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Insee code68318
AltitudeFrom 236 to 773 meters
Surface19.57 km²
Population2307 inhabitants
Density117 inhabitants/km²


National labelsWesthalten at 2.2 km (5 min)
Chief townColmar (at 24 km, 27 min)Orschwihr at 3.5 km (6 min)
DepartmentHaut-RhinOsenbach at 3.9 km (6 min)
RegionAlsaceSearch another town


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Soultzmatt-Wintzfelden is a municipality of the Canton of Colmar, in the borough of Guebwiller. It has 2307 inhabitants and is located at an altitude of 280 meters, 22 km from Colmar and 31 km from Mulhouse, on the edge of the plain of Alsace and the Vosges.

  • History and Heritage:
  • Guardian of the Noble Valley, so named because of the presence, in the 16th century, some sixty noble families, mainly those of vassals of the bishops of Strasbourg, Soultzmatt-Wintzfelden preserves beautiful remains of this prosperous era in which seven castles stood in the valley. The arms of the municipality are "gold sand rooster, crested, beard and a member of jaws from a Mount Vert three-Chips." This emblem has been assigned by Louis XIV, the "Sun King" in 1699.
  • Past and future combine in them a respect for tradition and unveil the walker architectural treasures dating from the 16th and 17th centuries: Renaissance corner windows, carved lintels, doorways, stone door frames decorated with coats of arms ... Other treasures to be discovered, like the water museum, housed in the historic heart of the "Baths of Soultzmatt". The old buildings have been restored to make this site the charm and character of the institutions of the past, the time when the town was nicknamed "Little Paris".
  • On the hills of southern Wintzfelden, there are still the foundation of the convent of Schwartzenthann. It is in this isolated area of ​​the world in 1154, the "Codex Guta-Sintram" famous document in Alsace for its beautiful Romanesque illuminations will be handwritten by the canoness of Schwartzenthann, Guta, and illuminated by Canon Sintram Marbach.
  • Soultzmatt-Wintzfelden is twinned since 1965 with Talheim Germany, and since 1985 with St. Porchaire in Charente-Maritime. It has numerous and illustrious honorary citizens, including the Ambassador of Namibia to France Panduleni Shingenge, actor and director Francis Perrin, the actress Sophie Marceau, singer Julie Pietri, director Andrew Zulawski, double Tour de France winner Bernard Thevenet, Count Carlos Coll, cousin of the King of Spain, Madame Genevieve de Fontenay, former president of the Miss France committee, and several Miss, whose Alsatian Laetitia Bleger, Miss France 2004.
  • The village also benefits from hot and dry microclimate, suitable for the development of fauna and flora of southern type. Dry grasslands of the top of Zinnkoepflé are classified Natura 2000 and the delight of botanists who can find rare and sensitive species, such as the green lizard, the bird butterfly, wryneck, pulsatile anemone, the wild orchid and lily fossilized.
  • Access:
  • Direct access to the south of the RN 83 Rouffach, great thoroughfare north / south. The nearest railway station is located 5 km, in the town of Rouffach. A regular daily also liaises with Colmar and Guebwiller.
  • EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which serves the area is 60 km.


