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Insee code30258
AltitudeFrom 0 to 116 meters
Surface153.73 km²
Population13770 inhabitants
Density89 inhabitants/km²


National labelGénérac at 10.2 km (12 min)
Chief townNîmes (at 19.9 km, 26 min)L'Albaron at 11.3 km (13 min)
DepartmentGardBellegarde at 11.8 km (14 min)
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  • Location: Saint-Gilles, gateway to the Camargue, the plain stretching between Costières and the Mediterranean coast.
  • History: Middle Ages, the town developed around the tomb of its founder Gilles. It will be erected and the Benedictine abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul.
  • Heritage: today Saint-Gilles benefits of heritage exceptional thanks to its monuments, its unique spiral staircase in the world, its museum and its church, whose facade is listed as a World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO under step on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela.
  • Agriculture, viticulture and arboriculture: the city is the gateway to the Camargue, the link between Costières, an area of ​​fruit production and wine quality and the Camargue plain wet.
  • From the heights of the city is taking shape off the natural vegetation along the Petit Rhône and the cultivated farmland (rice).
  • In the direction of Nimes, on the plain of Costières, succeed orchards of fruit trees (peach, apricot, almond) and classified in AOC vineyards.
  • Traditions: strong traditions, Saint-Gilles is also a commune where the art of living combined with the originality and modernity.
  • The legend of Gilles: Gilles retired as a hermit in the Valley Flavienne and will only mate one doe who nursed. During a royal hunt, he was wounded by an arrow while trying to protect the animal. King Wamba moved by this gesture, offered him Flavienne Valley and asked him to build a monastery. The hermit Gilles (Egidius) therefore based around the 7th century, a monastery dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. After his death, many miracles attracted a crowd of pilgrims to his tomb. A town grew around the abbey which then becomes the fourth place of pilgrimage in Christendom with Jerusalem, Rome and Saint Jacques de Compostela. In the 12th century, it was among the commercial ports most frequented which allowed the wide dissemination of the cult of the saint.
  • Culinary specialties:
  • The agrillade St. Gilloise: 15 people, provide 200 g of meat per person is 3 kg of chuck - 600 g onion - 3 cloves garlic - 400 g of capers - 400 g cucumbers - 400 g of 'salted anchovies - a bunch of parsley. Salt and pepper. Chop the onions, garlic, parsley, capers, desalted anchovies, pickles. Add half a glass of olive oil. Place the preparation in layers interspersed with slices of chuck. Cook for three hours slowly.
  • Other specialties: the sweet focaccia Saint-Gilloise, mosaics Saint-Gilles (caramel sweets).


  • The upper church:
  • The upper church, which measured 98 feet long when it was built in the 12th century, was partially destroyed during the Wars of Religion (1562-1622). In 1650, only half of the monument is restored.
  • The remains of the Romanesque apse of the abbey are still visible behind the church building and can be visited. The stone cutters, the creators of the facade were determined to be inspired by ancient art, present in the territory but also to teach the Christian religion by the sculpture. There is talk of a real stone book. This facade is recognized as a major work of Romanesque art, it was classified in 1998 as World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • The lower church called "crypt":
  • Its construction began in the late 11th century. Its exceptional size (50 meters long and 25 meters wide) make it a real low church capable of receiving the crowds of pilgrims pray around the tomb of the saint.
  • This building surprises with its architecture, which indicates disruption and rework, and decorations inspired by antiquity. The crypt remains today as the Middle Ages, the center of worship at St. Giles, because it contains the tomb of the saint, rediscovered in 1865 by Father Goubier. Pilgrims leave offerings still in their walking sticks and other votive offerings.
  • The stairs said "screw Saint-Gilles" is in the thickness of the north wall of the old choir sits this staircase. He assured the internal service of the church and allowed to reach the great bell in the attic. A true masterpiece stereotomy, the screw is a model built from the 12th century, unique for its time. This spiral staircase has the distinction of having an annular vault paired with nine voussoirs, whose art lies in the double concavity and convexity. From the 17th century, the companions of the Tour de France come to discover the screw and will mark their passage through the signatures are still visible inside the staircase.
  • The Roman house:
  • The house Romanesque mansion of 13th century civilian, knew many people over the centuries. Tradition claims that it is the birthplace of Pope Clement IV, a notable house in any case. His portrait adorns the medieval hall. Purchased in the state in the 19th century, it was built by the town to house the museum of natural history given to the city by Mr. Roussillon in 1863.
  • Today, several times restored and embellished, it presents the visitor with its versatile collections.
  • On the ground: archeology and iconography of saint gilles, cork models in the Romanesque in the 19th running of the Saint-Gilles Roussillon.
  • First floor: various temporary exhibitions.
  • Second floor: natural history, space Camargue, evocation of the poet and his friend Laforêt Pages musician and sculptor.
  • On the third floor: medieval hall adorned with a beautiful fireplace in the twelfth, polychrome statue of St. Gilles XIV, illumination, window on the pilgrimage of Saint-Gilles de Compostela and testify to the rich medieval past of the city.
  • On three levels a small house adjacent to this everyday life, the various fields of work which still show fine tools, figurines, old postcards and documents.
  • Free admission. Tel: +33 4 66 87 40 42. Closed in January.
  • Marina:
  • Saint-Gilles was originally a Greek port city founded five centuries BC. 11th and 12th centuries, the port of Saint-Gilles has a significant trade with the North and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. In the 17th century comes a new lease with the digging of the canal to link the Rhone to the port of Sète. In 1985, the municipality decided to transform the port into a commercial marina.
  • Information on the captaincy at +33 6 71 22 88 54.
  • Leisure:
  • Tennis - swimming pool.
  • There are also many sports clubs or leisure, offering year-round activities and occasional outings. Their list is available at the Tourist Office.
Detailed information
TransportAirport of Nîmes - Arles - Camargue
Information pointsTourist Office of Saint-Gilles
Leisure centresMuseum Maison Romane
MonumentsAbbey of Saint-Gilles,   Castle of Espeyran
Natural sitesPond of Coute,   Pond of Scamandre


