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Insee code07324
AltitudeFrom 115 to 508 meters
Surface21.01 km²
Population11314 inhabitants
Density538 inhabitants/km²


National labelTain-l'Hermitage at 2.2 km (5 min)
Chief townPrivas (at 59 km, 47 min)Saint-Jean-de-Muzols at 2.3 km (5 min)
DepartmentArdècheMauves at 4.4 km (9 min)
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The Tournonais, Land of Heritage ... The history of cities located along the Rhone starts with the Celts and the Gallo-Roman counters that build (or ports) as Muzolium became Saint John of Muzols enjoying the privileged position of this region, allowing, among other by the Sweet fly into the Massif Central. In creating, the first roads and bridges first, they favored the establishment of towns and villages. Indeed, the original town of Tournon was built along a route from Lyon to the Mediterranean and the village of Boucieu-le-Roi was created near a Roman bridge over the Sweet.

It was in 817 that we find the first written record of Tournon. Under the name "Turnone", marking the official beginning of its history.

It was at this time that comes to live a rich feudal family from later called "the Counts of Tournon." They will choose to install their fortress on this rock of granite overlooking the Rhone valley. In 1308 the north Vivarais is annexed by the Kingdom of France after being land of empire since the 11th century. The Lordship of Tournon had a very wide field and enjoyed a great reputation throughout the region, among other charges by many that could have a few counts or countesses to the Court of France.

The Tournonais, Land of Traditions! This majestic vineyard extends along the Rhone valley over 1000 ha between Chavanay (42) and Guilherand-Barns (07). With an ancient tradition, the white or red wine formerly known as "Wine Purple" is tasted at the court of Charlemagne. More than 20 growers are located on the Tournonais you and share their passions during tastings to those who want it. Every Friday from May to September at 16h, the Tourist Office offers days of Tournon "Open House cellars" for individuals who want it. Privileged terroir, the Tournonais also stands out thanks to its many producers of cheeses, honey, traditional charcuterie, organic products ... This is an opportunity for unforgettable encounters with the locals.


  • The castle-museum:
  • The "Tournon" have left many testimonies through various monuments like the castle that stands today in a lecture at the heart of the city. They have beautifully embellished from the 13th to the 16th century the original structure. Today is a Castle Museum open from 20 March to 30 November.
  • The Chateau de Tournon is a listed building under the Historic Monuments and is the setting for a museum label museum of France.
  • Its massiveness, its elevated position gives it an imposing appearance. Built mainly between the 14th and 16th century architecture reflects the evolution of society, between the medieval period and the beginnings of the Renaissance.
  • Once through the heavy wooden door studded, once preceded by a portcullis, one enters the courtyard. It was here that originates the castle's history. The huge wall on the right is the last testimony of medieval keep, later called St. Just castle which dates from the 10th century. Next to him, the large main building reflects the architectural evolution of the building: a lighter weight and a concern for decoration are visible. The many windows and transom windows are a good example. In the main building of the lords lived Tournon. An inventory drawn up in the middle of the 17th century, when the last descendant died, shows the importance of property owned by the family at the time. A library, rich in some 800 volumes, hundreds of paintings, antique medals, marble statues and busts, tapestries, furniture and many other precious objects still enriched the castle rooms. Emptied of its wealth, the castle was from the mid 17th century as a prison. The rooms had to be furnished, the castle changed (bars, prison doors) and adapted. In the 1930s, the prison is closed and service of Historic Monuments carries out a restoration of the building. It was at this time that germinated the idea of ​​a museum housed within it. In 1928, the General Union of Rhodaniens Museum inaugurates the Rhone first installed in the chapel on the south terrace and the castle. The current museum has maintained this focus throughout several rooms related to the theme Rhone but its collections are diversified and enriched by donations and bequests.
  • Rich with a thousand objects, the collections include big names of artists, Raoul Dufy Gimond through Marcel André Lhote. They allow to address a variety of fields: fine arts, decorative arts, history, architecture, science and technology ... Each year the museum offers the public an exhibition of contemporary art.
  • Related Items, a botanical garden in the heart of the city "Eden Park" or Garden of Eden:
  • Eden Park is a peaceful place, which dominates the center of Tournon with a magnificent panorama. From the top of his gazebo, a generous view of the Rhone, the castle and vineyards of Tain l'Hermitage captivates you.
  • Vestige of the park of the former convent of the Cordeliers and Notre Dame, the place is a magical place. Small bridges, turn, river, various species of trees, a peaceful haven where you can stroll and rest in peace. Covering an area of ​​one hectare, the park has retained its original charm. Privileged place of religion, it is surrounded by ancient walls, narrow paths and a stream that originates from the top of the mountain. Small bridges are still present, as well as remains of ancient dwellings. Steps lead up to the belvedere, crossed by the shaded areas of trees that dominate the set, the visitor can imagine the gentle, soothing atmosphere that this place could get to meditation.
  • Place of scenic beauty: this park overlooking the city of Tournon, and offers an incomparable view of the Rhone river, natural separation with its twin town of Tain l'Hermitage. The vineyards of the Hermitage gives a great character to the site by their exposure espalier along the opposite bank. The wildness of the park is domesticated by the search for purity in the presentation of different botanical families, the weather will develop. The stamp, the magic of the site, stone, water, sculpture called the painter, the composer who earned degrees by the charm of a nature hardly tame. Through poetry site, and the creation of a botanical garden, it will become a place of life for children, families, seniors, tourists and foreign cruise lines but also artists.
Detailed information
Information pointsTourist Office of Tournon-sur-Rhône
Leisure centresGarden of Eden,   Museum of the Rhône
MonumentsCastle of Tournon,   Church Saint-Julien
Performance hallsCinema-Theatre Ciné Théâtre


