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Insee code31555
AltitudeFrom 115 to 263 meters
Surface118.30 km²
Population455002 inhabitants
Density3846 inhabitants/km²


National labelsBalma at 5.8 km (15 min)
DepartmentHaute-GaronneBlagnac at 8 km (17 min)
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Of the Garonne to the Canal du Midi, St. Sernin to the Cité de l'Espace, Toulouse sows invitations to come and discover its many faces.


  • The Capitol
  • The Capitol is an absolute must for visitors and Toulouse. It was completed in its present form in 1759, with a long frontage of over 128 meters. Eight columns represent the eight Capitouls who ran the city from the 12th century. Today, the Capitol is still Toulouse City Hall. It contains beautiful paintings in its halls: Gervais room, dining room and especially Henri Martin of Illustrious.
  • Outside the court Henri 4th was restored and a bronze cross of Languedoc was drawn in the center of the square. For 300 years, the Dungeon, now the headquarters of the Office of Tourism has replaced an old defense tower.
  • The Basilica of St. Sernin:
  • After the Capitol, is the second landmark of Toulouse.
  • The Basilica was built in the 11th century to commemorate the memory of Saint-Sernin, the first bishop and martyr Toulouse. It is the largest Romanesque world and arguably one of the finest. In 1096, the eastern part of the church, ambulatory, chapels and the choir was completed. The second part of the building, the nave, the facade and two towers were launched later by Canon Gairard. The basilica has undergone since its construction including the many restorations of Viollet-le-Duc. A few years ago, a new site was restored to Saint-Sernin its original appearance. Today, it remains the beautiful "coral flower" sung by Nougaro.
  • The cloister of the Jacobins:
  • This set is a former convent convent of Preachers built between the late 13th century and the beginning of the fourteenth. This is an example of Languedoc Gothic art. The monument receives 200,000 visitors per year.
  • The inner brightness contrast with the rigor outside of the monument. Double nave is separated by columns 20 meters high, and the ribs of the apse are the famous palm des Jacobins. The cloister, he is known for his columns and capitals of marble with floral and animal.
  • The Cathedral of Saint-Etienne:
  • Construction of the cathedral lasted five centuries from the 13th to the 17th century. This is one of the most curious monuments of Toulouse because it is actually a collage of several buildings over the centuries. Unconventional, it is remarkable for its rosette and 17chapelles.
  • The hotel Bernuy:
  • This is a part of the current school Pierre de Fermat. The house was built between 1530 and 1550 by Jean de Bernuy, merchant enriched by the pastel trade. We admire the carved entrance door, side desk, and especially the splendid staircase.
  • Hotel Assézat:
  • Built at the request of Pierre Assézat in 1555, is an emblematic building of the rich and Capitouls pastelière time. It was probably made by Nicolas Bachelier, architect and sculptor who has marked the Renaissance Toulouse.
  • This hotel has been renovated by the City of Toulouse to accommodate the Bemberg Foundation. We discover a room devoted to the painter Bonnard, but you can also view Renaissance paintings, Corot, Van Dick, Manet, Tintoretto ...
  • The Hotel-Dieu
  • On the left bank of the Garonne, this imposing building has served as a hospice for eight centuries. It was once an important step on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela. In 1257, it developed on the site of two older hospitals: St. Mary's Hospital and the bream Novel. Entrusted to the brotherhood of Saint-Jacques, they were combined into one Hôtel-Dieu Hospital became in 1554.
  • He welcomed all the unfortunate, beggars, vagrants, and loose women pilgrims. His role was to collect more than heal. It has become a center of care and education in the 19th century. Today, it is the administrative center of CHU and recently a medical museum and a museum of medical instruments Hospitals Toulouse.
  • The Musée des Augustins:
  • A few steps from the Place Saint-Georges and St. Stephen's Cathedral is the real Museum of Fine Arts Toulouse. Created in 1795 in a former convent, representative of medieval Gothic style, it was one of the first museums in France and is enriched with revolutionary seizures. In recent years, a policy of renovation has put more value in the works-room sculptures on the ground floor is a must see, and temporary exhibitions of works composed in part of the museum, and partly lent works, allow the public to gradually rediscover a very rich: there are more than 4000 sculptures and paintings, Rubens, Delacroix, Corot ... It should also enjoy its cloister surrounding the former botanical garden the convent, where before a row of gargoyles terrible.
  • The Fondation Bemberg:
  • A few hundred meters of the Augustinians, towards the Garonne, Assézat Hotel, a masterpiece of Renaissance welcomes the Bemberg Foundation, established Toulouse by a patron from a family of industrialists Germans settled in Argentina. The story says that Georges Bemberg, ardent Francophile, bought his first painting, a gouache by Pissaro, at the age of 20, for $ 200.
  • Since 1995, the City of Toulouse has at its disposal the Hotel Assezat for the public to enjoy its collection which includes among other thirty paintings by Bonnard. Premises, recently expanded with the acquisition of a neighboring building, can accommodate new works and a conference room. You can admire the works of Cézanne, Signac, Picasso, but also antique furniture and objets d'art from the 16th to the 18th century.
  • Les Abattoirs - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art:
