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Insee code12231
AltitudeFrom 492 to 1339 meters
Surface37.23 km²
Population674 inhabitants
Density18 inhabitants/km²


National labelsSauclières at 6.7 km (11 min)
Chief townRodez (at 101 km, 91 min)Nant at 7.3 km (10 min)
DepartmentAveyronCausse-Bégon at 8.8 km (17 min)
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Between the Cevennes and Causses, Saint-Jean du Bruel, located in a green valley at an altitude of 520 m, is crossed by one of the most beautiful rivers in France: "the Doubs".

Historically, this town, formerly a Protestant, had suffered badly the Wars of Religion. Converted to Catholicism after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, the church was rebuilt in 1710, but the village retains its temple.

Saint-Jean-du-Bruel canning houses three blocks, enough to satisfy lovers of local produce!


  • Saint-Jean-du-Bruel has a remarkable heritage: the Old Bridge in a single arch (XIII c.), The Pont Neuf (XVIII c.), The floor, the hall (rebuilt in 1845). Its picturesque streets have names evocative of the past activities (Cooperage, Potters, Sabotiers ...) such as the street of "Three Porches," Street of "Cutlery", the street of "Cacao," Street the "Planquette" ...
  • Space for Water Noria Noria was born in the walls of the old mill restored 13th century. The challenge to the game, Space Water offers several rooms, an educational tour around the water, contemplative, interactive and fun in an area of ​​1000 square meters, traveled by river Dourbie.
  • Many activities are available: around the river (swimming, fishing ...), hikes from the village, outdoor sports (biking, climbing).


  • Every Thursday: "Big Market."
  • Trail of the Roc of the Moon in April.
  • Exhibition at the Flea: 1st Sunday of August.
  • Village festival: the second weekend of August.
  • Feast of gastronomy in September.
  • Heritage Days in September.
  • Chestnut Festival in October.
  • Telethon in December.
  • Evening of the first year.
  • Exhibitions in the park home.
  • Guided tours, quines, dances, tea dances ...


The Tourist Office Larzac Templar Causses and Valleys offers some circuits: Remember, you are in an area classified by UNESCO in 2011 for Agro-pastoralism.