  • Water Museum: housed in the former production site in Empire style building completely renovated, it opens its doors for free each year from mid-March to mid-November to about 5000 visitors eager to discover the richness of blue gold and its history Soultzmatt. Water in all its forms is presented and offers the visitor a unique opportunity to discover a single location, through an initiatory journey translated into German and English, the water in its natural state (river, rain ... ), water supply network and bottled spring water by SEM Sources Soultzmatt.
  • Sources of Soultzmatt: the discovery of water museum can be completed by visiting the bottling of sources Soultzmatt. Free guided tours are held throughout the year (subject to a sufficient number of participants) and include a presentation of the business, a film, a tour of the production facility and tasting .
  • Wine Trail: drawn on the sides of Zinnkoepflé, this course 3 km, produced by the wine syndicate Soultzmatt, crosses vineyards and offers a unique view of Soultzmatt, the valley and the plain of Alsace from the viewpoint . It is lined with seven explanatory panels on the vines, the character of wines, grape processing, geology, Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé, the micro-climate of the Noble Valley, wine storage, the harvest, the work of the vine ... During the summer season, growers organized every Thursday tours, winery tours and free tastings and the discovery of the riches of the dry grasslands of Zinnkoepflé classified Natura 2000 site.
  • Pilgrimage Schaefertal: This is the seventh step of the road Alsatian mythical places which currently has 24 locations selected and classified the related Südbaden Switzerland northwest through Alsace. It includes the chapel Schaefertal (facing south, Our Lady of Schaefertal is nestled on a plateau in the wooded hills west of Soultzmatt at the confluence of forest roads from Soultzmatt, Wintzfelden and Orschwihr), the menhir Langenstein and panoramic site Grossfels.
  • Romanian Shepherd of the Valley Cemetery: it is the largest Romanian military cemetery in France, where the souls of 678 prisoners of war Romanian dead privations suffered by the Germans during the First World War are buried. There is still a high place of pilgrimage, where the leaders of Romania come to collect each year. In 2010, the site was included in PER (Rural Excellence Cluster) "Memory Tourism 14-18", whose objective is to allow amplification and synergy of local dynamics, the development of memorial sites and contribute to the development of visitation, especially for educational purposes.
  • St. Sebastian's Church: the first parish church, quoted from the 8th century, was dedicated to St. Gregory. It was dedicated to St. Sebastian in 1309, after the vandalism perpetrated in 1298 by the bands of Count Theobald of Ferrette. It depended upon the origin of the collegiate Lautenbach, who had the right to tithe and snack. The three styles of religious architecture come together in perfect harmony: the right side nave is Gothic, the left is Romanesque and the choir dates back to the Baroque era.
  • Bilingual Trail poets he winds Hill Zinnkoepflé and allows visitors to leave the meeting Alsatian writers, while discovering the magnificent scenery bordering Soultzmatt through their verses. The route is dotted with 30 panels with texts or bilingual Alsatian-French or German-French on various topics.
  • Cabaret Music Hall, next to the water museum.
  • Classified historical monuments:
  • San Sebastian Catholic Church (bell) - Order 19 November 1962.
  • San Sebastian Catholic Church (monument shaped bas-relief) - Rating 7 February 1935.
  • Menhir said "Langenstein" - July 18, 1938 Order.
  • Remains of the former convent of Schwarzenthann (enfeu sarcophagus lid and five slabs graves transferred to the lapidary Main Street Wintzfelden) - Rating 6 September 1982.
  • Monuments members:
  • 17th century fountain Street Bakers - Registration 22 March 1934.
  • San Sebastian Catholic Church (except part assigned) - Registration 19 November 1962.
  • San Sebastian Catholic Church (monument of Christopher Breitenlandenberg) - Registration 22 March 1934.
  • San Sebastian Catholic Church (Tombstone J. Eusebius of Breitenlandenberg) - Registration 7 October 1936.
  • Residence Kessler (façades and roof) - Registration 22 March 1934.
  • Ancient bathhouse and spa Nessel 5th Avenue Nessel - Register on 1 December 1995.
  • Construction of communal source 12 avenue Nessel - Register on 1 December 1995.
  • Castle Wagenbourg (facades and roofs, corner tower and staircase turret is, access bridge with its two pillars, inside: grand staircase with wooden balustrade and cage, vaulted tower of rooms angle: ground floor in vault, first floor intersecting ribs, spiral staircase in the turret room at the west corner of the first floor with its wooden floors, its stuccoed ceiling and fireplace, paneled room at the northeast corner of the second floor, six allegorical statues of the 18th century in the garden) - Inscription on 1 October 1987.
  • Chapel of Val Shepherd (facades, roofs and fragments of painted decoration inside) - Registration 16 July 1987.
  • Catholic Church Sainte-Odile - Registration April 21, 1995.
  • Other sites and monuments
  • Chapelle Saint-Nicolas: built in mid 19th century for hydrotherapy source Nessel.
  • Cemetery Romanian: contains the graves of 678 prisoners of war Romanian dead privations suffered by the Germans during the First World War.
  • City Hall: Built between 1912 and 1914 in neo-classical style popular in the German Empire.
  • Home Feltz, dating back to the 15th century in its oldest parts and is the last remnant of the ancient wall of the free court, which was one of six institutions fortified Soultzmatt.
  • Rock of Grossfels: panoramic site overlooking Soultzmatt and offering a panoramic view of the plain of Alsace.
  • Statue of Saint Gregory: it was erected by the survivors of the cholera epidemic of 1855 which caused almost 300 deaths in the county.


  • Free guided tours of Wintzfelden in July and August.
  • Guided tours of the wine trail Soultzmatt : Thursdays in July and August.
  • Night Sightseeing: early August.
  • Poetic Animation in September.
  • " CaRAC'terre " proposed by the association Dating Art & Culture in October.
  • Week of Small Format : Art exhibition proposed by the association Dating Art & Culture: late November-early December.
  • Christmas Market: early December.