  • This museum houses a unique collection of over 2000 works to browse the artistic movements born of World War II to the new forms of contemporary art, both from the Mediterranean as the Far East and the United States .
  • Each year, this former 19th century industrial site hosts major exhibitions.
  • The Museum of Ancient Saint-Raymond:
  • Returning to the old town, at the foot of Saint-Sernin, the visitor discovers the most distant past of Toulouse when the city was still pink Tolosa, with the Museum of Antiques Saint-Raymond.
  • Restored in recent years, this museum is housed in a college dating from the 13th century. It reveals the richness of ancient Toulouse, especially a collection of Roman sculptures, unique in Europe, consisting of busts from the Villa Chiragan to Martres Tolosane, through which we discover portraits of Roman emperors and bas-reliefs representing the labors of Hercules. We can also see Christian sarcophagi and a set of objects from the Middle Ages cemeteries in the region.
  • Information: Tel. : +33 5 61 22 31 44.
  • The Musée Paul Dupuy - Graphic Arts and Decorative Arts:
  • Founded by Paul Dupuy, a great lover of art, brings together a vast collection of drawings (Ingres, Delacroix, Toulouse Lautrec), engravings, but also ivories, enamels old, ceramics and a collection of watch. This museum is housed in the former Hotel Besson.
  • The Museum Georges-Labit:
  • It offers its visitors all sorts of objects from India, China, Japan, united by a spice merchant became a collector. There are also Egyptian Antiquities.
  • Take the time to enjoy the lovely garden that surrounds it.
  • Museum of Old Toulouse:
  • The various rooms of the museum housed in the Dumay (May Street, near the rue Saint-Rome) present some milestones in the history of Toulouse: institutions, monuments, daily life and art, costumes, ceramics and traditions popular.
  • Information: Tel. : +33 5 62 27 11 50.
Detailed information
TransportTrain station of Gallieni-Cancéropôle,   Train station of Lacourtensourt,   Train station of Lalande-Église,   Train station of Lardenne,   Train station of Saint-Martin-du-Touch,   Train station of TOEC,   Train station of Toulouse-Matabiau,   Train station of Toulouse-Montaudran,   Train station of Toulouse-Saint-Agne,   Train station of Toulouse-Saint-Cyprien-Arènes
Information pointsTourist Office of Toulouse
Leisure centresCasino of Toulouse,   Garden Royal,   Japanese Garden of Compans-Cafarelli,   Marina Saint Sauveur,   Museum Georges Labit,   Museum Paul Dupuy,   Museum Saint-Raymond,   Museum Transports, Tourisme et Communications,   Museum of Natural History of Toulouse,   Museum of the Augustins,   Museum of the Vieux Toulouse,   Racecourse of Toulouse,   Theme Park Cité de l'Espace
MonumentsAmphitheatre of Blagnac,   Basilica Saint-Sernin,   Basilica of La Daurade,   Bibliothèque municipale,   Capitole,   Castle of Reynerie,   Castle of the Mirail,   Cathedral Saint-Étienne,   Chapel Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth,   Chapel Saint-Roch-du-Férétra,   Chapel of the Carmélites,   Chapel of the Pénitents Noirs,   Charterhouse of Toulouse,   Church Notre-Dame du Taur,   Church Notre-Dame-de-la-Daurade,   Church Saint-Jérôme,   Church Saint-Nicolas,   Church Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines,   Church of the Cordeliers,   Collège Saint-Rome,   Collège de Foix,   Collège de l'Esquile,   Collège des Jésuites,   Convent of Saint-Antoine-du-Salin,   Convent of the Augustins,   Convent of the Carmes Déchaussées,   Convent of the Cordeliers,   Convent of the Jacobins,   Grand séminaire de Toulouse,   House of the Verrières,   Hôtel-Dieu Hospital of Toulouse,   Obelisk of the 10 avril 1814,   Observatory of Toulouse,   Private Mansion Arquata,   Private Mansion Boysson,   Private Mansion Caulet-Resseguier,   Private Mansion Dassier,   Private Mansion Desplats,   Private Mansion Dumay,   Private Mansion Felzins,   Private Mansion Jean Catel,   Private Mansion Jean du Barry,   Private Mansion Magnier et Jean-Burnet,   Private Mansion Mansencal,   Private Mansion Marvéjol,   Private Mansion Pierre Comère,   Private Mansion Reynier,   Private Mansion Rivière,   Private Mansion Réquy,   Private Mansion of Bonfontan,   Private Mansion of Bonnefoy,   Private Mansion of Castagnier d'Auriac,   Private Mansion of Cheverry,   Private Mansion of Claude de Saint-Félix,   Private Mansion of Espie,   Private Mansion of Gayssion,   Private Mansion of Guillaume de Bernuy,   Private Mansion of Hautpoul,   Private Mansion of Jean de Ulmo,   Private Mansion of La Bourse,   Private Mansion of La Fage,   Private Mansion of La Mamye,   Private Mansion of Lasbordes,   Private Mansion of Lestang,   Private Mansion of Nupces,   Private Mansion of Olmières,   Private Mansion of Pins,   Private Mansion of Puivert,   Private Mansion of Puymaurin,   Private Mansion of Pénautier,   Private Mansion of Saint-Germain,   Private Mansion of Saint-Jory,   Private Mansion of the Grand Balcon,   Protestant Temple of the Salin,   Tower of Serta,   Villa Gabès
Performance hallsBourse du Travail,   Café-Theatre Les Minimes,   Cave Poesie René Gouzenne,   Comédie de Toulouse,   Espace Croix Baragnon,   Exhibition Park Toulouse Expo,   Halle Aux Grains,   Hôtel Mercure Atria,   L'Aéro,   La Dynamo,   Le 57,   Le Bijou,   Le Citron Bleu,   Le Fil à Plomb,   Le Mandala,   Le Ramier,   Le Saint des Seins,   Les 3T,   National Theatre of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées - TNT,   Salle Nougaro,   Stadium Ernest-Wallon,   Stadium Stadium de Toulouse,   Theatre Casino Barrière de Toulouse,   Theatre Garonne,   Theatre Grenier,   Theatre Jules Julien,   Theatre Le Vent des Signes,   Theatre Sorano,   Theatre of La Digue,   Theatre of La Violette,   Theatre of the Capitole,   Theatre of the Grand Rond,   Theatre of the Mazades,   Theatre of the Pavé,   Zénith de Toulouse