  • Artistic Encounters of another time! The Tournonais is a land that offers to see and vibrate! When Tournonais white dresses and sequins, fans of shows of all kinds, "classical music or polyphonic", "theatrical and musical journey," or simply "theater and contemporary music", will certainly find their joy through the various major appointment of the territory. In this city of art and culture, one is plunged "timeless".
  • The Festival "Fest'rout": the last weekend of June. This outdoor festival devoted to music and say today, has over the years, find its "cruising speed". Located in the heart of the town of Tournon, he became a key event in the Ardèche.
  • The Festival "Vochora" in July. Halfway between "vocal and choral," Vochora was created in 1998. The festival takes place mainly in July in Tournon, port and main festival partner common, but in Tain-Hermitage, sister-city of the left bank, and several towns in the Valley of the Sweet and Upper Vivarais.
  • The National Festival of Comedians: late August. It is a real wave of fun and laughter that is established in the late summer with the National Festival of Comedians. Bursting the Limits of Tournonais to invade the country of Tain l'Hermitage and the Doux Valley and even beyond, it offers a program of comedy and crazy eclectic. Undoubtedly a moment of conviviality which gives it its reputation since its inception. Now the festival has grown regional transporting us to the pleasure of performing arts and culture shared.
  • The Shakespeare Festival in July. In the heart of Castle Tournon becoming a real opportunity for the theater "Elizabethan", the Shakespeare Festival spreads its wings throughout the period of July: outdoor stage, theater, concerts, creative workshops, pub, artistic meetings Every night ... on open-air stage (as was the scene of the Globe Theatre of Shakespeare) the courtyard of the castle hosts an original staging of a masterpiece of the English playwright, plus it is quite possible to extend this state of grace right next door with a musical evening in the cellar / pub. Legend even Helene de Tournon had inspired the character of Ophelia in "Hamlet" by Shakespeare that he wrote in 1601 in reading the memoirs of Queen Marguerite de Valois.
  • But Tournon is not forgetting its famous Onion August 29 each year for over 700 years! This fair is a very old tradition. More than a thousand exhibitors are present that day. To see absolutely!
  • Eden Park, the Garden of Eden offers all summer from June 1, her events: theater, concerts, exhibitions, storytelling, days of the garden ... Information on the website of the Eden Park.