  • Hiking: Soultzmatt-Wintzfelden is the ideal starting point for long hikes:
  • Initially the locality Hagenmuehlé: Walk circular Kaelbling (running time: 1:30 - distance: 2.3 km - all age groups); Grossfels circular walk (running time: 1:30 - distance: 5.3 km - all public).
  • Initially Soultzmatt sources: Sources of Soultzmatt - Grossfels - Romanian Cemetery - Schafbuckel - Sources Soultzmatt (running time: 2:30 - distance: 8.5 km - all age groups); Sources Soultzmatt - Schafbuckel - Romanian Cemetery - Col the Bannstein - Thannwiller - Sources Soultzmatt (running time: 3 hours - distance: 9 km - all age groups).
  • From home Wintzfelden Forest: Forest House Wintzfelden - Holtzmacheracker - Rehfelsen - House Forest Wintzfelden (running time: 2:10 - distance: 8.5 km - all age groups).
  • The Vosges club, founded in 1872 and recognized of public utility, organized hiking trips every Tuesday.
  • Cycling: Soultzmatt-Wintzfelden is also a step of several cycling routes and itineraries:
  • A bicycle path was built in 2004, connecting to Soultzmatt Orschwihr, to encourage this practice.
  • Average level: Circuit Rouffach - Westhalten - Soultzmatt - Orschwihr - Rouffach (distance: 19 km).
  • Difficult level: Circuit Rouffach - Pfaffenheim - Gueberschwihr - Osenbach - Wintzfelden - Soultzmatt - Westhalten - Rouffach (distance: 24 km).
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Marie & Cécile Albrecht cellar toursLocal flavoursFreeOrschwihr (3.1 km)
Isenbourg Castle SpaWellbeing40 €Rouffach (4.3 km)
Tour of Colmar in the little tourist trainCulture and educationFrom 3.50 € to 6.50 €Colmar (15.7 km)
Helicopter flight in AlsaceSports sensationsFrom 69 € to 138 €Colmar (19.1 km)
Ride the Thur Doller steam trainEntertainmentFrom 9 € to 10.50 €Cernay (19.9 km)

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Water Museum of SoultzmattWater Museum of Soultzmatt
Chapel Schaefertal ( © C. Meyer)Chapel Schaefertal ( © C. Meyer)
Soultzmatt City Hall, built between 1912 and 1914Soultzmatt City Hall, built between 1912 and 1914
Romanian Cemetery SoultzmattRomanian Cemetery Soultzmatt
Romanian Cemetery SoultzmattRomanian Cemetery Soultzmatt
Vineyard Soultzmatt ( © C. Meyer)Vineyard Soultzmatt ( © C. Meyer)
mineral water plants ( © Jean Espirat )mineral water plants ( © Jean Espirat )
Chapelle Saint- Nicolas ( © Jean Espirat )Chapelle Saint- Nicolas ( © Jean Espirat )
Inside the chapel Saint- Nicolas ( © Jean Espirat )Inside the chapel Saint- Nicolas ( © Jean Espirat )
Statue of St. Gregory ( © Jean Espirat )Statue of St. Gregory ( © Jean Espirat )
Street ( © Jean Espirat )Street ( © Jean Espirat )
house with oriel ( © Jean Espirat )house with oriel ( © Jean Espirat )
Houses flooded by Ohmbach ( © Jean Espirat )Houses flooded by Ohmbach ( © Jean Espirat )
Castle Wagenbourg ( © Jean Espirat )Castle Wagenbourg ( © Jean Espirat )
Patch on a wall ( © Jean Espirat )Patch on a wall ( © Jean Espirat )
Chapel opposite the house water ( © Jean Espirat )Chapel opposite the house water ( © Jean Espirat )
Castle, private Wagenbourg ( © Jean Espirat )Castle, private Wagenbourg ( © Jean Espirat )
Schaefertal or chapel of Val Shepherd ( © Jean Espirat )Schaefertal or chapel of Val Shepherd ( © Jean Espirat )
chapel Schaefertal ( © Jean Espirat )chapel Schaefertal ( © Jean Espirat )
Fountain Schaefertal front of the chapel ( © Jean Espirat )Fountain Schaefertal front of the chapel ( © Jean Espirat )
Nave of the chapel Schaefertal ( © Jean Espirat )Nave of the chapel Schaefertal ( © Jean Espirat )
Information on chapel Schaefertal ( © Jean Espirat )Information on chapel Schaefertal ( © Jean Espirat )



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Min. 7°C - Max. 10°C
Friday 19 December
Min. 8°C - Max. 9°C
Saturday 20 December
Min. 4°C - Max. 5°C


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