  • Flamenco Festival: in March.
  • Forum de l'Image, in April.
  • Inox Festival: May.
  • Rio Loco Festival: in June
  • The Marathon des Mots: in June
  • The Electronic Siestes: in July.
  • Toulouse Summer: July and August.
  • Toulouse beaches in July and August.
  • Spring in September in September.
  • Piano aux Jacobins in September.
  • Cinespaña: in October.
  • Antiques Fair: in November.


Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
All-terrain bike hire on the Canal du MidiNature and the outdoorsFrom 20 € to 100 €Toulouse
Paintball course adventureEntertainmentFrom 20 € to 45 €Quint-Fonsegrives (9 km)

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Facade of Saint-Raymond museumFacade of Saint-Raymond museum
Musée des AugustinsMusée des Augustins
Museum of Old ToulouseMuseum of Old Toulouse
New Bridge over the GaronneNew Bridge over the Garonne
The GaronneThe Garonne
Donjon du Capitole (tourist)Donjon du Capitole (tourist)
Nonprofit Saint Sernin BasilicaNonprofit Saint Sernin Basilica
Capitol - FrontonCapitol - Fronton
Central Capitol - Fronton leftCentral Capitol - Fronton left
Capitol - Fronton rightCapitol - Fronton right
Our Lady of DalbadeOur Lady of Dalbade
old tram Expoold tram Expo



The Pink City
A masterpiece inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
A traditional dish made with haricot beans, Toulouse sausages, meat and vegetables
This delicate flower with a subtle flavour is used in numerous domains such as perfumes, confectionery and cooking
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French cuisine restaurantL'Autan-Tic - Hôtel Crowne Plaza  
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Located in Toulouse35 € per person 
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A hundred meters from the Capitole in the heart of Toulouse, Benjamin bistro opens its doors. The frame is trendy and cozy with its columns, arches and lighting effects. The plate is...
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House with 2 bedroomsLa Villa Rosada    
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To discover Toulouse or for business trips, take a peaceful break in our house where you will be warmly welcomed in a pleasant setting.
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Apartment for 4 personsLes Gites de La Tabernole, l  
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Located 18 km from ToulouseFrom 400 € to 700 € per week 
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Hôtel Castellane - Hotel in ToulouseHôtel Castellane     
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Located in ToulouseRoom from 52 €
Hôtel de Brienne - Hotel in ToulouseHôtel de Brienne     
Located next to the Canal de Brienne, this 4-star hotel is a 15-minute walk from Toulouse City Centre. It is 400 metres from Compans Caffarelli Metro Station and private underground...
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Séjours & Affaires Toulouse de Brienne - Hotel in ToulouseSéjours & Affaires Toulouse de Brienne     
Ideally situated in the heart of Toulouse, near the Canal du Midi, the residence offers plain and cosy accommodation. The Residhome Toulouse De Brienne offers well appointed apartments...
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Appart'hotel Du Parc
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