  • The circuit of water (65 km loop):
  • Leaving Saint-Jean-du-Bruel towards Mont Aigoual. The D341 and the D151 towards Dourbie Espérou and D986 / D269 Mont Aigoual. Espérou The center is a small room surrounded by woods and grassland, southern exposure, sheltered from the north winds. He was attended to his site and its altitude (1230 m) in winter for its skiing Station Prat-Peyrot.
  • From the top of the tower of the observatory on Mount Aigoual, often snowy, you'll have a great view of the Causses and the Cévennes, and when the weather is clear, the mountains of Cantal, Mont Ventoux, the Alps, plain of Languedoc, the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. You can not ask for more! The meteorological observatory currently houses Météo France open to the public. On the Mount, it is 226 days of bad weather a year and this is the point of France receiving the most rainfall in terms of quantity: 2000 mm / year. The winds can be up to 250 km / h. The weather station records temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, direction and speed of wind, snow depth and water fell. There is also a museum of ancient meteorological tools and slideshows and photos on the living conditions at the station. After this little breath of fresh air, towards the abyss Bramabiau.
  • For the D986 and D157, management Lanuéjols / Camprieu. Opportunity to restore Mont Aigoual or Espérou. The stream of Happiness, which rises at the foot of Mount Aigoual, the neck of the Sereyède, once flowed on the small plateau of Camprieu. From there, he was rushing waterfall in the valley below. Abandoning his bed, Happiness burrows into the mesa. After an underground journey of more than 700 m, it comes with a high and narrow crack and springs in a rocky area in a beautiful waterfall. The tour lasts a little over an hour and you will discover the caves and cavities excavated by this extraordinary underground river. After this stop, Saint-Jean-du-Bruel direction.
  • For the D157 and D47. A few hundred meters after Bramabiau peak in the direction of Trier, we cross the road gorges Trevezel. Between Aigoual massif and the valley of Dourbie the Trevezel flows into a chaotic bed. The valley narrows gradually to become a parade between steep slopes that surmount high colored cliffs.
  • The day ends with water Saint-Jean-du-Bruel eco-museum space Noria water. The issue at stake, the Water House offers educational tour around water issues, evidence, reports, resources, and social well water on a space crossed by the river , "Dourbie." As a couple, family or friends, expert or novice, go to the unique discovery of its kind that will take you into the heart of local historical heritage while throwing you to the challenges and issues related to the future of our planet. Information, and interactions attractions invite you to reflect on the critical role of water in our ancestors, our lives and the future of humanity.
  • The Family Circuit Dourbie Valley (41 km circuit):
  • It all begins in the village of Saint-Jean-du-Bruel, the museum management Noria Space water, an interactive museum to discover, observe, understand, listen, play. Water at all levels.
  • At the end of the museum, return to the parking and then through the "new bridge", then turn right to the roundabout where you take the 2nd exit. Following the D999 in the municipality of Sauclières, arrived at village sign go straight and turn right at the intersection. Visit the robot museum where you will find miniature, while a lively Aveyron village. Thanks to the magic of the exhibition of 1500 m², you will relive your memories through this journey through time, between history and tradition. The Museum of Automata is a permanent show which features more than 500 characters, Santon or PLCs.
  • Turn right onto the D999 and then right again on D7. Branch left onto the D55 and continue on D142E5, turn left onto the D609 to arrive at Caylar. Then take the south-easterly direction towards the D609 D142E6. Turn right to stay on D609. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto the D142, then left on Madières. Take the first right onto the D151 then take left. Discover a safari to explore caves Labeil, go on an adventure, cave Labeil allows everyone and especially children to experience the pleasure of discovery safely.
  • The circuit Bridges around the Valley Dourbie (80 km circuit): This circuit allows you to embark upon the villages of the valley Dourbie:
  • You start to Dourbies in the department of Gard, charismatic little village.
  • Management Saint-Jean-du-Bruel Take a slight left onto the D151, continue on the D341 then turn left to stay on the same road. Turn right to stay still on the D341. You are in the department of Aveyron. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and continue.
  • When you're on the bridge called "Pont Neuf" you can see on your right the "Old Bridge" dating from the 13th century until the 18th it was the main deck of the village. After the "Pont Neuf" and the village hall, turn right, follow the D991, towards Nant. This small Aveyron village has a unique heritage on Romanesque art.
  • After crossing the village of Nant, the output of the panel continue straight on the D991.
  • You enter the valley Dourbie. Along the way, admire the villages perched on cliffs such as Cantobre.
  • You will come to the town of Millau, known for its viaduct built in 2004, the construction of the viaduct has used the most advanced techniques used in the world of public works. Until then, no site had met such a combination of technologies. Millau is located at the crossroads of Albi strategic roads, Clermont-Ferrand and Montpellier. The famous gorges of the Tarn, a few kilometers away is the Millau a hub of outdoor sports. The city also owes its reputation to its history in the manufacture of leather and gloves. The city is dotted with many bridges to discover. Bridge Cureplat said the "New Bridge" features five semicircular arches blue limestone. The bridge has undergone many transformations. There are only two arches of the "Old Bridge" original also said, incorrectly, "Bridge Caesar" which had 17 arches. The large number of arches facilitated the flow of floods. It is a bridge from the 11th century Romanesque style, whose history is closely linked to that of Millau. Today part of the bridge that supports the road was redone. Do not forget to take a trip to space Cazalous says "flag info viaduct space" where you can see a film about the construction of the Millau viaduct, a miniature model of the bridge and information panels.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Velorail and tourist train in LarzacNature and the outdoorsFrom 16 € to 25 €Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon (14.5 km)
Themed hike with Le Monde de JadeNature and the outdoors160 €Montdardier (21 km)

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View DourbieView Dourbie
Les HallesLes Halles
View VillageView Village
Old BridgeOld Bridge



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Sunday 25 January
Min. -3°C - Max. 1°C
Monday 26 January
Min. -2°C - Max. 2°C
Tuesday 27 January
Min. -3°C - Max. 5°C