  • The Tournonais:
  • Heir to the Rhone Valley proud sentinel, was stunned by the Tournonais southern scents, fleshy apricot (the famous "Bergeron"), and nestles in the heart of famous vineyards (St Joseph) and broad plains, ideal space for the cultivation of orchards and fruit trees (cherry, apricot, peach). It clings fast to wild trays, giving a very diverse environments, as a mosaic of spaces, reliefs and colors. The famous "onion Tournon" has benefited significantly from these natural resources within floodplains. Moreover, since the 14th century, the great "show with onion" which takes place every August 29, continues in full swing with over 1,000 exhibitors at the heart of the town of Tournon.
  • The vineyards are also an integral part of the scenery with terraced crops remarkable. These steep slopes marking the boundary between the valley and plateaus. In September, the grapes are picked by hand and still the product of these crops is only happiness. The cradle of the AOC "St Joseph" is at Mauves. It is a red or white wine with flavors of leather and liquorice. It all goes perfectly well stews.
  • The Tournonais is also distinguished by its many beautiful roads "in the balcony," one of them, is called the "Corniche du Rhone", it offers a wonderful perspective on the intricacies of the Rhone, the plains, orchards, vineyards and the foothills of the Alps. Of course, this view would not be complete without mentioning the "Gorges du Doux" and "from tanks Duzon". The Gorges du Doux are distinguished by their wild sides and preserved, and now are revealed to hikers. The tanks of Duzon form magnificent "pots" bubbling, giving the impression that the river emerges from nowhere. Of course, many marked trails allow visitors to discover the wonders of nature.
  • A land of adventure "Nature"! The "star" here is hiking in all its forms. It is a land dotted with trails (directional signage) also accessible to bikers and the riders. Unprecedented hike organized with logistics and supply is also another way to indulge in the discovery of a territory. Thanks to the "Walk in the Country Sweet" organized by the Tourist Office Tournonais each year on the last weekend of March, on a different common.
  • The bike is a real joy to let go the back roads scenic, winding, and the quiet Tournonais. They are to be discovered both in the context of family walks, and for fans of the little queen! In addition to the famous race "the Ardèche" (existing since 1988), the bike takes on another dimension when, starting from Saint-Félicien it comes off the roads of Tournonais or elsewhere.
  • The Rhône and the Gentle, are also excellent fishing throughout the year (predator fishing, fry or trout). The Sweet and preserved wildlife is a must for fishing enthusiasts but also "lazy", and for the most active, the Rhone also lends itself to the pleasures of canoeing (downhill Vion Tournon regular season) or explore the banks of the Rhone in boats cruise (April-October, between Valencia and Tournon for a pleasant cruise meals per day). In the lull of summer, the departure of Tournon are offered towards Saint-Vallier to the north through the lock at Gervans, and along the famous "King's table" (in memory of Louis the ninth on the way the Crusades, taking hungry, he ordered food and wine of the country and feasted on the rock).
  • Highest in Sweet Valley, the village of Boucieu-le-Roi, as its name indicates, was founded by a king, Philip the Fair establishing the only royal bailiwick or "royal court of justice" by becoming Vivarais hence, the capital of Upper Vivarais. Its history is traced through a permanent exhibition, "Tradition Vivaroise" at the entrance of the village. Many tours are offered by the Tourist Office Tournonais (minimum 5 persons and by appointment) or on certain days during the season.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Hot-air balloon flight in the ArdècheNature and the outdoorsFrom 169 € to 210 €Annonay (24 km)

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Castle Museum Tournon-sur-RhôneCastle Museum Tournon-sur-Rhône
Overview of common Tournon-sur-RhôneOverview of common Tournon-sur-Rhône
Hotel de la TouretteHotel de la Tourette
Church St. Julien, former collegiateChurch St. Julien, former collegiate
View from the castle-museum, Tournon-sur-RhôneView from the castle-museum, Tournon-sur-Rhône
Castle Museum of Tournon-sur-RhôneCastle Museum of Tournon-sur-Rhône
Tournon, at the confluence of the Sweet and RhoneTournon, at the confluence of the Sweet and Rhone
The Sweet ValleyThe Sweet Valley
Eden Park, the Garden of EdenEden Park, the Garden of Eden
Eden Park BabysittersEden Park Babysitters
The laundry Eden ParkThe laundry Eden Park
The Onion Tournon-sur-RhôneThe Onion Tournon-sur-Rhône
Eden Park, the Garden of EdenEden Park, the Garden of Eden
A quiet corner Eden Park, the Garden of Eden to Tournon-sur-RhôneA quiet corner Eden Park, the Garden of Eden to Tournon-sur-Rhône



The Castle-museum overlooks the Rhône Valley majestically
There's nothing like a ride in a steam train or a handcar for exploring the Doux Valley!
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Thursday 29 January
Min. 4°C - Max. 6°C
Friday 30 January
Min. -3°C - Max. 3°C
Saturday 31 January
Min. -3°C - Max. 0°C


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