.8 km from Trégastel14 € per day 
30 places over 1 haCamping de roz ar mor  
Peace and quiet campsite near the sea. In an exceptionnal site, facing south with sea view on Lannion bay. On the hiking trail, GR34, can accomodate hikers. 30 pitches and 8 Mobiles...
Located 7.2 km from Trégastel20.40 € per day 
86 places over 1,1 haCamping des dunes    
Small campsite in brittany, with possibility to access the beach (les dunes) directly from the camp and also the marked foot paths (GR 34) and le “sentier des douaniers”. 86 pitches...
Located 13.7 km from TrégastelFrom 10.55 € to 11.25 € per day 

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Hotel De La Mer - Hotel in TrégastelHotel De La Mer     
Located on Coz Pors beach, this hotel has an outdoor terrace and en suite rooms, most of them overlooking the Seven Islands. It is just a 10-minute drive from Perros-Guirec. Each guest...
Located in Trégastel
Hôtel - Salon de Thé Le Beauséjour - Hotel in TrégastelHôtel - Salon de Thé Le Beauséjour    
Located in Trégastel-Plage in Brittany, the Hôtel - Salon de Thé Le Beauséjour is right on Coz-Pors Beach and features panoramic sea views. It offers a brasserie serving traditional...
Located in TrégastelRoom from 78 €
Park Hotel Bellevue - Hotel in TrégastelPark Hotel Bellevue     
Park Hotel Bellevue has 1930’s style architecture and is located in Tregastel, 300 metres from the Pink Granit Coast, with its sandy beaches. The hotel features a quiet tree-lined garden....
Located in Trégastel

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Hotel Ker Moor Préférence
Hotel Ker Moor Préférence is situated in Saint-Quay-Portrieux on the north coast of Brittany overlooking Saint Brieuc Bay. It offers en suite rooms, and...
Charmante maison de pecheur -Bretagne 22
Belle maison, bord de mer avec tout confort. Au calme a Pleubian-Laneros. Nature impressionante ! Pleubian
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