French cuisine restaurantLa Bergerie
Situated on the Larzac area of ​​the A75, south of Millau Viaduct, La Bergerie invites you to a relaxing break. Since the room, you can enjoy the views of the Causse du Larzac and sheep....
Located 13.1 km from Saint-Jean-du-Bruel22 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantAuberge le Cévenol  
La Cavalerie
Located in the heart of the village Templar Cavalry on the Larzac plateau, the Cévennes The inn welcomes guests in a pleasant and friendly. Greeted with a smile in a friendly environment,...
Located 16 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 15 € to 30 € per person 
French cuisine restaurantHôtel Restaurant Family
The confines of the Gorges du Tarn and Jonte, Family lozérienne you reserve a typical table. In a classic and warm, the Julien family will pleasantly discover the land and its products....
Located 17.9 km from Saint-Jean-du-Bruel25 € per person 

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House with 3 bedroomsChambres d'hôtes les Cardabelles    
In the valley of the dourbie and the Natural Park of Causses, the Cardabelles welcome you all year round in a warm and friendly. 3 very comfortable rooms decorated in different and...
Located in Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 66 € to 72 € the double room 
Castle with 4 bedroomsChateau Massal    
Château du XIX face 2 Cévenols picturesque villages, splendid view, and large reception rooms overlooking flower garden surrounded by chestnut woods, garden furniture and dining table...
Located 14.5 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 68 € to 98 € the double room 
House with 5 bedroomsLe barry du grand chemin    
Le Caylar
It is in this beautiful house from the 1850s, in which is incorporated in an old barn (where breakfast and dinner are served) from the late 17th century, and old farm, that Martine...
Located 18.3 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 70 € to 80 € the double room 

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Farm for 35 personsGite 35 places le colombier
Enjoy the cottage 'Le Colombier' to alzon Gard and put you in the Green Cévennes National Park, one of the newest registered in unesco world Heritage sites. Labeled Gîtes de France...
Located 8.7 km from Saint-Jean-du-Bruel122 € per week 
House for 5 personsGites Larzac chez Fanchon
La Couvertoirade
Holiday houses two independent campaigns on the Causse du Larzac to couvertoirade 15 minutes from the famous Millau viaduct. Destination nature and discovery of a unesco heritage listed...
Located 11.1 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 390 € to 490 € per week 
Manor house for 9 personsPrieuré du Luc  
. For lovers of nature, space, authenticity, calm, cool, the Luke home Caussenard charming xviii, is a haven of peace, relaxation, pleasure, fitness. The house is very comfortable in...
Located 11.5 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 1200 € to 1400 € per week 

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50 places over 0,8 haCamping gorges du tarn, camping la muse    
Our campsite La Muse is a small and friendly family camping there since 1945 (with beautiful trees and a beautiful beach). We are located at the entrance of the Gorges du Tarn, Gorges...
Located 23 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelFrom 12 € to 17 € per day 

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La Gare aux Anes - Hotel in Saint-Jean-du-BruelLa Gare aux Anes    
Set in an old train station within a 2.5 acres park, La Gare aux Anes offers a swimming pool in its garden, a terrace and a traditional restaurant which serves dishes made of fresh...
Located 7.4 km from Saint-Jean-du-Bruel
L'étape de Dourbies en Cévennes - Hotel in Saint-Jean-du-BruelL'étape de Dourbies en Cévennes    
Surrounded by the National Park of the Cevennes this property is located in Dourbies with an altitude of 900 metres, it offers a large garden and a volley-ball, badminton and pétanque...
Located 8.2 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelRoom from 49 €
P’tit Dej Hôtel Millau - Hotel in Saint-Jean-du-BruelP’tit Dej Hôtel Millau     
Located next to the A75 motorway, Hôtel Relais Millau Larzac is a 9-minute drive from the centre of L’Hospitalet-du-Larzac. It offers free Wi-Fi access and rooms with a TV and satellite...
Located 14.8 km from Saint-Jean-du-BruelRoom from 39 €

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Domaine Saint Esteve
Offering an infinity pool, this residence is located on 4.5 hectares, 5 minutes' drive from Millau. A furnished terrace and a mini-fridge feature in the...
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