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Seclin - Tourism, holidays & weekends guide in the Nord

The Mélantois, historic birthplace of Lille, has always been a land of welcome and exchange. The first traces of life Seclin back to the beginning of prehistory, a lakeside city was discovered in Houplin Ancoisne-and land-lez-Noyelles Seclin the edge of the road Brunhild is a village that lasted between the 1st and 4th century AD.

Seclin is an important city on the road from Tournai in Lens Lille not long before the kind of land, thanks to the pilgrimage and trading within the meaning of the canons of the collegiate church of Saint Piat from the 9th century.

Tradition home Mélantois is reinforced by Marguerite of Flanders at the founding in 1246 of the Notre-Dame Hospital and the establishment of an Augustinian community that has endured for eight centuries.

Land of wealth, people have always known the Mélantois develop the potential of their territory despite the many wars and battles that have gone through. The vast fertile plain between the valley and the valley Deûle Brand was suitable for agriculture, and gave rise to the first industries in the region early in the 19th century.

Today Mélantois is a preserved area on the border of rurality. Its catchment area supply drinking water all the Lille conurbation. Fifteen minutes from Lille, the townspeople come to enjoy a nature tamed. The walks along the banks of canals, roads, invite to linger. The dream and the journey is guaranteed in the Mosaic Park gardens.

Geographical information

Tourism label
Latitude50.5453320 (N 50° 32’ 43”)
Longitude3.0265660 (E 3° 1’ 36”)
AltitudeFrom 19m to 47m
Surface area17.42 km²
Population12465 inhabitants
Density715 inhabitants/km²
PrefectureLille (16.8 km, 19 min)
Insee code59560
IntercommunalityCU de Lille Métropole

Nearest cities & towns

Houplin-Ancoisne3.1 km (6 min)
Chemy3.8 km (7 min)
Gondecourt3.8 km (8 min)
Phalempin4 km (7 min)
Noyelles-lès-Seclin4.2 km (9 min)
Templemars4.9 km (9 min)
Herrin5.1 km (8 min)
Wattignies5.4 km (9 min)
Camphin-en-Carembault5.5 km (9 min)
Vendeville5.8 km (9 min)
Allennes-les-Marais6 km (11 min)
Avelin6.2 km (11 min)
Emmerin6.7 km (11 min)
Carnin7.2 km (10 min)

Things to see and do

Immerse yourself in the history of the territory of Mélantois visiting its monuments and its rich heritage through guided tours of the Office of Tourism.

Notre-Dame Hospital

Collegiate church of Saint-Piat.

Carillon - Collegiate Church Saint-Piat.

With Seclin 14/18 - Museum of hosts.

Napoleon area.

Seclin channel.

Park Rosenbergs.

Places of interest

Information points

Events and festivities

City Festival: in June Appointments become unavoidable, the Feast of the City of Seclin together and invite to the party in the green surroundings of the park and friendly Rosenbergs. Each year, a European country is honored. You can explore different forms of street art: music, storytelling, circus, small forms, the theater but also visual art workshops, games and activities for children ... You surprise, surprise you , make you laugh and make you sing!

European Heritage Days: the third weekend of September. Mélantois's capital is rich in history and heritage. The collegiate church of Saint-Piat (including the crypt) in Notre-Dame Hospital (founded in 1246 by the Countess Marguerite of Flanders) through the gate of the Cemetery (rare evidence of revolutionary architecture), everyone the opportunity to discover or rediscover the free long and exciting history of the town.

Associations Forum in September. Seclin is a dynamic city where there are nearly a hundred associations. This forum is an opportunity for Seclinois to come and discover this wide network of associations ranging from the support to education through heritage or gardening.

Salon des Vins de Terroir and Regional Products: early November. This show provides a twice yearly meeting between producer and consumer. 280 professionals from the pleasures of the table give you an appointment for four days to discover local products. All varieties are represented, so everyone to the opportunity to taste (and spit) before you buy. A beautiful living room that can appreciate French gastronomy.

Christmas Market Seclin of Solidarity: On the eve of Christmas and New Year, everyone is looking for a gift for the family. Why not come on the Christmas market in the city? This market brings together some twenty cottages, leaving plenty of room for seclinoise associations. During your search for gifts, you can enjoy the warm and festive atmosphere of this market. Good children can come and meet Father Christmas who will listen to their wishes for toys.


Notre-Dame Hospital
Notre-Dame Hospital
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Tourist Office, open Monday to Saturday
Tourist Office, open Monday to Saturday
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Saint-Piat Collegiate
Saint-Piat Collegiate
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Fort Seclin 14/18 - Museum hosts
Fort Seclin 14/18 - Museum hosts
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Saturday 28 february
Min. 0°C - Max. 7°C
Sunday 1 march
Min. 7°C - Max. 8°C
Monday 2 march
Min. 3°C - Max. 7°C

Visits, leisure and activities nearby

Houplin-Ancoisne and Noyelles-lez-Seclin.


Last nameOuting typeDifficultyDurationDeparture municipality
Godewaersvelde, Heritage Village
HikeEasy2h00Godewaersvelde (38 km)
Vert Bocage Circuit
Village visitEasy3h15Staple (46 km)
Discovery trail around the town of Cassel
Village visitEasy1h30Cassel (47 km)
In the heart of the Battle
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Booneghem Circuit
HikeEasy2h00Nieurlet (59 km)


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