  • Weekly Market: Thursday and Sunday morning on the fairways Emile Cazelles
  • Spring:
  • Festival "Saint-Gilles to tales discovered" at the Library.
  • Emile Bilhau Day: a day dedicated to the Camargue. Events around the Camargue bull, the arena and downtown.
  • Summer:
  • Fête de la Musique.
  • Garage sales.
  • Fireworks.
  • Feria Fisheries and Apricot (the last weekend of June).
  • Feast of St. Gilles (gauze abrivado, bandido): votive festival in the traditional Camargue (the last weekend of August).
  • Home of many pilgrims.
  • Autumn:
  • Heritage Days.
  • Feast of All Saints: Always in the Camargue.
  • Appointment of comics at the Library.
  • Winter:
  • Christmas Fair.
  • Living Nativity Scene.
  • Messe de Minuit.
  • Pastrage calendal.
  • Traditional Events:
  • The Roussataïo: the Roussataïo (from "rosso", unmounted horses, used for agricultural work) is an opportunity to cross the city by a herd of over a hundred mares and foals, escorted by the herdsmen. It comes from the tradition of the past which was to lead mares and foals to other pastures.
  • The living crib: 180 actors, children and adults and many animals (donkey, sheep, goats, camels, horses, dogs) have a free show combines the traditional and the spiritual. The living nativity scene takes place in several tables on the forecourt of the Abbey.
  • The gauze: previously, manadier were fording the river with their cattle, guided by small boats to carry them from one pasture to another. Today, the length that the bulls have to swim across to make this unique event.
  • The pastrage calendal: the pastrage calendal is a procession led by the local manadier, which runs through the main streets of the city, accompanied by folk groups, pastoralists and their livestock. In front of the abbey, Father welcomes Pastrage giving the blessing of horses and cowboys before the horse manadier climb the main staircase to attend the midnight mass.


  • Leisure:
  • Golf, Nimes (18 holes available with or without license).
  • Manades (Camargue bull farms, ranches list available on request at the Tourist Office).
  • River tourism.
  • Hiking: The Trail Cougourlier. Although close to the city center, the path of Cougourlier immerses you in the Camargue wildlife. You can see bulls and horses but also the birds with the observatory located near the canal. The route forms a loop of about 6 km, it is walking or cycling and guarantees about two hours from exotic trip. Practice: You can park your car at the trailhead. List of other hikes in the department available on request at the Tourist Office.
  • Discovery Centre Scamander: created to protect the Camargue Gard, the center welcomes the public and offers nature trails and a real immersion in the landscape Camargue. Route Iscles - Gallician - 30600 Vauvert. Tel. : +33 4 66 73 52 05.
  • Discover the Camargue.
  • Canal du Rhone at Sete.
  • La Provence
  • Arles, 15 km, ancient Roman city.
  • Saint-Remy de Provence, 43 km, ancient city, famous for its poets.
  • Les Baux-de-Provence, 34 km, medieval manor.
  • Fontvieille, 25 km, Village of Daudet.
  • Cévennes:
  • Ales, 70 km, the capital of the Cevennes.
  • Saint-Jean-du-Gard, 84 km, City of Silk.
  • Anduze at 70 km, the birthplace of pottery Gard.
  • Beaches:
  • Le Grau du Roi, 39 km.
  • Port Camargue, 41 km.
  • The Espiguette, 40 km (range preserved).
  • Cities nearby:
  • Uzès, 44 km, the first Duchy of France.
  • Nîmes 18 km, an ancient Roman town.
  • Beaucaire, 27 km, a medieval city known for its international trade fairs.
  • Avignon, 68 km, city of the Popes.
  • The Camargue:
  • Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 32 km, Village of legend and tradition.
  • Aigues-Mortes, 37 km, walled city.
Leisure activities
NameType of activityPriceTown
Relax at the Spa des TempliersWellbeingFrom 18 € to 120 €Beauvoisin (7.5 km)
Explore the wild Camargue by 4x4Nature and the outdoorsFrom 35 € to 55 €Aigues-Mortes (23 km)
Maxi-Catamaran ride in the Little CamargueEntertainment14 €Le Grau-du-Roi (28 km)
4x4 safari in the Camargue marshesNature and the outdoorsFrom 18 € to 39 €Le Grau-du-Roi (29 km)

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The Abbey Saint-GillesThe Abbey Saint-Gilles
The marinaThe marina



Its Romanesque façade is a treasure of Romanesque art
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Saturday 31 January
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Sunday 1 February
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Monday 2 February
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